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高中英语 Unit 3 Life in the future Warming up教案 新人教版必修5

Unit 3 Life in the future Warming up
This is the first period of this unit. At the beginning of this period, the teacher can spend some time training the students to read new words and expressions. The purpose of this is to offer some new expressions to the students, which are helpful for the students to talk about the topic “life in the future” and to help the students pronounce them correctly. This unit is about life in the future, so the teacher can let the students brainstorm the words or phrases about future. In their minds, what will life in the future be like? The students are free to say anything that they can imagine. They should be encouraged to be brave enough to speak out what they dream. This activity gives Ss a chance to express their imagination. At the same time, this activity can stir the students’ imagination.? Later Ss are required to talk in groups of four about the following topic: Think about how many changes there have been in the last one thousand years. Now think about what changes you might expect to find in the next one thousand years in the following aspects: transport, houses, villages, towns, locations and settlement.? Then ask students to draw a picture about the topic “my future family”. After that, let some of them show what they have designed in the picture. What’s more, the teacher can ask them why they design it in this way and whether it is possible to realize their dream in the future. If they want such dreams to come true, what should they do now?? Apart from the above, the teacher can design a competition. Divide the class into four groups. Each group should work together to list the problems human beings are facing today. Then let them discuss whether what they have listed is reasonable or not. The group, which has listed the most problems, will be the best. Following that competition, the teacher will ask the students to consider what problems people in the future will have to overcome and which ones will still exist there or might be even worse in AD 3005 so as to lead in the text more coherently. The Ss are supposed to analyze the possibilities, and also show their reasons for such imagination. Finally, the teacher had better let the students consider this question “Do you want to live in AD 3005 or today? Why do you prefer to live in AD 3005 or nowadays?”? Teaching Important Points Have the students discuss the changes that have taken place for almost one thousand years and what will happen in the coming one thousand years.? Encourage the students to predict what problems people will have to overcome.? Understand and learn the following words and expressions: vehicle, carriage, private, settlement, impression, take up, constant, remind, previous, tablet, capsule, surrounding, lack, mask, bend, press, swift, master, lose sight of, catch sight of, sweep, switch, optimistic, length, speed up, extraordinary, helmet, assist in, agency, slip, require.? Teaching Difficulties Predict what changes may take place/be found in the next one thousand years.?


Teaching Aids CAI equipment with a multi-media classroom and other normal teaching tools? Three Dimensional Teaching Aims Knowledge Aims Learn about the changes that have happened for almost one thousand years and what will happen in the coming one thousand years.? List what problems people will have to overcome.? Try to understand and learn the following words and expressions: vehicle, carriage, private?, settlement, impression, take up, constant, remind, previous, tablet, capsule, surrounding?, lack, mask, bend, press, swift, master, lose sight of, catch sight of, sweep, switch, optimistic, length, speed up, extraordinary, helmet, assist in, agency, slip, require.? Ability Aims Develop the students’ ability of speaking.? Encourage the students to imagine what will happen in the future to cultivate the students for creativeness.? Emotional Aims Encourage the students to be brave enough to imagine what seems impossible today. Let them realize nothing is impossible and we can make the impossible possible. Having courage to imagine sometimes leads to new success and new breakthroughs in the future.? Teaching Procedure Step 1 Greeting T: Hello, my friends.? S: Hello, Miss Wang.? Step 2 Word Puzzles T: Open your books to Page 94. Let’s read the words and expressions together. (The students read those words and expressions together. Help them pronounce the new words and expressions correctly. Later give them some time to remember some. If some students are poor in pronunciation, the teacher should give them some more help.) T: Now, listen to me carefully. I will give you some explanations or situations for some words and phrases. When I tell you some meanings or situations, you’d better guess which words or phrases I refer to. Get ready for it. Let’s see who will be the first to find out the correct answers. T: When we go to some place, especially to a place far away from you, what do you need the most? S: Vehicle T: Right. You are clever.? T: Something belongs to one particular person or group only, which is personal. What is it?? S: Private.? T: Excellent. Can you use it to make a sentence? S: This is my father’s own private chair, which no one else is allowed to sit


