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By Oliver

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Let’s try our best!!!

What’s your problems?




cultural background


The best way?

Enlarge your vocabulary!!! If not, what should I do for now?

1.Ignore them!!!
2.Look them up in the dictionary.

Better to do this step after finishing your reading.

How? strengthen preview


Sally was an active girl,but her sister was quite sedate. A. pretty B. calm C. lovely D. energetic
He felt very alone; he had lived in London for a month and had made no friends in the inhospitable city. A. unfriendly B. uncomfortable C. unhealthy D. unfortunately

2. context

Let’s have a try!!!
例题: 1.Tom can’t find his sneakers. A.Money B. bowls C. shoes 2.Tom can’t find his white sneakers. A.Money B. bowls C. shoes 3.Tom can’t play tennis now because he can’t find his white sneakers. A.Money B. bowls C. shoes

Let’s practice!!!

What’s your problems? questions

questions 1.Main idea

What kind of questions do you always come across in reading comprehension?

The main idea of this passage is ___. The writer of the story wants to tell us that____. The main purpose of this article is to show that ____. The passage is mainly about ____. Which is the best title of this passage ? . From the text, we can infer that…. Which of the following conclusions could you draw from the passage? The story suggests(暗示)that _______

1.Your answer should not be partial. 2.The first one or two paragraphs and the middle or the last one may give you a general idea.



The writer of the passage seems to think that____. The writer of the story wants to tell us that ____. What’s the writer’s attitude towards…? What do you think will happen when / if…? At the end of this passage, the writer might continue to write… The passage is probably taken from a ________ .

1.You can use your common sense, but your answer should depend on author’s opinion. 2.Pay attention to some words or sentences which can show the author’s attitude.



细节题 (直接信息题)多从文章的某个具体事实或细 节出发来设计题材目。其题目设计的方式一般有:

1、以who, what, when, where 等疑问词开头提 问短文的具体内容。 2、以true or false 形式,让考生判断文章某一事 实或细节。 3、 句意转换理解。 4、就文中具体内容进行简单计算,排序,识图等。 5、以According to the third paragraph等开头, 考查某一细节。

这类题目的信息一般在文章中可以直接找到,大 家只要抓准文中与题目有关的信息词、句,稍加 分析,便可得出正确答案。 Where did Jack hide himself and his bike ? 原文:When he got to his uncle’s watch factory, Jack got off his bike and hid himself and the bike behind the big tree near the factory.

1.You can remember the key words in the question to help you.
2.You don’t need to review the whole passage, sometimes only one or two sentences or one paragraph.

What’s your problems?



Do you have any good idea?

1.Read questions first and find out the key words. For example: time, name, place, number and so on 2.Pay attention to the key words when you read the passage.

I want my relationship with my daughter to keep growing, so I’ve been giving my wife a couple of hundred dollars each week and making her go to the shopping center with her girlfriends, or something----anything! Why does the husband give his wife so much money each week? A. He wants her to buy more things for the family. B. She can do whatever she likes with the money. C. He can spend more time with his daughter. D. She can spend more time with her friends.

time 3.Don’t read the passage word by word!!!
When the Judge had finished finished/what whathe hewas was saying saying/Mrs MrsYoung Youngopened openedher herhandbag handbagshe she was carrying/ carrying and andtook tookout outthe thesewing. sewing. Without she chose aa needle /Withoutsaying sayinga aword word/ she chose needle with a very small eye eye/and andthreaded threadedit itat ather her first try.


4.Try to read fast. Ignore the irrelevant(无关的) information.

What’s your problems?

cultural background

How to enlarge our background? western culture and customs all kinds of information

novels, magazines, newspapers ……

current affairs

Let’s practice!!!

Some tips for reading comprehension

1、充满信心,心情平和,不要紧张,不要做喝水, 吃东西,听歌,聊天等与阅读无关的事情。 2、可以借鉴自己已有的知识和常识,但切记要按 照作者的意图来理解。 3、少用或不用词典,如需查找生词,建议在阅读 全文后。 4、平时多了解英语语言国家的文化背景知识和最 新的全球时事,有空多阅读英文报纸杂志,培养 良好的阅读习惯。 5、阅读是一种习惯,持之以恒才能有所成就。

READ READ, read some more, READ things you yourself enjoy. READ, and talk about it. READ very carefully some things READ on the run, most things, Don’t think about READING, but …. READ



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