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高中英语 Module 1 Basketball-Period 5[TY]课件 外研版选修7

Period 5
Module 1 Basketball Reading and Writing Reading Practice

Reading and writing –1. Discuss with your partner
1. Do you like watching basketball or playing yoursel

f? 2. Do you like watching the NBA? 3. Who do you like best among the NBA players? 4. Are there any Chinese players in the NBA? If so, who are they? 5. Which Chinese player do you think is now going on well in the NBA?

Reading and Writing---2. Warming up
Position: C Born: Sept. 12, 1980 Height: 7-5 / 2,26 Weight: 296 lbs. / 134,3 kg. From : China

His career highlights ? Ranked third in NBA field goal percentage in 2004-05 with a .552 average ? three-time NBA All-Star (2003-05) ? Among NBA leaders, ranked seventh in field goal percentage, 13th in blocked shots per game and 15th rebounding average (2003-04) ? Named starting center for Western Conference All-Star team for second consecutive season (2004) ? Ranks third in Rockets history in career blocked shots per game and eighth in career blocked

Reading and Writing ---3. Prediction
1. Do you think the head coach of the team is satisfied with him? 2. Anything he is not very good at or used to?

Reading and Writing---4. Practice
? Read the passage and do Activity 1 on page 9 ? Keys: 1. Yes, because he is not aggressive enough. 2. No, they don’t. They are more polite and not as selfish. 3. Yes, he does, but it will take him some time to get used to playing like that.

Reading and Writing- 5. Language Focus
1.Yao, however, is a selfless and kind person. 2.bring up one’ nature instant hit 6.aggressive 7.If necessary 8.dominate

Reading and Writing---6. Discussion
? Do activity 2 on page 9 with your partner. ? Think of some examples of aggressive behaviour? ? To compete with players from other countries, what must Chinese athletes do?What do they lack? And what are they good at?

Reading and Writing---7. Writing
Do Activity 3---Write a reply after reading the passage about Yao Ming’s attitude and behaviour in NBA An example Dear Editor, I’m writing in reply to the article about Yao Ming . I like that fact that the article draws attention to… I would like to say something about… In my opinion, the reason why… is that… I believe that Chinese sportsmen and women…

An example
Dear Editor, I am writing in reply to the article about Yao Ming which appears in your newspaper yesterday. I like the fact that the article draws attention to that China is producing world class sportsmen and women like Yao Ming. However, I would like to say something about Yao Ming’s attitude. In my opinion, the reason why he is so “nice” is due to what the situation was like when he played in China. In the Shanghai Sharks, the

he dominate every game. I believe that Chinese sportsmen and women are as goodand often better than players from other countries, but we have a natural idea of politeness and team play rather than the individual “star” status which is typical of world basketball and soccer. Yours sincerely, Name

Reading practice---1. Warmingup
? Do Activity 1 on page 11 ? Discuss the questions with your partner or group mates. ? Focus on: What possible risks are there when you play basketball?

Reading Practice---2. Understanding of the title
Dizzy Heights of School Basketball dizzy heights令人眩晕的 高度 the dizzy heights of…是习语,指重要的职位,显赫的地位,含 有一定的幽默色彩.文章标题表面上用的是常用习语,其 含蓄用意却回归在dizzy的本义上(指球员被撞晕),有一 语双关之意. ------令人眩晕的校园篮球

Reading Practice---3. Skimming ( the first 3 paragraphs)
1. Why is it said that basketball is a safe sports?
the players’ energy is partly directed upwards, at a 90-degree angle to the ground, and over the heads of the others. So this is less risk of a collision between two players.

Reading Practice---4. Language focus
2. In baseball and American football, the parallel players’ energy moves ___________ to

the ground and towards their opponents helmets _____________, so they wear _______ which give _________________ to adequate protection their heads.

3. Basketball players wear ______________ socks and sneakers specially which are _________ designed to absorb _________ energy when they ________ bound

into the air , they wear no other protection,
a vest and shorts just ________________.

an abrupt change If there is ________________ of direction in their energy, from ___________ to vertical horizontal ___________, such as when they accelerate _________ across the court, _________ the bouncing

ball, there is a real danger of personal injury.

Semantic map of the first 3 basketball paragraphs is danger but there one of the safest sports
energy direction partly upward fast 90 degree angle less collision danger of personal injury bouncing the ball no other protection

abrupt change of direction

Reading Practice---5. Detailed Reading
?Key to activity 2 : and 4 in your textbook. Do activity 2, 3, D Key to activity 3 : Key to activity 4 : C ACCB

Reading Practice---6. Language 1. at the interval focus 2. Whereas everyone else was tall and slim
3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

with short haircut, Joe was short and stout, with long hair and a large belly. make a circuit of the court make a controversial pass commit a foul a suspension of play shot the penalty There were three minutes to go.

