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高中英语 Unit4 lesson1 Tomorrows world精品教案 北师大版必修2

Lesson1 Tomorrow’s World 教案 Teaching aims: To practise using vocabulary of cyberspace. To practise using will and going to to talk and write about the future. Teaching difficulties: To revise Present Simple and Present Continuous. Teaching Aids: computer and cassette Teaching procedures: Ⅰ. Warming up Compared to 20 years ago how do you think technology will change our lives? The teacher can give the following help: For example: Go shopping on line. Needn’t carry cash and use credit cards. Instead of going to the bank you can use a computer and a telephone to pay for bills. The teacher ask the two questions. 1. Imagine what happens in the next twenty years? 2. What do you think the computer gives us advantage or disadvantage for our life? Of course the students will give various answers. Look at the title of the article. Which of these topics do you think it will mention? * the Internet virtual reality Read the article quickly and check your guess to question 2 above. Ⅱunderstanding the text 1. With the development of computers, some scientists say it is likely that computer can give us disaster. 2. The text infers to us that it is necessary for us to worry that the Internet can do harm to us. 3. Some experts say in the future we will not go to school in the classroom like * artificial human * time travel * robots * global warming * 1 us. 4. In the future many people live in the cyberspace. 5. The text tells us you can do many things which don’t exist in fact. 6.In spite

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