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2013最新B-2 词汇测试(2)满分3分

已提交 13-6-6 下午 3:22 名称 状态 分数 说明 问题 1 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 B-2 词汇测试(2) 已完成 得 3 分,满分 3 分

With every Christmas in the UK comes the ____________ of a covering of snow. However, with dull cloudy and mild conditions across much of the UK, Christmas 2008 has failed to be a white one.
所选答案: 问题 2 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Executors of Michael Jackson’s will said the late pop star had provided full financial support to his mother when he was alive and his ____________ should continue to do so after his death.
所选答案: 问题 3 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Don’t ask me, following your ____________ and do what you think is right.
所选答案: 问题 4 B.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Drugs with an estimated street value(毒品等街头黑市价) of more than ? 150,000 have been ______ in a police crackdown in Moray.
所选答案: 问题 5 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Be quiet! I can't __________ the noise a moment longer. You guys know that I have a test to take tomorrow morning.
所选答案: 问题 6 B.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Mrs. Bagot always tries to keep every inch of her house clean and __________, but unfortunately her daughter often makes the house a terrible mess.

所选答案: 问题 7


得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

The place was beautiful beyond belief, but it was still unable to ____________ the grief she felt as she remembered the last time she had been here.
所选答案: 问题 8 D.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

You are free to raise your opinions, but ____________ that the final decision will be taken by the top brass of the company.
所选答案: 问题 9 D.

keep in mind
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Although there were many students in the hall, Prof. Smith easily _________ the twin from the crowd.
所选答案: 问题 10 C.

picked out
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Memory is seen as a function of the brain and is defined as the ability to store and _________ information.
所选答案: 问题 11 A.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

They are going to _______the car market in China in few years by launching a series of promotion campaigns.
所选答案: 问题 12 B.

take possession of
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Plans to develop shops, houses and public spaces at Leale's Yard in Guernsey are _______ to the public.
所选答案: 问题 13 B.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

I want to tell you our company is going to merge(合并) with a big New York __________ -- they'll announce it sometime next week.

所选答案: 问题 14


得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

My internet ____________ is absolutely down at home and I am completely hopeless with more complicated technical problems which somehow have recently occurred one after another.
所选答案: 问题 15 A.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Beibei passes the wish of and harvest. Jingjing brings joy and happiness. Huanhuan symbolizes Olympic spirit and passion. Yingying means health. Ningging brings us luck.
所选答案: 问题 16 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Beyond our expectation, that cold and _________ gentleman performed the Jazz album wonderfully.
所选答案: 问题 17 B.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Whether the experiment succeeds or fails, it will provide us with __________ experience, which is essential to improving our future work.
所选答案: 问题 18 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

This country has long experience with large-scale disasters — from coal mine explosions to chemical spills to floods that __________ thousands of people.
所选答案: 问题 19 B.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

I was __________ by passion for a film star I would never meet.
所选答案: 问题 20 B.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

China will carbon dioxide emissions targets for its economic and social development programs, the central government has promised.

所选答案: 问题 21


put in place
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

When Washington created a $700-billion fund to keep the financial system from __________, which the Treasury Department named a bailout czar (救市沙皇).
所选答案: 问题 22 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Mike, be careful! Put money in with those guys and you'll end up taking all the risk while they most of the profit.
所选答案: 问题 23 D.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

In some cases, the public, especially the young people, become disillusioned as the ____________ ideals became tainted with corruption and violence.
所选答案: 问题 24 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

In butter, __________ in the sea of fat, bacteria which make the food go bad cannot spread and rapidly run of nutrients (养料).
所选答案: 问题 25 D.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

High techs (高科股) are extremely volatile (易变的) recently. After the short rebound in 10 a.m., the stock market starts to again.
所选答案: 问题 26 B.

pull back
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Normally, Andrea would never __________ a hitchhiker (搭车人) when she was alone, thinking it was too dangerous.
所选答案: 问题 27 A.

pick up
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

A BBC journalist and broadcaster in BBC Northern Ireland, talked to people about

their_____ for the future of Northern Ireland.

