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湛江师范学院 2012- 2013 学年度第一学期 2011 级期中考试试题 B
(考试时间:100 分钟) 考试科目:大学英语 题号 分值 I 100 总分 100

Part I Choose the Correct Answer to Each Question and Mark Your Answers on the Answer Sheet. (100%)
1. She was so ____ in her job that she didn’t hear anybody knocking at the door. A) attracted B) absorbed C) drawn D) concentrated 2. If you let your pencil drop to the floor, you see gravity in ____. A) reaction B) density C) action D) response 3. My brother’s plans are very ____; he wants to master English, French and Spanish before hi is sixteen. A) arbitrary B) aggressive C) abundant D) ambitious 4. The author of the report is well ____ with the problems in the hospital because he has been working there for many years. A) informed B) acquainted C) enlightened D) acknowledged 5. Those gifts of real books that were given to us were deeply ____. A) appealed B) appreciated C) applied D) approved 6. Niagara Falls is a great tourist ____, drawing millions of visitors every year. A) arrangement B) attention C) attraction D) appointment 7. There is no ____ to the house from the main road. A) access B) avenue C) exposure D) edge 8. He _____ to London after an argument with his family. A) fled B) flocked C) flowed D) flash 9. In Australia the Asians make their influence ________ in businesses large and small. A) feeling B) felt C) feel D) to be felt 10. Though he was born and brought up in America, he can speak _________ Chinese. A) fluid B) smooth C) fluent D) flowing 11.All her energies are ______ upon her children and she seems to have little time for anything else. A) guided B) aimed C) directed D) focused 12. Urban crowdedness would be greatly relieved if only the ______ charged on public transport were more reasonable. A) fees B) fares C) payments D) costs 13. She keeps a supply of candles in the house in case of power_______. A) failure B) lack C) absence D) drop 14. You need to be more __________ and imaginative in your approach. A) sensible B) flexible C) objective D) sensitive 15. Hard work is __________ to success. A) fun B) functional C) fundamental D) fluent

16. When young, she led an extravagant life, living out a ________ that she was a movie star. A) fantastic B) fantasy C) fascination D) fashion 17. She ____ the cake with chocolate. A) flavors B) favors C) flows D) flourishes 18. We _____ the cook because her cooking was so poor. A) dismissed B) deserted C) resigned D) withdrew 19. One of his eyes was injured in an accident, but after a _____ operation, he quickly recovered his sight. A) delicate B) considerate C) precise D) sensitive 20. The one pleasure that Einstein ____ his great fame was the ability it gave him to help others. A) resulted from B) stirred up C) turned out D) derived from 21. She cut her hair short and tried to ______ herself as a man. A) decorate B) disguise C) fabricate D) fake 22. At one time this view ____ over the academic circles. A) controlled B) domineered C) dominated D) charged 23. She ____ great self-control when they told her the news. A) disliked B) disposed C) displayed D) disordered 24. Some patients were _______ because the beds were needed by new patients. A) discharged B) fired C) laid off D) gave out 25. He ________ knowing anything about the corruption. A) refused B) rejected C) desired D) denied 26. He ordered curry as a ________ from his usual bland diet. A) departure B) aparture C) department D) apartment 27. It is most ________ that he attends the conference. A) desirous B) desiring C) desired D) desirable 28. Bob tried to work out the puzzle many times, but at last he became _____ and gave up. A) convinced B) discouraged C) disturbed D) disappointed 29. I am not sure whether I can gain any profit from the investment, so I can not make a(n) _____ promise to help you. A) exact B) defined C) definite D) sure 30. However, at times this balance in nature is ______, resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects. A) troubled B) disturbed C) confused D) puzzled 31. During the process, great care has to be taken to protect the _____ silk from damage. A) sensitive B) tender C) delicate D) sensible 32. Britain has the highest _____ of road traffic in the world ---- over 60 cars for every mile of road. A) popularity B) density C) intensity D) prosperity 33. All human beings have a comfortable zone regulating the _____ they keep from someone they talk with. A) distance B) scope C) range D) boundary 34. Mr. Smith was the only witness who said that the fire was _____. A) mature B) deliberate C) meaningful D) innocent 35. Many people lost their jobs during the business ______. A) desperation B) decrease C) despair D) depression 36. The rest of the day was entirely at his _____ for reading or recreation. A) dismissal B) survival C) disposal D) arrival

37. Young children soon ____ words they hear their elders use. A) pick up B) look forward to C) turn up D) put forward 38. Do you know the _____ for obtaining a new passport? Next year, I will go to Australia. A) process B) procedure C) program D) proceedings 39. In a time of social reform, people’s state of mind tends to keep _____ with the rapid changes of society. A) step B) speed C) pace D) progress 40. He was _____ to secrecy. A) promised B) guaranteed C) sworn D) pledged 41. The _____ problem is to unite all the members and go on with our cause. A) principle B) principal C) primarily D) chiefly 42. The teacher said that the children are vigorous and have good_____. A) perspective B) respect C) prospect D) prosperity 43. This custom still ______ among members of the older generation. A) popular B) has C) dominates D) prevails 44. The ringing bells _____ the news of the birth of the prince. A) claimed B) proclaimed C) released D) published 45. It is one of the duties of police to ______ the public order. A) preserve B) conserve C) reserve D) deserve 46. Only hotel guests have the ____ of using the private beach. A) occasion B) possibility C) privilege D) habit 47. Mr. Bloom is not ______ now, but he will be famous someday. A) prominent B) dominant C) magnificent D) significant 48. He was taken on for a three-month trial period before being accepted as a(an) _______ member of staff. A) lasting B) eternal C) persistent D) permanent 49. Most parents encourage their children to take an active part in social events, _____ those events do not interfere with their studies. A) lest B) though C) unless D) provided 50. You must take the _____ steps by yourself; after you have begun, I will help you. A) primitive B) preliminary C) primary D) practicable 51. The court considers a financial ____ to be an appropriate way of punishing him. A) option B) duty C) obligation D) penalty 52. One day, you will have to ____ this foolish behavior. A) pay B) pay for C) pay back D) pay off 53. Fuel scarcities(缺乏) and price increases ____ automobile designers to develop completely new lines of small cars and trucks. A) prompted B) persuaded C) imposed D) enlightened 54. We’re looking for a new house, _____ one near the school. A) professionally B) previously C) presently D) preferably 55. My _____concern is to protect my property. A) prevailing B) prime C) precious D) plausible 56. In the _____ paragraph some comments had been made of it. A) proceeding B) progressing C) preceding D) processing 57. Please make sure to_______ the students to gather on the playground. A) observe B) mobilize C) maintain D) inform

