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1. The first textbooks _______ for teaching English as a foreign language ca me out in the 16th century. A. having written C. being written B. to be written D. written

A. to go

B. to have gone C. going

D. having gone

10. European football is played in 80 countries, _______ it the most popular sport in the world. A. making B. makes C. made D. to make

11. When I got back home I saw a message pinned to the door _______ “So rry to miss you; will call later.” A. read B. reads C. to read D. reading

2. —You were brave enough to raise objection at the meeting. —Well, now I regret _______ that. A. to do B. to be doing C. to have done D. having done

12. The purpose of new technologies is to make life easier, _______ it more difficult. A. not make B. not to make C. not making D. do not make

3. We agreed _______ here but so far she hasn’t turned up yet. A. having met B. meeting C. to meet D. to have met

4. The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street, but his mother told him _______. A. not to B. not to do C. not do it D. do not do in.

13. Robert is said _______ abroad, but I don’t know what country he studied

A. to have studied C. to be studying

B. to study D. to have been studying

5. Paul doesn’t have to be made _______. He always works hard. A. learn B. to learn C. learned D. learning

14. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see _______ the next year. A. carried out B. carrying out C. carry outD. to carry out 15. _______ such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean u p the river. A. Having suffered C. To suffer B. Suffering D. Suffered

6. _______ in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him. A. Losing B. Having lost C. Lost D. To lost

7. The patient was warned _______ oily food after the operation. A. to eat not B. eating not C. not to eat D. not eating

8. The Olympic Games, _______ in 776 B.C., did not include women players until 1912. A. first playing C. first played B. to be first played D. to be first playing

16. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains _______ whether they will enjoy it. A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen

9. I would love _______ to the party last night but I had to work extra hour s to finish a report.

17. The research is so designed that once _______ nothing can be done to ch ange it.

A. begins

B. having begun

C. beginning

D. begun

A. he’d like to collect coins as well C. to collect coins is also his hobby at pleasure

B. he feels like collecting coins, too D. collecting coins also gives him gre

18. It is said that in Australia there is more land than the government knows _______. A. it what to do with C. what to do with it B. what to do it with D. to do what with it

27. Finding her car stolen, _______. A. a policeman was asked to help B. the area was searching thoroughly C. it was looked for everywhere p 28. In order to gain a bigger share in the international market, many state-run companies are striving _______ their products more competitive. A. to make B. making C. to have made D. having made D. she hurried to a policeman for hel

19. A cook will be immediately fired if he is found _______ in the kitchen. A. smoke B. smoking C. to smoke D. smoked

20. She looks forward every spring to _______ the flower-lined garden. A. visit B. paying a visit C. walk in D. walking in

21. When I handed the report to John, he said that George was the person _ ______. A. to send B. for sending it C. to send it to D. for sending it to

29. Though _______ money, his parents managed to send him to university. A. lacked B. lacking of C. lacking D. lacked in

22. —What do you think made Mary so upset? —_______ her new bike. A. As she lost B. Lost C. Losing D. Because of losing

30. There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars ______ _ road conditions need _______. A. that; to be improved C. where; improving B. which; to be improved D. when; improving

23. The lady said she would buy a gift for her daughter with the _______. A. 20 dollars remained C. remained 20 dollars B. 20 dollars to remain D. remaining 20 dollars

31. The discovery of new evidence led to _______. A. the thief having caught C. the thief being caught B. catch the thief D. the thief to be caught

24. There are five pairs _______, but I’m at a loss which to choose. A. to be chosen C. to choose B. to choose from D. for choosing

32. _______ the general state of his health, it may take him a while to recov er from the operation. A. Given B. To give C. Giving D. Having given

25. _______ in 1636, Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States. A. Being founded C. Founded B. It was founded D. Founding

33. The picture _______ on the wall is painted by my nephew. A. having hung B. hanging C. hangs D. being hung

34. Sandy could do nothing but _______ to his teacher that he was wrong. A. admit B. admitted C. admitting D. to admit

26. Fishing is his favorite hobby, and _______.

35. Mr Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to _______ some schoo ls for poor children. A. set up B. setting up C. have set up D. having set up

passenger. A. put B. to be putting C. to put D. putting

36. _______ late in the afternoon, Bob turned off the alarm. A. To sleep B. Sleeping C. Sleep D. Having

37. With a lot of difficult problems _______, the newly-elected president is h aving a hard time. A. settled B. setting C. to settle D. being settled

38. In some parts of London, missing a bus means _______ for another hour. A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. to be waiting

39. In order to make our city green, _______. A. it is necessary to have planted more trees B. many more trees need to pl ant C. our city needs more trees D. we must plant more trees

40. —How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers? —The key _______ the problem is to meet the demand _______ by the custo mers. A. to solving, making C. to solve, making B. to solving, made D. to solve, made

41. The teacher asked us _______ so much noise. A. don’t make B. not make C. not making D. not to make

42. _______ time, he’ll make a first-class tennis player. A. Having given B. To give C. Giving D. Given

