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Unit 2

The United Kingdom

Brief Statements Based on This Unit influence on geography, historical attractions and traditional festivals. The students should be The whole unit can be divided into seven parts: warming up, reading, listening and speaking, In Warming up, there is a quiz for the students to do, which will arouse the students? interest in knowing about the detailed information about the United Kingdom. While checking the answers, the teacher can add more knowledge about the UK, to prepare the students for the following processes. In this part, the teacher should also help the students to deal with the new words and expressions that will appear in the Reading passage. Group discussion and brainstorming will be used in this period to help the students to communicate with each other using their previous In Pre-reading, the students are provided with three questions related to the UK, which can In the Reading passage, the students will learn about the historical influence upon geography in the UK and get a general idea about the process of the combination of the UK. They will also learn about the historical attractions left by the invaders in England and London. In reading the passage the students should also pay special attention to the techniques of writing a passage of In Post-reading part, the students will do three activities. The first one is to answer three questions according to the Reading passage. Secondly, the students are asked to divide England into three districts on a map, which is based on the deeper understanding of the passage. Thirdly, after getting the general idea of the passage, the students should write a summary of the passage in In Learning about language, the students are encouraged to learn some important words and expressions in the passage and try to use them in the specific contexts. In this unit the students will learn to use the past participle as the object complement, through some examples and exercises. While practicing using the language, the students will learn about Sightseeing in London. In Listening and Speaking, more chances will be given to the students to learn about some famous kings and queens in the history of the UK, and their achievements. The students are encouraged to get more information about the country in order to understand it as a whole. The topic of Speaking is about the historical attractions in the UK. The students should learn to introduce to visitors one tourist attraction in his or her own hometown. While speaking, the Then in Writing part, the students will be asked to make a poster to i tourist attraction to attract more visitors. While writing, the students should pay special attention to the words, especially some verbs and adjectives. This task is helpful for the students? creativity and imagination. It can also im Assessment will help the students to look back what they have learned and focus on the

Period 1 Period 2 Reading Period 3 Period 4 Period 6 Period 7 Assessment Knowledge aims: Key words in this unit: unite, kingdom, consist, divide, puzzle, debate, clarify, relation, educational, legal, convenience, roughly, industrial, historical, attraction, collection, construct, influence, project, arrange, wedding, fold, sightseeing, available, site, delight, tower, royal, occasion, uniform, splendid, statue, longitude, navigation, communism, original, thrill, pot, unfair, Key phrases in this unit: consist of, divide...into, break away from, leave out, take the place of, break down, be linked to, to one?s surprise, look around, keep one?s eyes open, on special occasions, in memory of, have a photo taken, on show, be proud of, as well as, be known as, on the other side of, make a list of, be worried about, leave sp. for sp., be rude to sb., be at war with, be friendly to sb., change one?s mind, take flight, hear about, keep one?s promise, feel sympathy Key sentence patterns: 2.You must keep your eyes open if you are going to make your trip to the United Kingdom 3.It seemed strange that the man who had developed communism should have lived and died

Ability aims: 2

Emotion aims: To lear Period 1 Welcome to the Unit Teaching Important Points Train the students? speaking ability by describing, talking and discus Teaching Difficulties

Teaching Aids

Three Dimensional Teaching Aims Knowledge aims: Help Ss

Train Ss

Teaching Procedure Step 1 Greetings

Step 2 Quiz Flight on the London eye view towards the Houses of Parliament

S: I think they are in T: Yes. Actually, we say all of them are in the United Kingdom. Many people find the geography of the UK difficult to understand. In this unit, we will learn something about the United Kingdom, including its geography, historical attractions and traditions. First, let?s do a quiz to find

S: The UK T: You are right. Look at the map below and find out the four countries.

T: Attention here. T: The

T: You did a very good job. What T: Yes. Here is a flight schedule (Beijing—

Depart 1: 20 am PEK Stop/Connex BUD 2: 50 hrs.

Arrive 10: 05 am Trip Time 15: 45 hrs.

Carrier/Flight HU 0481/BA 0865

Equip 763/320

Freq 1

T: Yes. And do you know any Queen of the UK? S: Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ T: Here is a picture of T: Elizabeth Ⅱ , born on April 21, 1926, is the eldest daughter of George Ⅵ and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She married Philip Mountbatten, a distant cousin, in 1947; the pair have four children: Charles, Prince of Wales, Anne, Andrew and Edward. She has reigned for forty-six years, and appears capable of remaining on the throne for quite some time.

T: Yes. Tony Blair. Do you know anything about him? Here is a picture of him. T: Blair was Labor Member of Parliament for Sedge field and Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons until the May 1, 1997 elections, at which time, as head of the new majority T: What are the provinces called in England, count T: England has been divided into counties for hundreds of years. The divisions originated as administrative areas, but have been adopted for geographic purposes. A series of local government reforms from the 19th century onwards has left the exact definition of the term ?county? slightly ambiguous(不明确的

T: Yes. T: Which is the longest river in England, the River Avon, the River Thames or the River Severn? T: The River Thames is actually very famous in the UK. Whenever people talk about the UK, they will think of this river. It has nearly become one of the landmarks of the United Kingdom.

T: Now we are going to do some listening test about some English kings and queens. First

T: I will play the tape again, a

T: Do you have any questions? If yes, let?s listen to tape again and then check your answers. T: There are a lot of new words and phrases in this unit. Here are some important verbs and their explanations. Please match the words in Column A with their explanations in Column B. A B arrange thrill to have an effect on sb. puzzle delight debate clarify construct influence to discuss a subject formally when you are trying to make a decision fold divide to think about something because you cannot understand or solve it (After a few minutes.)

S: “puzzle” means “to think about something because you cannot understand or solve it” S: “debate” means “to discuss a subject formally when you are trying to make a decision”. S: “clarify” means “to make something clearer and easier to under

S: “divide” means “to separate something into two or more parts

1.Hitler and Stalin__________ 2.James is__________ 3.The magic of his music continues to__________ 4.The Golden Gate Bridge was__________ in 19335.We are__________ 6.What __________me is how the burglar got into the house without setting off 8.Don?t let me__________ your decision. 10.The woman__________ the tickets in two and tore them in half. (Give the students several minutes to finish the task. 1.divided 2.arranging 3.thrill 4.constructed 5.debating 8.influence 9.delighted 10.folded



Step 6 Homework 1.Read the passage “PUZZLES IN GEOGRAPHY”, and answer the questions on Page 10.

The Design of the Writing on the Blackboard Unit 2 The United Kingdom Period 1 Ⅰ.Quiz

?England ?Wales ? 1.The UK ? ?Scotland ? ? Northern Ireland
2.Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ Prime Minister Tony Blair 3.The River Avon: 4 miles The River Thames: 211 miles The River Severn: 220 miles Ⅱ arrange; thrill; puzzle; delight; debate; clarify; construct; influence; fold; divide

Teaching reflection:


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