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Unit 3 Computers

calculate vt. (1)计算,核算 eg: He calculated the costs very carefully. (2)估计 eg: I calculate that we will arrive at 6:00 p.m. calculator n.计算器 calculation n. 计算,计算结果 calculating adj. (贬义的)精明的 会算计的

simplify vt. 简化,使简明 eg: That will simplify my task. simple adj. 简单的,朴素的 simplicity n.简单,朴实 technological adj.工艺的,技术的 eg: technological advances technological progress Her son is studying in a technological school.

technology n. [U]技术,工艺学,工程技术 technique n. [C]技巧,技术,技能

revolution n. (1)革命 eg: cause/start a revolution The French Revolution broke out in 1789. (2)巨变,大变革 eg: a cultural/social/scientific revolution

artificial adj. (1)人工的,人造的,假的 eg: artificial intelligence 人工智能 (2)人为的,非自然的 eg: A job interview is a very artificial situation. (3)虚假的,假装的 eg: artificial emotion 假装的感情

intelligence [U] n. 智力,才智;消息,情报 搭配: have the intelligence to do sth 有 做某事的智慧 eg: The government gets the secret intelligence of the enemy’s plans. He didn’t even have the intelligence to call for an ambulance. intelligent adj.聪明的

solve vt. 解决,解答 eg: We finally solved the difficulty of transportation. Who can solve the mathematical problem? solution n. 解决,解答 from…on 从某时开始,从某时以后 from then/that time on 从那时起 from now on 从现在起

reality n. (1)真实,现实 搭配: face reality 面对现实 (2)(在艺术等方面)真实,逼真 搭配: with reality 真实地 eg: The film showed life in the poor area with great reality. (3)事实,实际经历,见过的事物 eg: The little boy has to face the harsh realities of life on his own.

as a result 结果 eg: The boy worked hard. As a result, he passed the exam. as a result of = because of eg: As a result of a traffic accident, eight people lost their lives. without result 没有结果,白费 result from 由……造成,因……而产生 result in 导致

application n. (1)申请,请求,申请书,申请表 搭配: make an application (to sb) for sth (向某人)申请某物 eg: I made an application to him for help. (2)(尤指理论,发明等的) 应用,运用 eg: It’s of wide application.

explore vt. (1)探测,勘查,探险 搭配: explore sth for sth 为了某物而勘 探…… eg: They explored the land to the south of the river for oil. (2)探究,仔细查阅 eg: I’ll explore the possibility of getting a job here. exploration n.探险,探索,试探 explorer n. 探险者

anyhow adv.= anyway (1)而且,加之,反正 eg: It’s too expensive and anyhow the color doesn’t suit you. (2)尽管,即使这样 eg: The water was cold but I took a shower anyhow. (3)(转换话题, 结束谈话时说) 无论如何,反正 eg: Anyhow, let’s forget it.

goal n. (1)目标,目的 搭配: set a goal 设定目标 pursue a goal 追求目标 achieve/realize/reach a goal 达成目标 (2)进球,得分 搭配: score/win/get/make a goal 得分

happiness n. [U] 幸福,满足,愉快 搭配: with/in happiness 幸福地 find/achieve true happiness 找到/ 得到真正的幸福 happily adv.幸福地,快乐地 happy adj. 幸福的,快乐的

human (1) adj. 人类的 eg: There are many differences between animals and the human race. (2) adj. 有人性的,有人情味的 eg: He is quite human when you know him. (3) n. (= human being) 人 eg: Dogs can hear much better than humans.

“人,人类”的多种表达法: man 人类(用于科普文章中) human(s) 人(与动物相对) mankind 人类(统指全人类,带有崇高、 庄重的色彩) human being(s) 人(与动物、 神、灵魂相对) the human race 人类(必须 与the连用,统指) humanity 人性,仁爱(指人性) humankind 人类(统指,用 于文学作品中)

signal v./ n. (1) v. 发信号;示意 搭配: signal to sb 向某人发出信号 signal to sb to do sth 向某人发出做某 事的信号 eg: She was signaling to the children to stay outside. (2) n. 信号,暗号 eg: When the teacher closes her book, it’s a signal for everyone to stand up.

type n./ v. (1) [C] n. 类型,种类 搭配: a type of 一种…… eg: She mixes with all types of people. = She mixes with people of all types. (2) [C] n. 具有某种特征的人,典型 eg: She’s the artist type. (3) v. 打字,打印 eg: The letter needs to be typed.

in a way 在某种程度上 = to a certain degree eg: In a way, I like this new textbook. in one/some way = in a way in the way/ in sb’s way 挡道,碍事 in no way 决不,一点也不 in this/ that way 以这种/那种方式 by the way 顺便说一下 in any way 在任何方面 on one’s way to 在去……的途中

arise (arose, arisen) vi. (1) 发生,产生,出现 eg: Several new industries arose in the town. (2)(由……)引起,(因……) 产生 搭配: arise out of 由……引起 arise from 因……产生 eg: All the injuries arose out of a road accident.

with the help of = with one’s help 在……的帮助下 eg: With the help of him (= With his help), we finished the work on time. 注意:在这个短语中,不要受 汉语影响而把with换成under.

deal with (1) 对待,对付,处理 eg: How do you deal with this problem. (2) 与……交易(尤指做买卖) eg: We’ve dealt with this company for 20 years. (3)论及,涉及 eg: This book deals with an important issue.

watch over (1)看管,照顾 eg: Will you watch over my clothes while I have a swim. (2)看守,监视,守卫,保护 eg: They were watched over by three policemen. watch out 注意,留神 keep a watch on 监视



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