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牛津高中英语M1U3 Grammar and usage 2


Grammar and usage
Non-restrictive attributive clauses

? 限制性定语从句 ? as ? as

做关系代词既可以指人,也可指物,在从句中 作主语、宾语或表语。 一般用于“”“th

e same as”“” 结构中。 have found such material as are used in their 作主语 factory.

? We

? 我们已经找到了像他们工厂里用的那种材料。

? They

felt such heat in the forest as they had never felt before.

? 他们在森林中感到的热是以前从未经历过的。

? He

is not the same man as he was.

? 他和过去不一样了。

? 非限制性定语从句 ? 代表整个句子的内容,意为正如、好像。 ? As

we all know, light travels much faster than sound.

? 正如我们所知,光的传播速度比声音快。

as 和which的共同点(非限制性定语从句)
? 都可引导非限制性定语从句,充当从句的主语、

宾语或表语。as 和 which都可代表整个句子的内 容或主句中的某一成分。

as 和 which 的区别(非限制性定语从句)
? 1.Which只能放在主句后面,而as引导的从句位置

? A)

As he realized, I was very useful to him.(在前)

? B)
? C)

Air, as we know, is a gas.(在中)
He was a foreigner,as I know from his accent.(在


? 2.

当定语从句位于主句之后,纯粹表示主句所述 内容,不带有“如 …… 那样”的意思时,往往用 which, 而不用as。which可以用and this代替,译为 “这一点,这件事”。例如: always treats me just like a baby, which I can’t bear.

? Mummy

? 妈妈老把我当成小孩对待,这让我无法忍受。

? 当定语从句有“如同……那样”含义时,用as比用which更

? Things

will turn out contrary to one’s wishes, as is often the

? 事与愿违,这是常用的事。

? As ? As ? As ? As

we know(众所周知) has been said above/before(正如前文所述) has been pointed out(正如已经指出的) might be imagined(可以想象得到)

? 1. ? 2. ? 3.

which He said that he was invited, ________ was a lie.

as Where there is smoke, there is fire, ________ you know. as Harry is unusaually tall, ________ are his brothers. as ________ all his friends agree, he was unusually warm-hearted, loving and generous.

? 4.

as He passed the exam again, ________ was expected. which was unexpected. ? 6. He passed the exam again, ________
? 5. ? 7.

which makes me happy. He passed the exam again, ________

? 扩展: ? as 一般在肯定句中,而 which 则可以用于含有否定意义的

? 先行词作主语且定语从句为被动语态时,通常用as,反之


Finish Part C1 on page104 in workbook.



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