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2010 高二英语(牛津)同步练习

Unit 3
Ⅰ . Reading A serious threat to farmers in many parts of the world is erosion. Erosion occurs if a large area of land is cleared of trees and then badly treated by the farmers. The rain and winds may gradually wash away, or blow away, much of the topsoil. When this happens, crops of wheat or corn become weaker until nothing grows well. If erosion continues, it will ruin good land into a desert. In the past, when erosion appeared, farmers sometimes moved to a new place to farm. Sometimes they could not move, but continued to try to grow food in the unhealthy soil. This caused them to sink into poverty. Soon some people realized that there was little rich, fertile soil in the world. Government began to try to stop erosion. One of the first experiments to stop erosion began in the United States in 1933. The experiment was carried out in the area of the Tennessee River. Floods and bad farming in this area had ruined lands that had once been rich. As a result, most the people living around the Tennessee River were very poor. The government built big dams across the river and stored the water for use during the dry season when there was no rain. The government workers also helped farmers to fertilize their soil and to learn new farming methods which could stop erosion. At the beginning, the farmers were not interested. But soon, good healthy crops began to appear on the land where new methods were used. Ten years after the experiment began the Tennessee River area had b ecome extremely prosperous. The great success of this experiment had led similar projects in the other parts of the world. 1. The word “erosion” in the first paragraph means _________. A. the clearing of trees C. the destruction of crops B. excessive ( 极度的) use of the land D. gradual loss of topsoil

2. The passage tells us that erosion is a problem which __________.


Unit 3

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2010 高二英语(牛津)同步练习
A. first began in the United States in 1933 B. occurs mainly in river areas C. affects many parts of the world D. is becoming more and more serious 3. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about the Tennessee River area? A. It was an area seriously affected by erosion B. It used to be a poor and infertile land. C. It often suffered floods. D. It has become a model for other parts of the world to follow. 4. In the second paragraph, “to sink into poverty” means __________. A. to lose topsoil in erosion B. to become weaker and weaker until nothing grows well C. to become very poor D. to turn into a desert 5. The main purpose of this passage is to tell people ____________. A. how erosion occurs B. the importance of using new farming methods C. something can be done to prevent erosion D. the serious outcomes ( 后果) of erosion 答案: D C B C C Ⅱ . Translation: 11. 他亲自拜见那位著名的作家。(personal) He made a personal visit to the famous writer. 12. 天气预报说今天是晴天。(according to) According to the weather forecast, it will be clear today.


Unit 3

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