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No country in the world has more daily newspapers than the USA

No country in the world has more daily newspapers than the USA. There are almost 2000 of them,as compared with 180 in Japan,164 in Argentina and 111 in Britain. The quality(质 量) of some American papers is quite high and their views are used all over the world. Excellent newspapers like the Washington Post or the New York Times have a powerful influence(影响) all over the country. However,the Post and the New York Times are not national newspapers in the sense that The Times is in Britain of Le Monde is in France, since each American city has its own daily newspaper. The best of these give detailed(详细的)accounts of national and international news,but many tend to limit themselves to state or city news.? Like the press(报刊) in most other countries,American newspapers report news from the “exciting” and “relaxing” to the serious. They try to entertain people as well as give information,for they have to compete with the attraction of television. Just as American newspapers try to satisfy all tastes, they also try to attract readers of all political parties. A few news papers support extremist(极端主义者) groups on the far right and on the far left,but most daily newspapers try their best to attract middle-of-the-road Americans who are mainly moderate (温和 的).Many of these papers print materials by well? known journalists of different political and social views,in order to give a balanced picture.? As in other countries American newspapers can be either responsible(负责任的) or irresponsible,but it is generally accepted that the American press serves its country well and that it has more than once exposed political scandals(丑闻),for example,the Watergate Affair(水门事件).?

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