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unit4 主语从句grammar


Example in the passages:
? What it was to become was uncertain until between 4.5and 3.8 billion years ago when the dust settled into a solid globe. ? 随后它会变成

什么没人能知道,直到38~45 亿年前,这团尘埃才慢慢形成一个固体的 球状物。

Try to find out all examples in the play where noun clause are used as the subject

More examples:
? Passage 1: 1.It was not clear whether the shape would last or not. 2. What is even more important is that as the earth cooled down, … 3. It was not immediately obvious that water was to be fundamental to the development of life.

4. What many scientists believe is that the continued presence of water allowed the earth to dissolve … 5. Whether life will continue on the earth for millions of years to come will depend on whether this problem can be solved. Passage 2. It was so hard that we could not say anything to each other.



1. Jeremy Lin is a basketball player. 2. Smoking is bad for you. 3. To find your way can be a problem. 4. “How do you do?” is a greeting. 5.This is not funny at all.

用作主语的从句叫主语从句,它是名 词性从句之一。
词组 The story makes me laugh. That he failed the test makes me laugh. 从句

observing and thinking:
1.观察下面的主语从句的连接词位置 2.注意第四个句子与前面三个有何不同?

1. What seems easy to some people seems difficult to others. 2. Whether he will go there is unknown. 3. How we can help the sisters will be discussed at the meeting. 4. It is certain that we will be late.

连接词 分类 连词 连接代词 连接副词 that/whether who/what/ which when/where/how/why

7个wh1个that 1个how

连接词 主语

摆设? 功能?

谓语 其他成分

1. that 只起引导作用,本身无实际意义,不充 当任何成分,但不能省略。 That she left him made him heart-broken.


2. Wh-疑问词及how包含意思,并在从句中充

When she will be back is still a question. _____ _____ you told me just now was really a surprise. What



What will he do after graduation is a question. What he will do after graduation is a question.


Observing following sentences, and think about why there is a “it” before the sentence.
? ? ? ? ? ?

It is a pity that you missed the film. It is obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave. It is very important that a student (should) learn English well. It is suggested that the meeting be put off. It seems that it is going to rain. It surprised him that they came to visit him suddenly.

二. it 做形式主语 为了防止句子头重脚轻,通常把形式主语it放在主语 位置,真正主语搁置于句末。

1)It + be + 名词/形容词 +主语从句
It is very likely that they will hold a meeting.


That they will hold a meeting is very likely It is still a mystery what caused the accident.
形式主语 真正主语

What caused the accident is still a mystery.

2)It+不及物动词(seem, happen, matter)+ 主语从句
It seems that he has seen the film. 似乎…

It is said that President Obama will visit our school next week. 据说…


“whether” “which”

? ★“是否” ? “哪一个”
whether ? 是否:

? (2007年湖北卷第37题) (他是否出过 国)doesn’t make much difference.(he, abroad) ? 他出过国: has been abroad He

? Whether he has been abroad (or not)

?“It be/动词…__句子” 结构 ? 立即套用that ? 还原语序 ?如果句子成立,那么使用that。

? (2011年江苏卷26)It was never clear _______ the man hadn’t reported the accident sooner. ? A.that C.when D.why ? That the man hadn’t reported the accident sooner was 真正主语 not clear.


分析句子 成分 ? ★看从句是否缺乏东西(主宾表),如果是, 填what(事、物)或者who(人)
? (2011年湖北卷第76题) (令球迷欣喜的)was that the young player performed exteriorly well in the table tennis tournament. (delight) ? Delight vt. 使?高兴,欣喜 delight sb. ? Delight the fans

? ? Delight the fans
? What delighted the fans

? ★如果成分齐全,那么考虑是否需要 状语。 根据句子的意思确定是需要时间、地点、原 因还是方式。(when, where, why, how ) ? ( 2008年湖北卷第33题) ______(我成长的)is
? ? ? ?

very hot and damp in summer.(grow) 我成长 I grow up 我成长的地方… Where I grow up Where I grew up

? 如果句子成分均已饱满,意思也完整,那么 考虑使用that。
That ? ____ the movie The Adventures of Tintins is to be on made me so excited.
the movie is to be on(句子成分完整) That

It ? 1.( 2011湖北卷78 ) occurred to him ______(他突然想到) that he had an important conference to attend the next morning. (occur) Whatever has been planned ? 2. (2009湖北卷77)__________________ (任何计划好 了的事) is sure to change as one puts it into practice. (whatever) ? 3.(2007湖北卷第40题改编)It is possible____ the King of Stonehenge was linked to the stones. ? A. what ★ that C. which D. where B. ? 4 ( 2007 湖 北 卷 第 29 题 改 编 ) Surely it doesn’t matter where the student associations get their money from; ____ counts is what they do with it. ? A.when B.which★ C.what D.whether ? 5.(2011北京卷22) Barbara Jones offers to her fans is honesty and happiness. ? A. Which ★ What C. That D. Whom B.


7个wh- 1个that 1个how

? 连接词有哪些? ? 主语从句有哪些需要注意? 使用陈述句语序 ? 如何选用连接词? 连接词
特殊结构 1.根据意思:whether/which 2.看句型:it be/动词…用that 3分析句子成分:少东西用what/who 不少东西看意思:when where why how

? Finish the exercises on 优化方案 P.69~70


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