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【师说】2017届高考英语一轮复习 Module 1 Deep South课时作业 外研版选修8

Module 1

Deep South

一、单元扣点 Ⅰ.根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空 abandon discourage prevent survive reply description spread contribute discover contrast 1.But even if Newton's only ________ to science had been the relative theory, it would have been genius enough for all time. 2.The word “renaissance” is used to ________ a period in European history. 3.That his actions and promises ________ sharply made him even no friends. 4 . In my opinion, the ________ of the new world in the 15th century made the renaissance possible. 5.He ________ himself in the comfortable bed to enjoy a good rest after the long journey. 6.The match was ________ because of bad weather. 7.She had never ________ to my letter. 8.Of the six people in the plane that crashed, only one ________. 9.Nobody can ________ us from getting married. 10.Don't ________ her; she's doing her best. 答 案 1.contribution 2.describe 3.contrast 4.discovery 5.spread 6.abandoned 7.replied 8.survived 9.prevent 10.discourage Ⅱ.完成句子 1.他们热心地照顾这个年轻的姑娘,给她吃的,给她住的。 They ________ the young girl, __________________ food and shelter. 答案 befriended; providing/supplying her with 2.他很喜欢读有真知灼见的书。 He ____________________ the books full of remarkable ________. 答案 enjoys reading; insights 3.你应该权衡一下利弊。 You should __________________ against the disadvantages. 答案 balance the advantages 4.我国正在努力吸引外资来发展国民经济。 Our nation is trying to attract foreign investment to __________________. 答案 promote our national economy 5.这件事我们不能回避。 We can't __________________ the situation. 答案 run away from 二、阅读理解 (2015·天津卷) Whether in the home or the workplace, social robots are going to become a lot more common in the next few years. Social robots are about to bring technology to the everyday world in a more humanized way, said Cynthia Breazeal, chief scientist at the robot company Jibo. While household robots today do the normal housework, social robots will be much more like companions than mere tools. For example, these robots will be able to distinguish when someone is happy or sad. This allows them to respond more appropriately to the user. The Jibo robot, arranged to ship later this year, is designed to be a personalized assistant. You can talk to the robot, ask it questions, and make requests for it


to perform different tasks. The robot doesn't just deliver general answers to questions; it responds based on what it learns about each individual in the household. It can do things such as reminding an elderly family member to take medicine or taking family photos. Social robots are not just finding their way into the home. They have potential applications in everything from education to health care and are already finding their way into some of these spaces. Fellow Robots is one company bringing social robots to the market. The company's “Oshbot” robot is built to assist customers in a store, which can help the customers find items and help guide them to the product's location in the store. It can also speak different languages and make recommendations for different items based on what the customer is shopping for. The more interaction the robot has with humans, the more it learns. But Oshbot, like other social robots, is not intended to replace workers, but to work alongside other employees.“We have technologies to train social robots to do things not for us, but with us,” said Breazeal. 语篇解读 在数年后,不管在家里还是在工作场所,社会机器人将非常普遍。社会机器人将 用更人性化的方式将技术带到日常生活中去。 1.How are social robots different from household robots? A. They can control their emotions. B. They are more like humans. C. They do the normal housework. D. They respond to users more slowly. 答案与解析 B 考查推理判断。根据第二段第一句可知,现在家务机器人做正常的家务, 而社会机器人不仅仅是工具,更像是伙伴。由此可知社会机器人更像人类,故选 B。 2.What can a Jibo robot do according to Paragraph 3? A. Communicate with you and perform operations. B. Answer your questions and make requests. C. Take your family pictures and deliver milk. D. Obey your orders and remind you to take pills. 答案与解析 D 考查细节理解。第三段中提到:你可以问 Jibo 机器人问题,也能要求它做 不同的任务。它不仅仅给出一般的答案,它能根据对家庭成员的了解做出不同的回应。它能 够提醒老人吃药,也能拍摄家庭照片。由此可知 Jibo 机器人能够服从你的命令,也能提醒 你吃药,故选 D。 3.What can Oshbot work as? A. A language teacher. B. A tour guide. C. A shop assistant. D. A private nurse. 答案与解析 C 考查细节理解。根据倒数第二段可知,Oshbot 能够在商店中帮助顾客,故 选 C 项。 4.We can learn from the last paragraph that social robots will ________. A. train employees B. be our workmates C. improve technologies D. take the place of workers 答案与解析 B 考查细节理解。最后一段提到社会机器人不是用来取代工人的,而是和其 他员工一起工作,由此可知社会机器人将成为我们的同事,故 B 项正确。 5.What does the passage mainly present? A. A new design idea of household robots. B. Marketing strategies for social robots.

