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江苏省新沂市第二中学高中英语《Unit 2 Grammar and usage(2)》教案 新人教版必修5

江苏省新沂市第二中学高中英语《Unit 2 Grammar and usage(2)》 教案 新人教版必修 5
Ss will learn how a verb-ing form can be used as an adjective or adverb. 教学 目标 How a verb-ing phrase can be used as a verb-ing on its own. Ss are expected to learn how to use the verb-ing and verb-ing phrase in different situation. Ss are expected to apply the usages to practices by fulfilling some written tasks. 重点 How a verb-ing phrase can be used as a verb-ing on its own. 教法及教具 Teaching 教 学 内 容 学生主体 活动 个案调整 难点 How a verb-ing phrase can be used as a verb-ing on its own.


Step 1


当现在分词短语用来表结果时,可以和 as a result 引 导的结果状语从句互换。 也相当于 which 引导一个非限 制性定语从句 e.g.: She does exercise for anhour every day, causing her to keep a slim figure. She does exercise for an hour every day,___________ her to keep a slim figure. She does exercise for an hour every day.____________, she ke eps a slim figure. 6. 作让步状语 -ing 短语作让步状语,可置于句首或 句末,常与 even if, though 连用。如: Though working from morning till night, his father didn’t get enough food. =Although his father worked from morning till night, he didn’t get enough food. (虽然他父亲从早到晚拼命地干活,但是他还是挣不到 足够的吃的。)


注意: V-ing 形式的否定 not 要置于 V-ing 之前。分词作状语 时,其逻辑主语同主句的主语一致且有逻辑主动关系, 往往可转换为相应的状语从句。 Choose t he correct sentence. 1. Hearing the news, tears ran down her face. Hearing the news, she cried out sadly. 2. Entering the classroom, I found nobody in it. Entering the classroom, nobody was found in it. 3. Looking out through the window, the garden was beautiful. Looking out through the window, we saw a beautiful garden. 4. Reading the evening newspaper, a dog started barking. I was reading the evening newspaper when a dog started barking. 现在分词做独立 成分: 有些分词可以独立存在,在句中没有逻辑上的主语,作 为习惯用法。这些短语有: generally/frankly speaking 一般来说/坦白来说 judging from/by 由....来判断 taking all things into consideration 从各方面来 说 e.g.: Generally speaking, girls are more interested in literature than boys. Judging from his accent, he is a new comer. 被用作介词或连词的分词: supposing providing/provided given: 设想 considering 认为 concerning/regarding 关于 according to 按照 talking of 谈到 speaking of 说到 e.g.:



Supposing he won’t pass the exam, what should he do ? According to his report, the situation is getting serious. Exercise:

1.Their car was caught in a traffic jam, thus ____ the delay. A. to cause B. causing C. caused D. cause 2. I was in the bathroom, not ___ the knock at the door. A. hear B. to hear C. hearing D. heard 3. After seeing the movie, _____. A. the book was read by him B. the book made him want to read it C. he wanted to read the book D. the reading of the book interested him 4. The next morning she found the man in bed, _____ dead. A. lying B. lie C. lay D. laying 5.There was terrible noise ____ the sudden burst of light. A. followed B. following C. to be followed D. being followed 6.The secretary worked late into the night, ____ a long speech for the president. A. to prepare B. preparing C. prepared D. was preparing 7. “Can’t you read?” Mary said____ to the notice. A.angrily pointing B.and point angrily C. angrily pointed D. and angrily pointing 8. ___ a reply, he decided to write again. A. Not receiv ing B. Receiving not C. Not having received D. Having not received 9.The car burns more fuel, but ___all things into consideration, it is still a good car.

A. taken C. taking

B. having taken D. to take

Quick Review V-ing used as adj. , 作 attribute/predictive/ object complement V-ing used as ad. , 作 time/reason/result/condition. having done conj+ v-ing We are looking forward to the coming Provincial City Games. We are working hard to prepare for it. We hope that the games will be a great success. Yesterday when we

walked around our city, we found some environmental problems, which are shocking. People who run factories are pouring waste into rivers. Some people are still throwing rubbish and spitting everywhere. I feel very surprised to see this.

The government should realize the seriousness of the situation. If we take effective measures, the situation will be improved. We are citizens of Changzhou, We are responsible to make our city beautiful. Work together, we are sure our city will take on a new look. All the guests will surely have a wonderful stay in our city.


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