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reading practice选修六extract from the lion,the witch and the wardrobe

1. Inquisitive n. inquisition [??kw?‘z??(?)n] 调查 2. exclaimation 3. magic/ magical/ magician 4. powerful 5. possession

Page 26

Task 4

C.S. Lewis

was an author and scholar born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Although Lewis' primary vocation was as a tutor of literature at Oxford and Cambridge, he is especially remembered for his works of imaginative fiction. His Chronicles of Narnia series, in particular, has been extremely popular with children and adults alike.

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”

Occupation novelist, scholar, broadcaster fantasy, science fiction, Genres children's literature The Chronicles of Narnia Mere Christianity The Space Trilogy Till We Have Faces Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life

Notable work(s)

Introduction of the Story (Task1)
1.Character: Lucy, the White Witch, Aslan… 2.Place: Narnia 3.Time: Winter 4.Result: learn to be brave and to forgive; learn sorrow, happiness and wisdom.

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Obituary [???b?t?u:?eri:] 讣告 obscure [?b?skju?] 不知名的 Bistro [?bistr?u] 小酒馆 Breed-bred-bred [bri:d] [bred] 孕育

They Ten years often before met in Tolkien an It’s this little place that bred obscure passed away, bistro Lewis near had The Lord of the Rings and Only Lewis understood Tolkien. University already written of Oxford. the Narnia. obituary for Tolkien.
J.R.R. Tolkien The writer of The Lord of the Rings

One day, they entered Nania through the wardrobe by chance.

A land frozen in eternal winter Because of the evil White Witch enslaved A country waiting towho be set free Narnia
eternal [i:?t?:nl]永恒的

Glorious [?ɡl?:ri?s] 光荣的

These four children had their glorious mission to bring summer back to Narnia.

Uphold the justice 伸张正义

Aslan, the Great Lion He led the four children to fight with the White Witch to uphold the justice!

Petal [?petl] 花瓣

Their petals can shape like a man or a woman in the wind.

Before these three movies produced By now, three out of seven by 20th CenturyLewis’s Fox, there had have beenbeen old BBC versions. novels filmed.

Who are they?

The reason why this novel has been filmed many times is because it’s a great work by Lewis which tells us “how to be brave and to forgive.”

And the four children’s time in Narnia is “the great adventure that every child dreams of!”

Let’s find our own wardrobe and begin the adventure in Narnia.

In the story, we meet four English schoolchildren - Lucy, Edmund, Peter, and Susan - who go to stay with an odd professor during the evacuation of London in wartime. While playing the game of hide-and-seek in the large house, they discover that through the fur coats in an old wardrobe is another world: the land of Narnia. There they meet talking animals who are very interested to meet "Sons of Adam" and "Daughters of Eve.” The evil White Witch rules the land, causing it to be always winter but never Christmas. Bribed with magical Turkish sweets, Edmund betrays the others to the Witch, putting all of their lives in danger. The only hope for the children and the Narnians is the lion Aslan, who finally defeats the White Witch by dying at the hands of the Witch in Edmund's place. When he comes back to life, the snow melts and Spring finally comes to Narnia.

Watch the trailer(预告片) of the movie

Read the extract and answer the questions:
Task2 Page 26 Find out when it takes place. (b) as Lucy discovers Narnia

It takes place as Lucy discovers Narnia. What did she see?

Para.1 Lucy saw a light. Para.2 Lucy found the other light(lamppost) and a strange person. Para.3 What the Faun was like

Faun: [f??n] an ancient Roman god with the body of a man and legs and horns of a very strange, goat (农牧神) small, inquisitive, like a man Lucy: frightened, legs excited, hair hesitant hoofs trail horns beard …


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