on.? T: What a beautiful sentence. Next one is coming before in time or order. Can you guess what it is?? S: I think it is previous.? T: Yes. Would you please make a sentence using it?? S: We had met on a previous occasion before...? T: Good. I like the book very much, but I don’t have enough money on me. What difficulty do I have now?? S: You are lacking money.? T: You are clever. I can’t buy the book because of lack of money.? T: Even if he is in lack of money to buy food to eat and to buy a house to live in, he is still confident and leads an active life. So we can say he is... S: He is optimistic, I think.? T: Quite good. He has an optimistic view of events.? Step 3 Brainstorming T: As we all know, no one can stop the wheel of history. Our society keeps advancing, so what will happen in the future? Sure you often dream of your beautiful life tomorrow. Now, I’d like to share with you what you have imagined about the future. You are free to show your different imaginations. S: People will not have to work, because all of work will be done by machine. S: People will go to space very easily. We can go to other stars just as we visit other cities? nowadays. S: People will live forever and no one will die.? Ss: ...? T: Now let’s fill in the following chart according to your imagination.? Fields Energy Language Farm Factory (Five minutes later, ask three or four Ss to report.)? S: In the future people will live in different places. As the population is exploding, more people will prefer to live in faraway places, under the sea or even on the moon.? S: In the future people will speak only English and Chinese.? S: In the future, people can eat anything. People won’t need to worry about the food problem in the world. S: In the future people can find many ways to deal with pollution, we can live in a better environment. People in the future will explore a new kind of energy, which will never be used up. Step 4 Discussion T: Just now you offered me a good chance to vividly view a future world. It is full of imagination and wonders. Let’s wait together for it coming asap (as soon

What will the __________become in the future

as possible).Now let’s try to think about the many changes there have been in the last one thousand years. Then think about what changes you might expect to find in the next one thousand years, especially consider the following fields: transport, houses, villages, towns, location and settlement. I will break you up into several groups. Each group is made up of four students. Discuss it in groups. In five minutes, one student in one group will report what you have discussed.? (The teacher had better join in the discussion and give them some guidance when/whenever necessary. After the discussion, some students will come to summarize what the group has discussed.) Some answers here for reference: ? AD1005: China Transport By horse or by simple vehicle such as a carriage. Made of wood and mud: no bathrooms. AD2005: Modern World By car, by bus, by train, by air, by motorbike, by bike, by maglev, by ship. Apartment, Siheyuan villa, AD3005: Your ideas By spaceship, or capsule, by advanced vehicle to be invented. Special houses with advanced equipment, which can be moved to any place. Farmers needn’t go to work, and they will live in a folded house with everything people need.Computer will do anything to help villagers. Streets will not as crowded as now, because the entire vehicle can fly in the sky.People? will take whatever they need for free. On the moon, on the other planets; under the sea.



Many small house round a temple and a pond.

There are many buildings with gardens, wide roads and large fields.


Streets with markets, small shops and private houses.

There are crowded skyscrapers on both sides of main streets with malls and shopping centers.

Location of settlement

On the earth; on land

On the earth, on land

(In fact, there are no fixed answers to the question what the future will be like.Various answers are possible.) Step 5 Dreaming the Future Family (competition)? T: Now, let us have a competition about designing our future family. Four students make up a group to design it. Make a sketch together. After that, some of you will show what you have designed in the picture. Discuss it first and then draw

