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高一英语必修一 unit3 导学案
一.Read new words 二.课文中找出从下面的词组并且翻译 in the setting sun children dressed in long wool coats seem to do sth. find sb. doing sth. put up a tent for company

feel like as usual be able to do sth. change A for B stay awake can hardly wait to do sth.

三 课文中找出从下面的句子,并背诵。 (1)一路上,一些穿着羊毛大衣的孩子们停下来看着我们。 (2)上山很艰难,但是当我们环顾四周,眼前的景色让我们感到惊奇。 (3)我们似乎能看到几百里以外的地方。在某个时刻,我们发现自己置身高处,仿佛骑车穿越云层。 (4)几乎没有风-只有篝火的火焰与我们作伴。 (5)我们迫不及待要见到他们!

四【重点单词】 1、journey [C]/vi. 旅行 journalist [C]新闻工作 journal [C] 日报,杂志,日记; journalism [U] 新闻业

Thanks to______ and photographers of the _______, I know often from the _____ that the _______ is so interesting . 2. persuade v. 说服;劝说 [重点用法] persuade sb. to do sth.= persuade sb. into doing sth. 说服某人做某事 persuade sb. not to do sth. = persuade sb. out of sth./doing sth. 劝阻某人做某事 persuade sb. of sth. 使某人相信某事 persuade that-clause 使某人相信...

3. prefer vt. 更喜欢;选择某事物(而不选择其他事物)


[① Ii prefer playing in defence .我喜欢打防守。 ② I would prefer that you (should) not mention my name .我希望你不要说出我的名字。 ③ He prefers to stay at home rather than go shopping .他宁愿呆在家里也不愿意去逛商店。 ④ She was chosen in preference to her sister as a volunteer of the Beijing Olympic Games. 她被选中成为北京奥运会的志愿者,而不是她妹妹。

4. finally adv.最后,终于。 They finally agreed with me. final 1) adj.最终的,决定性的 2) [C] 决赛,期末考试 They said the judgment was final. 辨析 finally、 at last、 in the end



①finally 有两个用法:一是在列举事物和论点时,用来引出最后一项内容;二是用在句子动词前之前,表 示“等候或耽误了很久才-----, ”但无感情色彩。 After putting it off three times, we finally managed to have our sports meeting on the playground in our school. 在经过推迟了三次之后,我们终于在我们学校的操场上举行了运动会

②at last 表示“等候或耽误了很久才-----, ”强调经过一番拖延或曲折后,常常带有较浓厚的感情色彩 At last he knew the meaning of life. 他终于明白了生命的真谛。

③in the end 也是表示经过一定的耽误、等待之后“终于” , 其位置和 at last 一样,置于句首或句末 But in the end he gave up. 但他最后还是放弃了

He worked harder than before, and he passed the English examination ____. A. at last B. finally C. gradually D. last


5. determine v. 决定;确定;下定决心 determine + n. determine on/upon (doing) sth determine to do sth. determine + that-clause

determine sb. to do sth. 使某人下定决心做某事

determine sb. against sth. 使某人不再做某事

determined adj. 坚定的,坚决的(作定语) ;有决心的,意志坚定的(作表语) 。 be determined to do sth.

1). Attitude determines everything.


2). We determined to go to the railway station at once. 我们决定立刻去火车站。

At the age of twenty he left his hometown, ____to return without making his mark. A. determining not C. determined not B. not determined D. not determining

6. view n. 风景;视野;观点;见解

① We take the view that it would be wrong to interfere.我们所持的态度是:干涉是错误的。

② How do you view your position in the company?你如何看待自己在公司中的位置?

③ In view of the weather ,we will cancel the outing.因天气关系,我们要取消此次郊游。

He worked harder than before, and he passed the English examination ____. A. at last B. finally C. gradually D. last


一:翻译下列短语 1 优点和缺点 3 大学毕业 5 下定决心 7 在?高度 9 在某个时候 11 迫不及待做某事 13 改变想法 15 火车票价 17 对骑自行车感兴趣 19 对旅游的态度
21. 为. . .某人所熟悉 ___________________

2 梦想做某事 4.关心、在乎细节 6 大学毕业 8 感觉象冰块 10 宿营 12 在半夜 14 流经过 16 喜欢 18 在他们的日常生活中 20 一个坚定的表情

