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Which kind of Chinese art do you like?


paper cut

Calligraphy 书法 knitting


Different people have different tastes(品位).

Lesson 1 A Matter of Taste
…的问题 品味


At the end of the class, you will be able to: ? Know some information about Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi and Chen Yifei. ? Know the characteristics of Racing Horse,

Cabbage, and Poppy.
? Describe a painting.

Look at the three Chinese paintings. Do you know the names and the painters of the paintings?
1 3


Match the paintings with the names and the painters.



Chen Yifei



Xu Beihong


Racing Horse

Qi Baishi

Read the text quickly and answer the following questions.


1. What is Xu Beihong’s masterpiece(名作)?

Racing Horse Xu Beihong

2.Who held exhibitions abroad to promote art? 3.Who is good at drawing simple pictures from everyday life?

Qi Baishi
Chen Yifei.

4.Who is famous for drawing pretty women?

5. Why did Chen Yifei use black as the background of Poppy?

To emphasise the woman even more.

Careful-reading(1) Read the text carefully and introduce the painters.
This is Xu Beihong(1895-1953). He was important in modern ___________________. Chinese folk art He developed the tradition of ___________________________. combining poetry with painting He ________________________.

Careful-reading(1) Read the text carefully and introduce the painters.
This is Qi Baishi (1863-1957). He was one of ___________________. China’s greatest painters During his early youth, he worked with _____. wood Between 1902 and 1909, he travelled across _________ _____. the country and painted many picutres ofscenery

Later, his interest changed to ____________ simple pictures _______________. from everyday life He _______________________.

Careful-reading(1) Read the text carefully and introduce the painters.
This is Chen Yifei(1946-2005).
very successful artist He was a ____________________.

soft portraits of beautiful women His_____________________________ are very valuable. He___________________.

Careful-reading(2) Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks.
painters Famous paintings Characteristics of the paintings

Xu Beihong Qi Baishi Chen Yifei

running horse. __________is It is a ________ Black ink used to show Racing the moving hair on its mane and tail. Different shades Horse of grey are used to show the_______ sweat along its body.


A tiny insect with some _____ red on its back ____________ is fixed on the cabbage, showing the creature’s _________ interest in the cabbage. Deep in thought, a young woman sits alone, with her hand ________________elegantly holding the fan positioned above her knees. To ___________ emphasise the woman, Chen adds a lot of ______ detail to the fan and the cloth of her dress and paints the background _______. black


Xu Beihong Three painters Qi Baishi Chen Yifei Racing Horse Three Paintings Cabbage Poppy

Whose painting is it?

Chen Yifei

Xu Beihong

Qi Baishi

Xu Beihong

Chen Yifei

Qi Baishi



Chen Yifei

Learn to describe the paintings!

How to describe a painting?(sample)
The painting was painted by Qi Baishi who was one of China’s greatest painters. Across the painting, we can see a dragonfly flying above the river. Its eyes are fixed on the lotus, showing its interest in the lotus. I think that this painting is vivid.

蜻蜓: dragonfly 荷花: lotus

This painting was painted by…who… 1 Across this painting, we can see… The front horse is … The painter drew in black ink to show … I think that/In my opinion/ I feel that…

1 2
This painting was painted by…who…2 Across this painting, we can see… It’s eyes… I think that/In my opinion/ I feel that…


梳头发:comb the hair

This painting was painted by…who… In the painting, a beautiful young woman… She is… She is dressed in … A cat… I think that/In my opinion/ I feel that…


?Describe one of the paintings ?Read the text fluently.


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