it. You are allowed to finish it in six minutes. (The teacher can join in their designing or just give them some help if necessary.)? T: Have you finished it? It’s time for you to show your pictures. Let’s see which group can offer us the most beautiful picture with the most wonderful imagination. What’s more, you will have to describe what you have drawn and why you design it in this way. In the end, you will predict whether it is possible to realize our dream in the future, and analyze why you have such view. The rule is that your group will be given one star when you finish one step. If your design is extremely excellent, you will be praised to get two stars. When you give us a vivid and imaginative description, which is also reasonable, you will also gain two stars for one step. Let’s see which group will do it the best.? (The teacher can arrange everyone to take part in this activity. One will show the picture?, one will describe it, one will tell us the purpose of designing it. The last one will tell us whether it is possible to realize the dreams.)? T: You did an excellent job. If you want such dreams to come true, what should we do now? S: We should work hard to be knowledgeable.? S: We had better make efforts to speed up development.? S: We will have to get in touch with aliens, who may give us help.? S: We should have enough courage to imagine what seems possible now, which may lead to new discoveries and new inventions.? Ss: ... Step 6 Discussion (Competition)? T: Just now you designed a beautiful dream. But as we know, each coin has two sides. We may meet with some problems in our daily life. Discuss what problems we are facing, and make a list of the problems human beings are facing today. Discuss it in groups.? (The teacher had better join in discussion. Then ask some students to come to write problems on the blackboard.)? T: Look at the blackboard, and predict which problems will be overcome in the future and find out the ways to solve the problems.? (The teacher should encourage the students to use their heads to find out as many ways as possible.)? S: I think scientists will invent new medicine to deal with some incurable diseases. People? will not suffer from cancer, AIDS and so on.? S: There will be no war and people will not experience social and economics unrest. In my opinion, people all over the world will lead a rich and happy life, because our world is being highly developed and all the people will be educated to be friendly and kind to others. Ss: ... T: I am proud of your outstanding imagination. Can you tell me which problems will still be there or even worse in AD 3005?Why do you think so? You are expected to discuss in groups. If what you will present is reasonable and excellent, you will


be offered three stars.? (The students should be given five minutes to discuss them. Later exchange them with the whole class.)? S: I think pollution will still be a problem in the future, which will be even worse. Because? population will be larger and larger, in turn, more pollution will be caused.? S: The balance of nature will be destroyed worse and worse, because a large number of animals and plants are dying out day by day. As a consequence, human beings will be endangered. Ss: ... T: Good, you know. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. What should we do to make sure we will have a bright future? S: We should study hard and be a lifelong learners.? T: Good. We should be lifelong learners and accept the change, appreciate what is new and different, making great efforts to make our dreams come true.? Step 7 Sum up T: In this period, we have talked a lot about future. You are full of imagination and clever. In class, you are also active. So all of us bring me vivid pictures and let me preview what the future is like. After class, write a passage about the future. You are free to write what you are interested in. The title is “Future in my eyes”.? The Design of the Writing on the Blackboard Unit 3 Life in the future Period 1 Welcome to the Unit Brainstorming

Research and Activities Imagination? One day, you are walking through a forest alone. Suddenly, you happen to meet a strange man who lives in AD 3005.At first sight, you find him kind and friendly, so you come to have a talk with him. You are talking about the way of life, transport, houses, villages, towns, locations of settlement, education, culture and customs. Now, imagine and write down the dialogue.? Reference for Teaching The fastest electric vehicle


