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新人教版七年级英语上册《Unit 6 Do you like bananas》课件:Section A 2d-3c

Section A 2d-3c 1. Where do the American students have lunch on school days? A. In the classroom B. In the school cafeteria C. Outside the school 2. Which of the following sayings is from America? A. Have enough food for lunch B. Treat youself a nice a breakfast C. Eat less for dinner. Free talk ? What do you think of the American students' lunch? ? Which saying about food do you like? Why? ? Do you kown other sayings about food? Who is the fastest? pears oranges tomatoes bananas straberries hamburgers milk bread ice cream salad your likes and dislikes: ... Pair work. A: Do you like…? B: Yes, I do. I like … What about you? A: No, I don't. I don't like ,but I like... B: OK. Let's have some... ... likes and dislikes A: Does she/he like…? B: Yes , ... She/He likes… No ,... She/he doesn’t … John's birthday dinner John's birthday dinner When? next week What? burgers, vegetable salad, strawberries and apples How do they decide their food? Role-play the conversation or Make a conversation: Suppose your friend's birthday is coming, and make plans for the birthday dinner. A: Hi, ...birthday dinner is .... Let's think about the food. B:... ... How to talk about likes and dislikes? ? Yes/No questions and answers ?Affirmative statements ?Negative statements ? 3a Underline the correct words in the brackets. 1. I like fruit, but I (don’t / doesn’t) like vegetables. 2. She (like / likes) bread, but she (doesn’t / don’t) like salad. 3. He (like / likes)

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