C. Information on household robots. D. An introduction to social robots. 答案与解析 D 考查主旨大意。通读全文可知,本文介绍了社会机器人的一些情况,故选 D 项。 三、完形填空 (2016·河北唐山统考) Challenges and tough experiences can help you find out who you really are. About 2 years ago, I was __1__ in one of my first taekwondo (跆拳道) championships. I was very __2__ in myself. My opponent (对手) was skinny. The thoughts in my head were something like “She's so __3__, of course you'll win.” As the match started, my opponent's true __4__ came out. She came straight at me and landed a head kick on me, __5__ three points in the first five seconds. I was so shocked, __6__ and forgot everything my coach said. I was kicking __7__, in hopes of not losing. But __8__ hit me. I lost 1?5. I had never lost before. I was afraid of the girl, and to me, her name was __9__ with my defeat. The experience lasted with me. I worked and trained harder than before. I listened to my __10__ wholeheartedly and made sure I was not overconfident. The following year, I __11__ the same girl once again at the state championships. I was __12__. But with encouragement from my coach, I __13__ some confidence. When the fight started, I did not panic like the previous match but listened to my coach's __14__. His voice __15__ me around the ring (竞技场), attacking at key moments. The main thought in my head was not about winning or losing, __16__ doing my best. Eventually, I won. My hard work, and listening to my coach all __17__. My opponent had the __18__ skinny figure, but did not frighten me anymore. From this experience, I learned not to let confidence overshadow reality. It is important to __19__ the fact that there are people better than you. But with this idea in mind, you can work hard to become that person that is better. This experience also taught me not to judge others based on their __20__. 1.A. struggling B.competing C. playing D. quarrelling 2.A. confident B.proud C. content D. ashamed 3.A. young B.strong C. tiny D. ugly 4.A. expression B.personality C. sense D. figure 5.A. taking B.scoring C. reaching D. catching 6.A. surprised B.excited C. tired D. panicked 7.A. blindly B.bravely C. angrily D. cautiously 8.A. imagination B.intelligence C. reality D. memory 9.A. associated B.filled C. mixed D. compared 10.A. teammate C. opponent D. judge 11.A. faced B.recognized C. admired D. reminded 12.A. courageous B.afraid

C. delighted D. alone 13.A. lacked B.borrowed C. remembered D. developed 14.A. judgment B.praise C. advice D. criticism 15.A. directed B.forced C. kept D. showed 16.A. and B.or C. so D. but 17.A. paid back B.paid off C. called back D. called off 18.A. different B.common C. rare D. same 19.A. accept B.ignore C. receive D. oppose 20.A. behavior B.description C. words D. appearances 答案与解析 语篇解读 作者在跆拳道锦标赛上遇到了一位身形极瘦的对手,作者的轻敌使自己遭受惨 败。 此后作者跟随教练努力训练。 在比赛中与该对手再次相遇时, 作者沉着应战。 最终获胜。 这次经历让作者明白不能轻敌也不能以貌取人。 1.B 根据下文中的“in one of my first taekwondo (跆拳道) championships”可知, 作者是在参加一个跆拳道锦标赛。compete“参加比赛”。 2.A 根据下文中的“My opponent (对手) was skinny”及“of course you'll win”可 知, 作者看到对手极瘦时, 对自己获胜充满了自信。 confident“自信的”; proud“骄傲的”; content“满意的”;ashamed“羞愧的”。 3.C 根据前文中的“My opponent (对手) was skinny”可知,这个对手极瘦。tiny“极 小的”,符合语境。 4 . B 比 赛 一 开 始 对 手 真 正 的 个 性 就 展 现 出 来 了 。 expression“ 表 情 , 表 达 ” ; personality“个性”;sense“感觉,意识”;figure“人物”。 5.B 对手在前五秒就得了三分。score“得分”。 6. D 作者对对手开场时的猛攻感到震惊, 结合下文中的“and forgot everything my coach said”可知,作者感到恐慌,忘了教练说过的话。panicked“惊慌失措的,恐慌的”。 7 . A 作者此时惊慌失措,所以盲目地踢,希望不会输掉比赛。blindly“盲目地”; bravely“勇敢地”;angrily“生气地”;cautiously“小心地,谨慎地”。 8 . C 根据下文中的“I lost 1?5”可知,作者还是输了,现实给了作者沉痛的一击。 imagination“想象”; intelligence“智力, 才智”; reality“现实”; memory“记忆”。 9 . A 作者害怕这个女孩,并且对于她来说,这个女孩的名字与自己的失败相连。 be associated with“与??有关联”;be filled with“充满”;be mixed with“与??混 合”;be compared with“与??比较”。 10.B 作者更刻苦地训练并全心全意地听教练(coach)的指导。 11. A 作者在锦标赛上又迎战那个女孩。 face“与??比赛, 迎战”; recognize“认出”; admire“钦佩,仰慕”;remind“使想起,提醒”。 12 . B 由于上次比赛造成了阴影,作者感到害怕,但教练的鼓励让作者有了些信心。 courageous“勇敢的, 无畏的”; afraid“害怕的”; delighted“高兴的”; alone“独自”。 13.D 作者在教练的鼓励下产生了些自信。lack“缺乏”;borrow“借”;remember“记 得”;develop“产生”。 14.C 根据下文中的“His voice __15__ me around the ring(竞技场), attacking at key moments”可知,教练在竞技场周围指导,作者没有像上次比赛那样恐慌而是听取教练的建 议(advice)。 15.A 教练在竞技场周围指导作者。direct“指导”;force“强迫”;keep“保持”;

show“展示,表明”。 16 . D 作者头脑里想的不是输赢,而是尽全力打好比赛。not...but...“不是??而 是??”。 17 . B 根据前文中的“Eventually, I won”可知,作者的努力最终得到了回报。 pay back“偿还”;pay off“取得成功,奏效”;call back“回电话”;call off“取消”。 18.D 作者的对手有同样的(same)极瘦体形,但不会让作者感到害怕了。 19. A 接受人外有人这个事实很重要。 accept“接受”; ignore“忽视”; receive“收到”; oppose“阻挠”。 20. D 这次经历也让作者懂得了不要以貌取人。 behavior“行为”; description“描写”; word“说的话”;appearance“外貌,外表”。


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