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高中英语 口语情景对话 讨论吃寿司素材

原版英语口语情景对话第 0148 集:讨论吃寿司

Matt 非常喜欢寿司,临走前抓紧一切时间吃。听他介绍喜欢的寿司及爱去的地点吧。 Todd: OK. Matthew, we are going to talk about food. Matt: OK. Todd: What kind of foods do you like? Matt: Well, no

w I'm in Japan at the moment, I'm eating a lot of sushi. Todd: OK. Matt: I've only got two weeks left here so it's kind of suchi three times a week. Todd: Oh, wow! You really love the stuff. Matt: Yeah, it's fun. It's great. Todd: Where do you eat sushi? Matt: Well, we either buy it in a supermarket, kind of buy a tray, about a thousand yen, or we'll go down to the conveyor belt restaurant just down the side the university on our way home. Todd: OK. Matt: Pick up a few plates. Todd: The conveyor belt restaurant.

Matt: I don't know the Japanese word for that. We call it the conveyor belt restaurant. Todd: When you go to sushi, how much does it cost? Matt: Well, it's 130 yen for one plate, and usually there is two of us that go and usually we spend about one and a half thousand yen (1,500), about ten plates.

Todd: Ten plates! Matt: Yeah! We like it!


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