58. There stands a newly-built ______in the park. A) maturity B) monument C) maintenance D) mixture 59. It is quite wrong to _____ your duties. A) neglect B) abandon C) multiply D) mount 60. True friendship must be based on ______ the joys as well as troubles. A) participating B) owing C) sharing D) possessing 61. To change something slightly, especially to improve it means ______. A) restore B) recover C) modernize D) modify 62. _____means a small group in a nation differing from others in race, religion, and language. A) Majority B) Minority C) Minimum D) Popularity 63. To cause somebody to have a wrong idea or impression about somebody or something means ______. A) mislead B) mistake C) misunderstand D) mistrust 64. To ______ means keeping a person, an animal or a plant alive and well with food. A) await B) support C) nourish D) grant 65. A son of your sister or brother is called _________. A) niece B) son-in-law C) daughter-in-law D) nephew 66. She’s always making good _______ as to who is the best one for a certain job. A) solution B) illusion C) resolution D) revolution 67. We came to his ______ and pulled him out of the river. A) safety B) rescue C) save D) security 68. German and Italian courses are held in Munich and Rome ____. A) relatively B) reluctantly C) respectively D) relevantly 69. Most people found it hard to believe that such a seemingly _____ man should have done that wicked thing. A) respectable B) respectful C) respecting D) respective 70. During the famine, many people were _____ to eating grass and leaves. A) obliged B) inclined C) reduced D) forced 71. The librarian is _____ for all the books in the library. A) dutiful B) responsible C) confident D) secure 72. The purpose of this election is to set up a government truly _____ of the people. A) typical B) representative C) characteristic D) responsible 73. I’d like to _____ a seat for the New Year’s Concert. A) preserve B) serve C) conserve D) reserve 74. Her achievement was more _____ in that she had come from such a remote area. A) popular B) famous C) remarkable D) understandable 75. I hate people who _____ the end of a film that you haven’t seen before. A) reveal B) rewrite C) revise D) reverse 76. Nuclear science should be developed to benefit people _____ harm them. A) more than B) other than C) rather than D) better than 77. There are some areas which are still densely populated ____ their severe weather conditions. A) due to B) with regard to C) regardless of D) but for 78. He built the team through both hard training and _____ discipline. A) loose B) physical C) rigid D) slack 79. In most cases, the _____ of a person who sits on a pin is to leap into the air. A) reaction B) behavior C) function D) instance

80. When she was criticized, she claimed that it was outside her _____of responsibility. A) field B) limit C) extent D) range 81. Do you believe these two ____ friends used to be bitter enemies? A) intimate B) emotional C) intense D) supreme 82. In the advanced course students must take performance tests at monthly ____. A) gaps B) lengths C) distances D) intervals 83. Four people were seriously ____ in an accident on the motorway. A) damaged B) harmed C) injured D) wounded 84. This story is not real; it is only ______. A) imaginary B) imaginative C) imaginable D) imagined 85. His latest piece of work was ______ by a song he heard on the radio. A) released B) inspired C) assessed D) composed 86. Their products are frequently overpriced and ____ in quality. A) influential B) inferior C) superior D) subordinate 87. Stamping on any country’s national flag is an _____ to its people. A) inflation B) ingredient C) insult D) invasion 88. What he ____ was that you didn’t tell the whole truth. A) referred B) implied C) inclined D) accorded 89. This machine works very well so long as no one ____ with it. A) interferes B) disturbs C) upsets D) interrupts 90. He asked us to ________ them in carrying through their plan. A) assist B) arouse C) provide D) persist 91. This office has a very modern _______ though it has an old-fashioned appearance. A) exterior B) interior C) superior D) inferior 92. The job _______ traveling abroad for three months each year. A) involved B) included C) consisted D) concluded 93. Some _____ diseases are caused by the genes. A) gifted B) inherent C) artificial D) coherent 94. ____ with the boy’s true love for her, the girl decided to entrust her life to him. A) Acquired B) Imposed C) Infected D) Diagnosed 95. It is not polite to ____ a speaker with frequent questions. A) interpret B) intervene C) interrupt D) interfere 96. At the early stage of a child’s development, the family tends to have a greater _____ on him than his school. A) instrument B) identity C) communication D) influence 97. Although there is no easy cure for SARS at present, some of its causes have been ______ by experts. A) rebelled B) distracted C) bolted D) identified 98. Tax cuts are the most important ______ the government has for stimulating the economy. A) instruction B) toast C) instrument D) stuff 99. Arriving home, the boy told his parents about all the ________ which occurred in his dormitory. A) occasions B) incidents C) matters D) issues 100. No estimate has been done on the ______ of SARS on the economy of China and some other Asian countries as well. A) affect B) defect C) impact D) compact



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