Last week an electric and speed vehicle designed by a Ohio State University’s undergraduate, set new US and International land speed records for electric vehicles—308 mph and 271 mph respectively. Housing In rural areas the floors of dwellings consist of pounded earth or concrete, or else of raised wood floors, while wooden framing supports walls of woven bamboo matting, and the roofs are of dried palm fiber or tiles. In urban areas floors are of cement or tile, the framing of the dwellings is of teak, the walls are of brick and plaster, and the roofs of tile or shingle. Although most of the population is nonurban, the major housing problems are in the cities, where new arrivals crowd into squalid slums. In their desire to escape the restraints of the traditional rural life and seek the opportunities of the cities, most immigrants find living conditions that are less attractive than those of the country.? Jakarta is the most modern city in Indonesia and also the one with the greatest problems. It lacks a dependable supply of electricity, gas, and water, an adequate telephone system, a waste-disposal system, and adequate school and health facilities. There is a severe housing shortage, with the gap being filled by substandard, temporary housing that does not require building permits.Subsidized housing is provided largely by employers, including government ministries, for a limited number of key employees, although efforts by the government are being made to provide more low-cost housing to a wider group of people. Life in 2060 Let us suppose it is now about A.D.2060.Let’s make believe it is about sixty ① years from now .Of course, things have changed and life is very different.? Voyages to the moon are being made every day. It is as easy to take a holiday on the moon today as it was for the people in 1960 to take a holiday in Europe. At a number of scenic spots on the moon, many hotels have been built. The hotels are air conditioned, naturally. In order that everyone can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the moon, every room has at least one picture window. Everything imaginable is provided for entertainment (娱乐) of young and old.? What are people eating now? People are still eating food. They haven’t yet started to take on heir (继承) supply of energy directly as electrical current or as nuclear power. They may some day. But many foods now come in pill form, and the food that goes into the pill continues to come mainly from green plants.? Since there are several times as many people in the world today as there were a hundred years ago, most of our planet’s surface has to be filled. The deserts are irrigated with water and crops are no longer destroyed by pests. The harvest is always good.? Farming, of course, is very highly developed. Very few people have to work on ② the farm. It is possible to run the farm by just pushing a few buttons now and then .? People are now largely vegetarians (素食者).You see, as the number of people increases, the number of animals decreases. Therefore, the people have to be vegetarians and we are healthier both in our bodies and in our minds, and we know the causes and cure of disease and pain, and it is possible to get rid of diseases.


No one has to be ill any more.? Such would be our life in 2060.? 注释 .................. ① Let’s make believe it is about sixty years from now.让我们假设现在是大约 60 年以后。词组 make believe 的意思是“假装; 虚构”。? ② It is possible to run the farm by just pushing a few buttons now and then. 只是通过不时按几个按钮来管理整个农场已成为可能。? Machine Dreams!A deskless future? In an, interview, Ray Kurzweil, who helped invent the IT present, explains how humans? fit into the IT future: the impact of automation on jobs, biotechnology, slowing the aging process, brain enhancement, etc.? There won’t be computers on desks. We’ll eliminate most of that clutter, certainly by the end of this decade. Future technology will be very mobile; it’ll be so small that it’ll be virtually invisible. Everybody will be online. Images will be written right to our retinas. And eventually, we’re going to have software processes running close to our bodies and, ultimately, inside our bodies, in our brains.

It reminded me of an article I read two weeks ago in the Financial Times(“The Office is Future-Proof”, ) explaining what our future office would be like.? According to journalist Fiona Harvey, 50 years ago, computers were kept in huge back-rooms, but in 50 years’ time, things will be much the same. Computers will be far away from the office they serve, in silos on the outskirts of cities, like power plants.? The silos will run very powerful versions of the databases and processing software. From their desks, people would plug into these applications on unobtrusive screens, and communicate with colleagues by live videos.? System to mind your pupil size while you drive The future of drivers doesn’t look very rock & roll. Sweden Volvo wants to introduce a new safety system able to detect and signs of drowsiness in truck drivers. The system was fitted to Volvo’s experimental Safety Truck.


Developed by Seeing Machines, Face lab system relies on a camera fitted inside the truck’s cab that scans the driver’s retina and monitors head movement. By counting the number of blinks per minute as well as the distance between eyes lids, it can automatically detect signs of fatigue in the truck driver. When the driver starts to nod off, a warning message appears on the driver’s console, the seat vibrates and small white strobe lights flash away.? The device is also able to detect lapses in concentration. So if the driver stared straight ahead for too long, it would trigger an alarm.? The system will eventually be able to detect if the truck is approaching another vehicle too fast or wandering across the road rather than staying in lane.



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