二选择 1 ___little boys spent ____little time planting ______many trees. A. So; so; so B. Such; such; so C. So; such, so D. Such; so; so 2 The teacher told the students to stop _____ to him. A. To write and listen B. writing and listening C. writing and to listen 3. ______,but he insisted on going to school. A. Though he was ill B. He was ill C. Having been ill D. Tobeill 4 He is so _______that no one can persuade him to change his mind. A simple B hard-working C fortunate D stubborn 5. To climb the mountain is ___ hard work and to go down the mountain is ___great danger. A. a; a B. a; / C. /;/ D. /, a 6.________ will be sent to Ning Xia to work as a teacher. A. Do you think who B. Whom do you think C. Do you think whom D. Who do you think 7.There are __________ many beautiful sweaters in the shop that I can’t decide which to choose .A. so B. such C. very D. too 8.The doctor insisted that I __________ more fruit and vegetables. A. took B. had taken C. would take D. take

9.Because the shop ______ , all the T-shirts are sold at half price. A. has closed down B. closed down C. is closing down 10.At this time tomorrow______ over the Atlantic. A. we’re going to fly B. we’ll be flying C. we’ll fly D. we’re to fly

D. had had closed down

11. Rainforests ______ and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future. A. cut B. are cut C. are being cut D. had been cut 12. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because technology ______ so rapidly. A. is changing B. will change C. will have changed D. has changed 13 I’ve won a holiday for two weeks to Florida, I____ my mum. A. am taking B. have taken C. take D. will have taken 14.A new cinema _______ here. They hope to finish it next month. A. will be built B. is built C. has been built D. is being built 15. The reporter said that the UFO ______ east to west when he saw it. A. was travelling B. travelled C. had been travelling D. was to travel 16.—I just heard that the tickets for tonight's show have been sold out. —Oh, no! ______. A. I was looking forward to that B. It doesn't matter C. I knew it already D. It's not at all interesting 17..-Why does the Lake smell terrible? -Because large quantities of water A. have polluted B. is being polluted C. has been polluted D. have been polluted .

18.Would you please keep silent? The weather report and _________I want to listen. A. is broadcast B. is being broadcast C. has been broadcast D. had been broadcast 19.Dr. Smith, together with his wife and daughters, visit Beijing this summer. A. is going to B. are going to C. was going to D. were going to 20—Why don’t we choose that road to save time? —The bridge to it __________. A. has repaired B. is repaired C. is being repaired D. will be repaired


Teaching aims: words study and mastery Difficult and important : practice 一 1、The Australians like to ______(露营) in the countryside at the weekends. 2、We all know that he is too __________(顽固) to apologize. 3、Do you remember every d_____ of the story you have just read? 4、Most students keep a _____ (日记) of their everyday life. 5. Excuse me, what is the f_____ to Paris? Is $ 10 enough? 6. The music sounds so good that I want to r_____ it from the radio. 7. In the past, the villagers t__________ their goods by goat not by truck. 8. The little boy said nothing because he was not b____ enough to be against his father. 9. He is a d__________ person. If he d__________ to do something, he will do it well. 10. I am not ________ _______(熟悉) the city, for this is my first visit here. 11. Finally they were __________(说服) to cycle around China. 12. We ___________ ________ (将要去)for Beijing tomorrow. 13. The scientists are searching for the s______ of the river. 14. I d_______ about flying last night. 15. He was c_______ along the street when he was knocked off his bike. 16. You can't ______ (期望)to learn a foreign language in a week. 17. She swan ______ (游过) the river. 18. The plane is flying at an a________ of 10,000 feet. 19. Seeing that he could not persuade me, he had to _____ ___ ___(让步)my view. 20. He _______ (坚持说) that he hadn't stolen the girl's handbag. 21. Milu often says "_______(态度) is everything." to encourage the players to devote more. 22. Whenever we see a film,the Chinese teacher will ask us to write about our a___________. 23. They discussed his position in the company and other _____(主题). 24. We f________ got home at eleven o'clock. 25. First we ____ ___(支起) our tents and then we ate. 26. Peter soon _____ them _________(使…感兴趣)in playing basketball. 27. After supper, Tom went to sleep but I ______ ______ (仍然清醒). 28. ____ ____ _____ (其一),a journey isn't as personal as a diary. For another, a travel journey has a different purpose. 29. If you ____ ____ ____(改变主意) about the job, just give me a call. 30. She ______ ______(毕业于) Harvard with a degree in law .二:单项填空 1. The lady insisted that the young man ____ her wallet and that he ____ to the police station at once. A. had stolen; be sent B. should steal; should be sent C. had stolen; sent D. had stolen; must be sent 2. — Are you still busy? —Yes, I ____, and it won’t take long. A. just finish B. am just finishing C. have just finished D. was just going to finish 3. The man insisted ____ a taxi for me even though I told him I lived nearby. A. find B. to find C. to finding D. on finding 4. I don’t imagine that he will come here if it rains, ____? A. do you B. don’t you C. will he D. won’t he 5. —I’m going to Thailand this summer holiday. —____ A. Have a nice trip! B. Write to me. C. Take care! D. When will you go? 6. —What are you going to do this afternoon?