9. take possession of 10. …howl loudly in pain, with his nose bleeding and a cut on his left cheek. 11. He lay very still,… 12. Joe was a considerate guy, and apologized …, sniffing and weeping, either in pain or in frustration. 13. …has the scar on his face as a souvenir of the tournament.

Reading Practice---7. Practice
? Keys to Activity 5 1. Because the player’s energy is directed upward and there is less risk of a collision. 2. Because there is sometimes an abrupt change of direction in their energy. 3. Despite being short and stout. 4. Because his nose was bleeding and he was lying very still. 5. Because he still has a scar on his face.

Reading Practice---8. Discussion
? Do activity 6 on page 12.

? What improvements would you suggest to make basketball a better game?(group work)

Home work
Explain basketball and prepare a “dream team ” of the star players

Language Date Bank
?Language points for Reading

Language Date Bank


basis n. The basis of morality, friendship Arguments that have a firm basis be based on/ upon 以…为基础 base… on/ upon… These charges are based on facts. He good business was based on good service.

1. 出席,到场(to go to an event such as a meeting or a class.) 去上学校 attend school attend church 去做礼拜 attend a meeting 出席一个会议 2. 照料 (to look after someone, especially because they are ill.) Two nurses attend (on) the patient. 3. attend to 处理 I may be late- I have got one or two things to attend to.

Language Date Bank--- attend

Language Date Bank--- average

The average earnings in the state are about $ 1,500 a month. 1. (adj.) 平均的 这个州的平均收入是约1,500美元一个月。 2. (n.) 平均,平均水平 这儿冬季平均气温是1度,夏季为23度 Here the average of winter temperature is1,and in summer 23. 平均起来,吸烟的男人比女人多。 On average men smoke more cigarette than women.

average 3.(v.) 平均为 我猜想,我每天平均大约要喝五杯咖啡。
I suppose I average about 5 cups of coffee a day. above / below the average 高于/低于平均水平 on (the )average 平均 be about up to the average 几乎达到一般水平
NBA MVP 1998

Language Date Bank ---admire
赞赏,钦佩 I really admire the way she brings up those kids all on her own. admire sb for sth. 我佩服她的勇气。 I admire her for her bravery.

Language Date Bank--motivation
1. 动机,动力[U] (the reasons why you want to do sth) ~ for What’s your motivation of becoming a teacher? 2. 积极性,主动性[C] (eagerness and willingness to do sth without needing to be told or forced to do it.)

Jack is an intelligent pupil, but he lacks motivation.

Language Date Bank--- tie
把这个标签绑在你的手提箱上。 tie … to/onto…, tie up ? (v.)

他们把他捆在树上打了一顿。 They tied him to the tree and beat him up. 你能帮我把这个包裹捆起来吗? 2. (n.) 平局 Tie this label onto your suitcase. Can you tie up this parcel for me? The match ended in a tie.

Language Date Bank--- score
1. (v.)得分 score a point/ goal 2. (n.)比分 The score in the football game was 4 1. 足球比赛的比分是四比一。 keep (the) score 记分 3 three score 六十 four score八十 4 scores of 许多

Language Date Bank--- deserve (v.) 值得,应得
Good work deserves good pay. 好的工作应得到好的报酬。
He certainly deserves to be sent to prison ______________. 他的确应该送去坐牢。 A forced kindness deserves no thanks One good turn deserves another. Bad acts deserve punishment.

Language Date Bank--- bring up
1. He was brought up by his aunt in the mountains. 2. He stepped back and brought his hands up. 3. She is going to bring up the plan at the meeting. 4. He brought up his dinner. bring up 1.抚养,培养 2 举起3 提出 4 呕吐

Language Date Bank ---nature
1. Peter has a happy nature. He is a goodnatured boy. 2. You will get close to nature and take exercise at the same time. 3. by nature天生地,生来 4. against nature违反自然 5. true to nature 逼真

Language Date Bank --aggressive
1. 2. 3. 4. dogs trained to be aggressive Aggressive nations threaten world peace. aggressive weapons. A good salesman must be aggressive if he wants to succeed.

aggressive 1 (指人或动物)侵略的,好攻击的, 好争吵的 2 (指事物或行动)攻击性的 3 强有力的,坚持己见的

Language Date Bank ---absorb
1. Dry sand absorbs water. 2. Clever children absorb new knowledge easily be absorbed in 被…吸引住,聚精会神做… The students were completely absorbed in their reading.

Language Date Bank ---commit
? commit 干(错事,坏事),犯罪 commit murder/ suicide / an error ? commit sb./ sth. to sth.交付,投入,记住 commit a man to prison She committed the instructions to memory. ? commit oneself to sth./ doing sth.承担义务 ? The President is committed to reforming health care.


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