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2014届高考英语 短文改错第一轮训练题8

2014 高考英语短文改错一轮训练(2)及答案

【例题解析】 一.错词 1.动词错误: (1) 时态和语态、主谓一致的错误。 【1】整体时态: *Then I ask him “Grandma, how come you have so much lines on your hand” 全文为故事,故 ask 改为 asked。 *High over the water, they discover a hole in the balloon.The hole became bigger and bigger. 全篇使用过去时态,故改 discover- -discovered 【2】主谓一致 *Having fun with their friends make them happy. 动名词短语做主语,谓语动词用单数形式 makes。 *But the most wonderful thing about jack were his musical ability。 主语为 the most wonderful thing 故此,系词为 was *But not all information are good to society. 主语不可数,所以动词用 is。 (2.)动词错误: *In American big cities, thousands sell tickets to watch football or basketball games.(buy) 根据句子意思,数千人买票去看比赛。故 sell 改为 buy。 (3)非谓语动词 【1】动名词错误 *I am looking forward to see all of you again in the near future.(seeing) 解析:to 为介词,故此 see 改为 seeing * Not only play football makes us grow up tall and strong but also gives us a sense of fair play and team spirit.


解析:主语应为动名词,故 play football 改为 playing football 【2】现在分词 *The air keeps the balloon up was escaping quickly and the balloon was coming down. 解析:分词做定语,故 keeps 改为 keeping *I found a small house standing in a field with a light shone from the sitting room. 解析:with a light shone 改为 with a light shining。a light 和 shining 为主动关系。 【3】不定式 *I just want to thank you for helping me becoming a different person.(become) 解析:help sb do sth 故改 becoming 为 become *He did not want share things with others. 解析:want to share sth. want 后可跟不定式做宾语。 【4】过去分词 *I have some records giving to me as birthday gifts. 解析:have sth done, some records 和 give 是被动关系,故改为 given。 2.连词错误: *I came into the living room and saw one of them just go through the kitchen door but turn on the light. 解析:根据句意, “我看到他们中的一个人走进厨房,并且打开灯。 ”两个分句子之间是并列 关系。故改 but 为 and *We would return at night to hear that he`d picked up from the radio in the day. 解析:考查宾语从句,pick up 缺宾语,故改 that 为 what *The classes helped me understand what the world works 解析:根据句子意思, “这些课程有助于我了解世界是怎么运转的”故改 what 为 how。 *He was silent for a moment. So he answered slowly: “Each of these lines stands for a trouble” 解析:根据句子意思,So 改为 Then/And 3.形容词/副词错用: *You always gave me specially attention. 解析:名词应该被形容词 special 修饰。 *It is real a good chance to have met all of you here.

解析:副词 really 修饰系词,故改 real 为 really。 *My hometown has taken on a new look.How great it has changed ! 解析:great 修饰动词,故改为:greatly 4.冠词错误: *This is my first visit to a American family.(an) 解析:American 第一个音标的音素是元音,故用 an. *Each player must obey captain, who is the leader of the team. 解析:有定语修饰,the 特指 captain. *Suddenly, I caught a sight of my English teacher in the crowd. 解析:固定搭配 catch sight of.故此去掉冠词 a。 5.代词错误: 【1】反身代词 *I just smiled to me and thought, ? 解析:主语和宾语相同,故此 me—myself 。 【2】形容词性物主代词 *Besides, the foreign teachers here work hard and try his best to make the activities lively and interesting.(his --their) 解析:主语是第三人称复数,因此 try one`s best 【3】it/that/them /us *I thought that was dull to watch a game in which players kicked a ball to each other. 解析:that 不可以做形式主语,故改为 it。 *It was about noon when we arrived at the foot of the mountain.The three of them were very excited.前后人称错误。故此改 them 为 us. 6.名词单复数和名词的所有格的错误 *She marked strictly on student`s performance.(students`) 解析:根据句意,学生们的表演,故改为 students` performance *Physics is one of the most difficult subject for us (subjects ) 解析:one of 说明后面为复数形式。 *We practice three times every week and often watch football match on TV together. 解析:常常看比赛,故此 match 改为 matches.

* I have no papers to write on.[ 解析:纸不可数,所以改为 paper 7.介词错误 *He left Shanghai at a cold night. 解析:一天的部分被修饰时,介词用 on, *I am a new comer of a small town. 解析:根据句子意思,来自一个小镇 come from a small town. * I was caught by the rain last night 解析:固定短语 be caught in the rain 遇上雨。 8.语意错误 *Thousands sell tickets to watch football or basketball games. 解析:句子意思:数千人卖掉票去看足球或者篮球比赛。故此错误,sell—buy *Not all people like to work and everyone like to play. 解析:句子意思:并非所有的人都喜欢工作,并且所有的人喜欢玩。语意错误,应该为转折 关系,and—but 。 ****************************************************************结束

(2010·保定调研) Last Sunday I went to the Bird's Nest Stadium. At gate1.________ I happened to meet some young America tourists.I greeted2.________ to them in English and then we began to chat. From the chat3.________ I learned that they were college students traveling in Beijing4.________ but most of them were fond of Chinese culture. They were5.________ busy taking pictures and they seem to be much impressed by6.________ the changes which had been taken place in the past few years.7.________ After come out of the Stadium, we went to the Water Cubic(水立方)8.________ and had a good time there. We exchanged our email address so that9.________


we could write to each other later. They thanked us again and again.10.________[ I was very glad to have the chance to practise my oral English. 答案与解析: 1.gate 前加 the 此处表示特指,指的是鸟巢体育馆的大门 2.America→American 应该用形容词来修饰名词。 3.去掉第一个 to greet 是及物动词,可直接加宾语,不必加 to。 4.√ 5.but→and 来北京和喜欢中国文化为并列关系而非转折,应用 and 表示并列。 6.seem→seemed 根据事情发生的时间 last Sunday 和全文的时态可知,此处也应用 一般过去时。 7.去掉 been take place 无被动语态。 8.come→coming 介词 after 后要用动名词形式。 9.address→addresses 交换的是双方的邮箱地址,故此处应用复数形式。→me 是“我”帮助了他们,因此用 me。 ************************************************************结束

(五) Smoking which is a widespread habit even among school children. The number of young smokers are increasing. It is reported that 77. over two-fifth of the students in a certain school smoke, and 78. some of whom even steal money to buy cigarettes. This is terrible. 79. As we all know, smoking is harmful to our health. So it's 80. even harmful to middle school students for it does great harm not


81. only to their health but also for their mind. Middle school students 82. are future builders of the country. They should spend their time 83. learning useful knowledges. So it's really time that these young 84. smokers made up their minds give up smoking. 85.

【参考答案】(五) 76.去掉 which 77.are → is

78. two- fifth → two-fifths 79. whom → them 80.So → But 82.for → to 85. minds ∧ → to

81. ∧harmful → more 83. √

84.knowledges → knowledge




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