—I am going to the cinema with some friends. The film ____ quite early, so we ____ to the bookstore after that. A. finished; are going B. finished ; go C. finishes; are going D. finishes; go 7. It is always the husband who ____ first when a quarrel breaks out between the young couple. A. gives away B. gives out C. gives off D. gives in 8. I am ____ to set out as early as possible since time is limited. A. decided B. determined C. minded D. suggested 9. Finally they changed ____ and decided to take my advice. A. mind B. minds C. their mind D. their minds 10. This song sounds familiar ____ me but I am not familiar ____ the singer. A. with; to B. to; with C. with; with D. to; to 11. —You haven’t said anything about my new hat, Natash. Do you like it? —Oh, I ____ something about it. I certainly think it’s pretty on you. A. was said B. am saying C. am to say D. do say 12. ____ you promise to buy her a gift, you can’t break it in any case. A. Once B. Until C. For D. That 13. Jumping out of ____ airplane at ten thousand feet is quite ____ exciting experience. A. /; the B. /; an C. an; an D. the; the 14. —How about going for a walk after supper? —____ A. No, I’m busy. B. Why do that? C. Yes, let’s do. D. Good idea. 15. I don’t think Peter is too young to take care of the pet dog ____. A. properly B. correctly C. exactly D. activel 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分 A high school history teacher once told us, “If you make one close friend in school, you will be most fortunate. A true friend is someone who stays with you for life.” 16 teaches that he was right. Good friendship is just not easily 17 . It is possible that we simply do not stay in one place long enough for a 18 friendship to develop. However, there can be no disagreement on the 19 for each of us to think carefully about the 20 of friendship we want. To most of us, friendships are 21 very important, but we need to be clear in our 22 about the kinds of friendship we want. Are they to be close or 23 at arm’s length? Do we want to share ourselves or d o we want to walk on the 24 ? For some people, many friendships on the surface are 25 enough and that’s all right. But at some point, 26 to make sure that our expectations are the same as our friends’ expectations. The 27 of personal experience including our tears as well as our dark dreams is the 28 way to deepen friendships. But it must be developed slowly and 29 only if there are signs of interest and action in return. What are some of the 30 of friendship? The greatest is the attraction to expect too much time. Another “ 31 difficulty” is the selfishness to take actions too soon. Deep relationships require(要求) one “possesses” 32 , including his time and attention. 33 , friendships in return. In other words, you must give as much as you take. 34 there is a question of taking care of them. 35 you spend reasonable time together, talking on the phone, writing letters, doing things together, friendships will die away. 16. A. Knowledge B. Practice C. Experience D. Success 17. A. understood B. formed C. realized D. produced 18. A. true B. common C. short D. whole 19. A. hope B. difference C. need D. courage 20. A. kind B. length C. warmth D. value

21. A. made 22. A. hearts 23. A. remained 24. A. mud 25. A. long 26. A. it needs 27. A. spreading 28. A. easiest 29. A. watched over 30. A. difficulties 31. A. actual 32. A. the other 33. A. Surprisingly 34. A. Finally 35. A. Though 第一节:1-5ABDCA 第二节:16-20CBACA

B. considered B. thoughts B. left B. surface B. easy B. we need B. sharing B. latest B. turned away B. differences B. rough B. others B. Fortunately B. Gradually B. Unless

C. explained C. actions C. kept C. ice C. quite C. one needs C. seeking C. worst C. broken down C. advantages C. upset C. some C. Similarly C. Obviously C. Since

D. remained D. minds D. stayed D. feet D. not D. they need D. showing D. surest D. carried on D. types D. major D. any one D. Frequently D. Curiously D. When

6-10CDBDB 11-15BACDA 21-25BDCBC 26-30BBDDA





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