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备战gre数学考试的孩纸们,不知道你们对于gre数学中一些常用的 符号是否了解呢?在接下来的文章中,智课小编就为备考生们整理了部 分gre数学考试的常用符号,倘若正在阅读文章的您对此还不是特别了 解的话,那么就别再犹豫啦!希望今天小编准备的内容可以给带大家的gr e数学复习带来帮助! 在gre数学复习的同学可以参考下面的一些gre数学考试中常用的符 号,供大家参考,希望对大家备考gre数学有帮助。 = is equal to ≠ is not equal to ≈ is approximately equal to > is greater than ≥ is greater than or equal to < is less than ≤ is less than or equal to 根号 square root 0.888888… the repeating decimal r s't" r degrees s minutes t seconds ∠ angle ∟ right angle ┻ is perpendicular │x│ absolute value of x ∥ is parallel to △ triangle ~ is similar to ≌ is congruent to △x delta x π pi(3.1415…) 1. is equal to; is the same as the result is; yields; gives = 2. the sum of x and y; the total of x and y;

x added to y; x increased by y; x+y x more then y; x greater than y 3. x minus y; x less y; the difference of x and y; x take away y; from x subtract y' x decreased by y; x-y x diminished by y; y is subtracted from x; y less than x (note the reversal) 4. x multiplied by y; the product of x and y; xy 5. divided by y; the quotient of x and y; x y, y divided into x (note the reversal) 6. A and B are factors of C; A and B are divisors of C; C is divisible by A and by B; A B=C C is a multiple of A and of B; A divides C and B divides C; 7. the ratio of a to b a:b, 8. reciprocal of x 1/x 9. x times as many z as y; z=x y 10.a squared; a to the second power a2 11. a cubed; a3 a to the third power 12. between a and b (a,b) between a and b, inclusive [a,b] 13. off 低于,从……中扣除 14. account for 占 15. one third 1/3 16. a of x (a fraction of x); ax 75% of x (a percent of x) 0.75x

以上就是智课留学小编与考生们分享的gre数学中一些常用的符号 ,希望大家在gre数学复习中能够牢牢记住哦!至此,今天的文章就全部 告一段落了。还请了解其他gre数学的资讯?欢迎访问智课教育gre数学 考试频道!相信您一定不会失望! 智课留学服务针对每个学生,我们明确需要完成以下五个任务: 1. 根据学生目标和背景分析其机会和问题 (To help clients analyze opportunities and problems associated with their goals and background) 2. 通过头脑风暴协助学生进行自我内省,与学生共同分析个人规划 和职业目标,让学生清晰个人定位,让学生的教育投资获得最佳回报。 3. 提出切实可行的方案帮助学生解决问题和抓住机会 (To recommend practical approaches to addressing these opportunities and problems) 4. 协助督促学生执行完成我们提供的建议 (To assist the clients in implementing the recommendations when necessary) 5. 保护学生隐私,严守机密信息;尊重申请文书的知识产权。 智课教育全心全意为您服务!

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