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选修8unit3重点单词讲解 up 观察 call up 在句 中的含义和用法。 1). I called up my father and told him the news. 2). Your letter called up the days when we

worked together fifteen years ago. 3). They were called up right at the beginning of the war.

call up 给……打

电话, 伍.

回忆, 征召入

根据括号内的汉语 提示完成下列句子。 1). ___________ (我昨天晚上给 你打电话) but no one answered the phone.

2). _________ (我 被征召入伍) three months after the war broke out. 3). The music _____________ (音乐让人想起 往日时光。 ) 【知识拓展】

call on sb.拜访某人,号召 call at sp. 拜访某处 call back 回电话 call off 取消 call for 要求,需要,去接某人 call in

邀请召集 练习: 1). As I grew up in a small town at the foot of a mountain, the visit to the village _____ scenes of my childhood. A. called up B. called for

C. called on D. called in 1). Does the train _______ every station? 2). The concert was_____on account of some reason. 3). _____me_____tomo

rrow; my number is 536291. 4). I’ll______my uncle at Beijing Railway Station. 5). I'm going to________my first teacher this evening.

call on 后跟人, at 拜访地。 up"回忆起", for 要"去接人"。 call for 爱"呼吁 ","需要"得满 足。

2. distinguish 观察 distinguish 在 句中的含义和用法。 1). The twins were so much alike that it was hard to distinguish one from the other.

2). How do you distinguish between a star and a planet? 3).The man distinguish himself by his wisdom.

distinguish A from B 区分

A与B distinguish between A and B 区分 A 与 B distinguish oneself 显扬自己, 使自己扬名

拓展: distinguished adj. 卓越的,著名的

be distinguished for 因… 而著称 be distinguished as 作 为…而著名 be distinguished by 以…为特征

3. adj


___________ adv. 便利地;方便地; ___________ n. 便利;方便; [ 拓 展 ] convenience n. 方便,

合适 at one’s convenience 在某人方 便的时候 for convenience 为方便起 见 1).A bicycle is often more convenient

than a car in towns. 2).Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow? 3).If it is quite convenient to her, we

will visit her Tuesday. next

常见结构有: it is convenient for sb. to do sth. 对某人来 说做……是方便的

sth be convenient to/for sb. ...对某人来 说是方便的



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