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早自修练习四(选自温州中学 2013 学年第一学期期末考试)
单项填空 1. Hiking is _____ great fun. You will get close to ____ nature and take exercise at the same time. A. a; the B. a; 不填 C. 不填;the D. 不填;不填 2. With the

word “ PM2.5” ________ appearing in media reports, people pay greater attention to it and seek health tips for smoggy days. A. constantly B. consequently C. permanently D. immediately 3. __________ our efforts to save houses dating back to the Ming Dynasty, the local government decided to pull them down to build modern buildings there. A. In case of B. In spite of C. In terms of D. In praise of 4. In most cases, college graduates don't mind what job they will do so long as it is one ______ they can earn money to support themselves. A. what B. where C. that D. how 5. To reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, many countries are increasing the use of natural gas, wind and other forms of _______ energy. A. abandoned B. original C. alternative D. precious 6. Scientific researches show that to ______ a language one had better often get exposed to it. A. acquire B. access C. acknowledge D. assess 7. __________him not to do so, he wouldn’t have made such a serious mistake. A. Did I persuade B. If I persuade C. If I should persuade D. Had I persuaded 8. —Real Madrid is sure to win the match ! —It’ s hard to say . You know, anything ________ happen even in the last minute. A. need B. must C. should D. can 9. All the factors ________,we decided to offer the job to Li Wei, a man of rich experience. A. considered B. being considered C. considering D. having considered 10. You can take the rest of the pie with you. ________, I wish you would, since I’m on a diet. A. On the other hand B. As a matter of fact C. As a consequence D. In addition to it 11. —These days I feel exhausted and lack strength. —That’s _____too much drinking and poor diet lead. A. what B. which C. why D. where 12. We can't complain that children are cheating in examinations ______ adults themselves have set such a bad role model for them to follow. A. because B. unless C. when D. though 13. The book written by Mr. Jackson ______ people from all walks of life, making it the best seller in England. A. appealed to B. contributed to C. adapted to D. owed to 14. My cousin is really enthusiastic about playing basketball. ______ he shoots a ball, he likes to think of himself as a Kobe Bryant. A. At one time B. All the time C. The first time D. Every time 15. — It seems that Ann doesn't like the bag you bought for her the other day. —_______? I have been told she is desperate for one of that style. A. If so B. How come C. So what D. What if 16. ________him that she would fail as she was so able and worked so hard. A. It never occurred to B. That never occurred to C. It never occurred with D. That never occurred for 17. Hardly could he ____________ this amount of work in such a short time.

A. get through B. get off C. get into D. get down 18. Upon into the blue sky ______ when we passed by its nest. A. did the bird fly B. flew the bird C. the bird flew D. had the bird flown 19. A new survey released by Yale University finds that Americans trust scientists most when ______ comes to information on climate change. A. that B. this C. it D. there 20. — It is unwise for some people to drive and talk on a cell phone. —_______. It’s very dangerous. A. I couldn’t agree more B. Not really C. Good idea D. That’s great 短文改错 It can be seen, more and more people own mobile phones in China now. At the end of 2002, there were 20 millions mobile phone users. By 2005 a number reached up to 30 million. People have found mobile phones convenience. They can get in touch with each other whenever or wherever they like. There’re different functions to meeting different needs, such as surf the Internet. However, it may bring us some trouble. For an example, the radiation from the phone may do harm our health. In spite of this, the number of people having mobile phones are increasing steadily.

俗话说,有得必有失。但现实生活中,人们往往很在乎“所失”,而忽视了“所得”。或 执意追逐“所失”,或不珍惜“所得”。请你全面理解以上文字,选择适当角度,完成一篇 100-120 词的文章。 你的文章应包括下列要点: 1. 举例说明这一现状。 2. 阐述你的看法。 Most people often care too much about what they have lost, while ignoring what they have gained. For instance, most individuals realize the importance of health only when they get diseases, while in ordinary days they seldom cherish health. Another example would be Napoleon’s failure, which is a more serious lesson in this case, because he refused to remain content of ruling such a strong country like France but craved for the whole world. As a Chinese saying goes, people can be happy if they constantly feel content. Life would be miserable and stressful if we always focus on the stuff that we lose or that is beyond our reach. If we carefully examine what we already have—health, job, love, parents—we will surely come to realize how fortunate we actually are. 参考答案:单项填空 1-5DABBC 6-10ADDAB 11-15DCADB 16-20AABCA 短文改错 1. It→As 2. millions→million 3. a→the 4. convenience→convenient 5. or→and 6. meeting→meet 7. surf→surfing 8.去掉 an 9. our 前加 to 10. are→is



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