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高一英语语法与词语练习题含答案 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 We won’t give up _______ we should fail ten times. A. even if B. since C. whether D. until The teacher spoke loudly _______ the students could h

ear him clearly. A. so as B. that C. so that D. in order to You can have the magazine _______ I finish reading it. A. in the moment B. the moment C. the moment as D. in the moment when _______ leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights. A. The person B. Anyone C. Who D. Whoever The reason ______ he was late for school was _______ he had to send his mother to a hospital. A. that; why B. why; because C. why; that D. that; because Father made a promise _______ I passed the examination he would buy me a bicycle. A. that B. if C. whether D. that if _______ you don’t like him is none of my business. A. What B. Who C. That D. Whether _______ the old man’s sons wanted to know was ______ the gold had been hidden. A, That; what B. What; where C. What; that D. What; if It is said ______ ______ was all ______ he said. that; that; that B. what; what; what C. that; which; what D. that; that; which He told us ______ he had done. Which of the following is WRONG? A. what B. all that C. that D. all what He always thinks of _______ he can do more for the people. A. what B. how C. if D. whatever The monitor suggested that we ______ for a picnic on Sunday. A. went B. must go C. could go D. go ______ Wang Feng looked after the old woman a whole year moved us all. A. That B. What C. When D. Why ______ gets homes first is to cook the supper. A. Who B. Whom C. Those who D. Whoever It depends on _______ he has enough money. A. if B. weather C. if or not D. whether Our hometown is quite different from ______before. A. that it was B. what it was C. which it was D. when it was They want to make it clear to the public ______ they do an important job. A. when B. where C. that D. which The fact ______ he didn’t see Lao Li yesterday is true. A. which B. that C. when D. what It is pretty well understood ______ controls the flow of carbon dioxide in and out the atmosphere today. A. that B. when C. what D. how

_______ made the school proud was _______ more than 90% of the students had been admitted to key universities. A. What; because B. What; that C. That; what D. That; because ---Are you still thinking about yesterday’s game? ---Oh, that’s _________. A. what makes me feel excited B. whatever I feel excited about C. how I feel about it D. when I feel excited _______ David says sounds right to Helen. That’s why she has made up her mind to leave with him _______ happens. A. Whatever; whatever B. No matter what; whatever C. No matter what; no matter what D. Whatever; however Some of the scientists held the point ______ ______ the book said was right. A. what; what B. what; that C. that; that D. that; what There is little doubt _______ her advice is of greater value to us. A. that B. whether C. why D. if The fact came up _______ specific speech sounds are recognized by babies as young as 6 months old. A. what B. which C. that D. whose I agreed to accept _______ they thought was the best tourist guide. A. whatever B. whomever C. whichever D. whoever Sometimes we are asked ______ we think the likely result of an action will be. A. that B. what C. if D. whether _______ the flight to New York will be delayed is ______ I’m especially worried about. A. If; what B. Whether; that C. When; that D. Whether; what Actually, girls can be ______ they want to be just like boys, whether it is a pilot, a nurse, or a general manager. A. who B. which C. whatever D. no matter what You should complete in time ______ the teacher has told you to. A. that B. what C. which D. after Every one could see ______ was happening and ______ George was already ready. A. what; / B. what; that C. that; that D. that; / That warmhearted woman often helps ______ is in trouble. A. who B. whom C. whoever D. whomever ______ surprised me most was ______ he was too late for the important meeting, for he was chairman of it. A. What; why B. That; how C. What; how D. That; why A man’s worth lies not so much in _____ he has as in ______ he is. A. that; what B. what; what C. that; that D. what; that The difficulty we now meet with is ______ we can persuade him to tell the truth. A. why B. that C. what D. how You have been walking a long way, so _____ is a good rest. A. that you really need B. that you are really needed C. what you really need D. that you are really needing

The reason why he didn’t pass the final examination is ______ he wasn’t interested in study. A. that B. because C. / D. which I’ve come to find someone, but I’m not sure ______ is the one I want to find. A. whom B. whoever C. who D. whomever I remember _______ this used to be a quiet village. A. when B. how C. where D. what 40. After months of voyage, Columbus arrived in ____ later proved a new continent. A. where B. which C. what D. that 41. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is ____ I disagree. A. why B. where C. what D. how 42. A story goes ____ George W. Bush likes nothing more than starting wars against poor countries. A. when B. where C. what D. that 43. ---Look at what you are doing! ---Ah, I wonder _____ this boot won’t fit me. I’ve been trying to put it on the wrong foot. A. how B. if C. why D. that 44. All finished, we sat down to enjoy____ we thought the most delicious dinner. A. that B. which C. what D. it 45. ______ is often the case, we have worked out the production plan. A. Which B. When C. What D. As 46. I think Father would like to know _______ I’ve been up so far, so I decided to send him a quick note. A. which B. why C. what D. how 47. What surprised me was not what he said but _______ he said it. A. the way B. in the way that C. in the way D. the way which 48. After Yang Liwei succeeded in circling the earth, ______ our astronauts desire to do is walk in space. A. where B. what C. that D. how 49. I have always been honest and straightforward, and it doesn’t matter ______ that I’m talking to. A. who is it B. who it is C. it is who D. it is whom 50. The time is not far away _______ modern communications will become widespread in China’s vast countryside. A. as B. when C. until D. before 51. _______ you decided to take up, you should try to make it a success. A. If only B. Unless C. Whenever D. Whatever 52. The news that we are going outing _______ a rush of excitement. A. set out B. set off C. set about D. set down 53. In _______, the northerners are keen on dumplings while the southerners are fond of rice. A. common B. general C. total D. particular 54. Our plan certainly _________; it was a great idea. A. paid off B. paid back C. carried out D. paid for

参考答案: 5: ACBDC 6-10: DCBAC 11-15: BDADD 16-20: BCBCB 21-25: AADAC 26-30: DBDCB 31-35: BCABD 36-40: CACAC 41-45: BDCCD 46-50: CABBB 51-54: DBBA



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