43. He looked around and caught a man _______ his hand into the pocket of a

7. C。本句是 warn sb (not) to do sth 的被动式。 8. C。因 The Olympic games 与 play 是被动关系,排除 A 和 D;不定式的被动式,表 示未来的动作,排除 B。表示“被动、完成”,用过去分词。 9. B。would love / like 后面只能接不定式,排除 C 和 D。表示过去未曾实现的愿望,后 接不定式完成式,故选 B。 10. A。现在分词作结果状语。 11. D。 句中 read 意为“有某字样”,a message pinned to the door 意为“钉在门上的一张 纸条”,a message 与 read 是主动关系,因此用现在分词。 12. B。考查非谓语动词的结构平衡性。not to make it more difficult 是与 to make it easi er 形成对比的否定结构,两者在句中作表语。 13. A。由 studied 可知,他曾到国外留过学,“留学”这个动作已结束并发生在谓语动作(is said)之前,所以要用完成式。 14. A。此句结构复杂,句中的 that 引导一个定语从句,它代表 the plan 并在从句中作 see 的宾语,the plan 与 carry out 是被动关系,因此,用过去分词作宾补。即卻 ee the plan carr ●答案解析● 1. D。表示“被动、完成”用过去分词作定语。 2. D。regret doing sth 表示对已经发生的事感到“后悔”;regret to say / tell / inform / an nounce 用以报告令人不快之事,表示对将要说的话感到“遗憾、抱歉”,主语通常是 I / we, reg ret 用一般现在时。 3. C。agree 只能接不定式,在谓语动之后发生,用一般式,选 C。 4. A。根据句型 tell sb (not) to do sth,排除 C 和 D;当不定式的动词是前面已出现过 的相同的动词时,为避免重复,通常省略 to 后的内容,只保留 to, 所以只有 A 对。 5. B。make sb do sth 的被动式为 sb be made to do sth(某人被迫做某事)。 6. C。考查过去分词作状语。Lost in thought=As he was lost in thought。be lost in thoug ht(沉思)是固定搭配;这类习惯表达还有 be caught in the rain(遭雨淋), be dressed in red(穿着 红衣), be seated(就座)等。 行。 ied out the next year. 15. A。句意为“这条河已经遭受如此严重的污染,现在要想清理也许为时已晚了”。suffer 发生在 clean up 之前,且有 already 暗示,无疑要用现在分词的完成式作状语。 16. B。remain 作“尚需”解,要接不定式作表语,see 与 it(形式主语,指 whether they will enjoy it)是动宾关系,因此用不定式的被动式。 17. D。“连词+分词”作状语,依然由句子主语与分词的关系来确定,主动关系用现在分词, 被动关系用过去分词。the research 与 begin 是被动关系,用过去分词 begun。 18. C。do with 与 what 连用是一个很有用的结构,可以表示“处置”、“利用”等。 19. B。 find 后可接现在分词或过去分词作补语, 但不接不定式。 he 与 smoke 是主动关系, 用 -ing 形式作补语,故选 B。 20. D。look forward to 中 to 是介词,后接动词要用动名词。若选 B,应在其后加 to 才

21. C。不定式作定语,the person 是 send it 的对象,可理解为 to send it to the person。 22. C。用完整的句子应这样回答:Losing her new bike made Mary so upset. 23. D。因为 remain 是不及物动词,其过去分词无被动含义,所以要用 remaining(剩下的) 作定语,修饰 20 dollars。 24. B。句意是“有五双可供选择,我拿不定主意从中选择哪一双”,而不是选择五双。 25. C。Harvard(哈佛大学)与 found(建立)是被动关系,且早在 1636 年已建立,故用过去分 词。 26. D。考查非谓语动词的结构平衡性。因 and 连接两个并列的简单句,前一分句用-ing 形式作主语,后一分句也应用 -ing 形式作主语。 27. D。非谓语动词作状语时,其逻辑主语就是句子主语。Finding her car stolen 的逻辑主 语显然是 she,故选 D。意为:她发现她的车被人偷了,她就赶紧报警求援。 28. A。不定式作目的状语。“使产品更具竞争性”是“正在努力的目的”。 29. C。“连词+分词”作状语。his parents 与 lack money(缺钱)是主动关系,又因为 lack 是及物动词,不用介词,故选 C。 30. A。that 引导的从句与 problem 是同位语。need, want, require 等表示“(某物)需要做某 事”时,后接动名词的主动式或接不定式的被动式都可以。 31. C。lead to(导致、使)中的 to 是介词,后接动名词;逻辑主语 the thief 与 catch 是被 动关系,故选 C。 32. A。given 作介词,意为“鉴于、考虑到”,可接名词或 that 从句。 33. B。hang 表示“悬挂”时,可用作及物或不及物动词,此处填 hanging 或 hung 均可, 但不能填 being hung,因为它表示动作正在进行,而此处表示的是一种悬挂的状态。 34. A。介词后接动词一般要用动名词,但 but / except 等介词后却可以接不定式,前面有 行为动词 do 时不带 to,无 do 时要带 to。 35. B。devote 卼 o?把…贡献给…;致力于…)中 to 是介词,应接-ing 形式;all 是 devote 的宾语,he had 是省略了关系代词 that 的定语从句,修饰 all。注意,千万不要以为 had to 是“不得不”,后接动词原形,而去选 A,那就中了命题人的圈套了。

36. A。不定式作目的状语。句意为:为了下午多睡一会,Bob 关掉了闹钟。 37. C。“新当选的总统日子不好过”是因为“有许多问题要解决”,表示“有…要…”用不定式 作定语。 38. A。mean to do 打算做,mean doing 意味着。句意为:在英国的某些地方搭不上公共 汽车意味着要再等一个小时。 39. D。“使城市绿化”是“我们(we)”的目的。 40. B。key to(…的关键)中 to 是介词,应接动名词;又因名词 demand 与 make 是被动 关系(make demands 提出要求),另有 by 这一标志词暗示,用过去分词作定语。 41. D。ask,tell, want 等后要接带 to 的不定式作宾补,其否定式是在不定式前加 not。即 ask sb (not) to do sth 叫某人(不要)做某事。 42. D。give 与其逻辑主语 he 是动宾关系,用过去分词,故选 D,Given time=If he is g iven time。 43. D。catch sb. doing sth. 意为碰巧撞见某人正在做某事。



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