所选答案: 问题 28


得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

After graduation, students can choose to _________ jobs according to their own situation.
所选答案: 问题 29 A.

take up
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

In a highly competitive environment, the needs of the market usually __________ the need for competition.
所选答案: 问题 30 C.

give way to
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Every year thousands of tourists flock to China to wander along the majestic Great Wall and ____________ in awe ____________ the Forbidden City.
所选答案: 问题 31 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

The lean showman smiled pleasantly as if he were about to _________ sugar cubes to a large group of joyful dogs around him.
所选答案: 问题 32 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

During the interview, maintain eye contact, regular breathing and a broad smile and try to on employers that you're prepared for everything.
所选答案: 问题 33 A.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

I __________ you to read that material, as well as Charlie's letter to the shareholders, describing the various businesses of that company.
所选答案: 问题 34 D.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

I always had the dream to dance like a beautiful dancer and hearing people ________ for me.
所选答案: 问题 35 B.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

She was quoted as saying that the accent and double letters were added to make the name 'more ____________'.
所选答案: 问题 36 B.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

It is unwise to _________ all the difficulties we are facing.
所选答案: 问题 37 D.

make light of
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Raising kids will make people turn to be more responsible and __________ and help people to understand life better.
所选答案: 问题 38 A.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

They could hardly __________ where the road was in the complete darkness.
所选答案: 问题 39 D.

make out
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

He was
所选答案: 问题 40 A.

money or his company would go bankruptcy. in urgent need of
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

There's enormous compassion, love, __________, and even tenderness in this movie.
所选答案: 问题 41 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

What I learnt from your column during these 8 months is that I should seize every moment and not ___________writing for later.

所选答案: 问题 42


得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Your blogs ___________ with your children.
所选答案: 问题 43 A.

what a close relationship you have

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

The parents hoped the son would_______ and fulfill their dreams to become a successful economist.
所选答案: 问题 44 D.

follow in their footsteps
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

The result of my experiments has __________ my belief that your theory is correct.
所选答案: 问题 45 A.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

We hope the world to be a just place where people ________ others and treat each other with equality and respect.
所选答案: 问题 46 B.

show concern for
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

The little boy stooped down and noticed something else __________ inside the doghouse.
所选答案: 问题 47 B.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

We must constantly ask ourselves how the details we’re working on ___________ the larger picture. If they don’t, we should drop them and move to something else.
所选答案: 问题 48 D.

fit into
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Some people think that natural resources will never be __________, but that is not the case.

所选答案: 问题 49


used up
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

When you grow old, sometimes it can be fun to _________ on what you did in school times.
所选答案: 问题 50 C.

look back
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

After a slow start, eBooks are starting to take off. But should we_______ the technology?
所选答案: 问题 51 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

The film also proves that what comes around goes around, meaning what evil you do you will have to pay the___________.
所选答案: 问题 52 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

He __________ that half an hour would be enough for him to drive to the airport, but he simply forgot that it was the rush hour.
所选答案: 问题 53 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

, such as music, beautiful paintings are known to reduce pain in hospital patients.
所选答案: 问题 54 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

The Egyptians strove with the Romans for the __________ of the Nile Valley.
所选答案: 问题 55 B.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

It is interesting that many introverts have no trouble (in) __________ online.
所选答案: C.


问题 56

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

This computer-based trading dramatically accelerated market movements, and when that movement was sharply to the down side it caused a __________.
所选答案: 问题 57 C.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

The children are competing _________ each other to reach the other end of the pool.
所选答案: 问题 58 A.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

There are signs that the daughter wants her _______ and the freedom to grow up.
所选答案: 问题 59 A.

得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Cash-strapped consumers are prepared to overstretch themselves __________ and are failing to think through the consequences, a survey has suggested.
所选答案: 问题 60 B.

on credit
得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

UK residents spend an average ?229 a year on food, the highest in Europe. ___________, Spanish people spend only ?56 a year, while Italians spend ?128 a year on average.
所选答案: A.

In contrast


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