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名词性从句(一) Noun clauses


Task I.

His job is important.

? 名词性从句在功能上相当于名词 主语

{What he does is

important {
This is his job.



This is what he does every day.

I don’t like his job. 宾语 I don’t like what he does every day.



{ I don’t know about the fact that he is a

I don’t know about the man, Mr. White.

在复合句中起名词作用的从句叫名词性从句 (Noun Clauses)。名词从句的功能相当于 名词词组, 它在复合句中能担任主语、宾语、 表语、同位语、介词宾语等,因此根据它在 句中不同的语法功能,名词从句又可分别称为 主语从句、宾语从句、表语从句和同位语从句。

Practice time:指出下列各名词性从句的种
类 1. At lunchtime, the radio weatherman reported that the mist would become a thick fog in the Object clause afternoon. 2. She wondered if the buses would still be running. Object clause 3. The truth is that the fog is too thick for the bus to run that far. Predicative clause 4. She sensed that she was being watched by a tall Object clause man ina dark coat. 5. When we will start is not clear. Subject clause 6. I had no idea that you were her friend. Apposition clause

Task II.引导词的由来
? 句型转换

? 1.They are good doctors. He told us. → He told us that they were good doctors. ? 2. He hadn’t said anything at the meeting. The fact surprised us.→ The fact that he hadn’t said anything at the meeting surprised us.

总结:当从句原来是陈述句时,变 成名词性从句用that引导。

3.Does your sister get up early? Do you know? →

Do you know if/ whether your sister gets up early? 4.Do animals have the same senses as humans? I often wonder. → I often wonder if/ whether animals have the same senses as humans.

总结:当从句原来是一般疑问句时, 变成名词性从句用if或whether引导。

5.When did he buy this new bike? Could you tell me? →

Could you tell me when he bought this new bike?
6.My question is this: where will the lecture be given? → My question is where the lecture will be given.

总结:当从句原来是特殊疑问句时, 变成名词性从句还用原来的特殊疑 问词来引导。

Task III.名词性从句的语序、时 态及单复数概念
? 1.That I can pay back the help people give me makes me happy. ? 2.It was good news that everybody got back safely. ? 3.She sensed that she was being watched. ? 4.The truth is that the fog is too thick for the bus to run that far. ? 5.Whether he will come or not is unimportant to me.

总结:名词性从句必须用陈述句语 序。宾语从句的时态必须与主句 保持一致。另外,一般情况下, 名词性从句均看作单数概念。

1.What we need is more time. 2.What we need are more English dictionaries.

Practice time.单句改错
1.That the earth turns around the sun ___ known to are all. is 2.When the meeting will be held haven’t been ______ known yet. hasn’t ____ 3.I didn’t know that you will come. would 4.He said that he___ writing a story. is was 5.Could you tell me when will he arrive? ______ he will 6.You can begin to see why does English have such ___________________ strange rules. English has

Task IV.名词性从句与it
? ★ ★当主语从句放在句首使句子显得笨重时, 一般把它移到句子后面,前面用引导词it作形 式主语。What引导 的主语从句例外。 ? It’s a pity that you missed the film. ? It makes no difference whether he will attend the meeting or not. ? It is said that the novel has been translated into English.

如果句子是疑问形式,就只能用 注意 带it的结构了!

? ★ ★动词think, make, feel, consider等后常 用it作形式宾语来代替that引导的定语从句。 ? We all thought it good news that the fog had finally gone. ? The conductor has made it clear that no buses will be running. ? I consider it necessary that we should ask him for advice.
巧记 ?It作形式代词真能干,可把不定式、 动名词或从句来代办,而让它们后面 站!

Practice time:用形式代词it转换下 列名词性从句

? 1.Who broke the glass yesterday is not clear. ? 2.Why he did the work is easy to understand. ? 3.That her hair was turning grey worried her a bit. ? 4.He had won the first prize. We thought it was good news.

Task V.whether与if的辨用
? 表“是否”时,在下列情况下用whether。

? a. 主语从句 b. 表语从句 c. 同位语从句 e. 介词后的宾语从句 f.后接动词不定式 (whether to do sth.) g .whether or not 连在一起引导宾语从 句时不用if

if / whether if / whether 1. I asked her __________ she had a bike. Whether 2.______ we will hold a party in the open air tomorrow depends on the weather. whether 3. We’re worried about ________ he is safe. whether /if 4. I don’t know ___________ he is well or not. 5. I don’t know ________ or not he is well. whether whether 6. The question is _________ he should do it. 7.The doctor can hardly answer the question whether the old man will recover soon. ______ whether 8. I don’t know _______ to go. If 9.______ you are not free tomorrow, I’ll go without you.

Practice time

Task VI.that不可省略的几种情况

? That they are good at English is known to us all. ? She expressed the hope that they would come to China one day.

? 2.宾语从句中的连接词that在以下三种情况 下不能省略: ? (1)当that 从句与另一名词性从句并列作 宾语时,第二个that不能省; ? (2)当that作介词宾语时,that不可省掉。 ? (3)用it做形式宾语的宾语从句 ? Everyone knew what happened and that she was worried. ? The reason lies in that she works harder than the others do. ? I think it necessary that you should read English aloud.

Practice time:判断下列各句中的 that是否可以省略

? 1.That she was chosen made us very happy. ? 2.She told me that she would accept my invitation. ? 3.She said that she would go there on Friday and that she would return the next Wednesday. ? 4.We think it important that you should do it at once. ? 5.I didn’t tell him anything except that I wasn’t be able to find my way back.

Task VII.表语从句中的that, because和why
that ? The reason why she was late was ______ he didn’t catch the bus. ? She was late. That’s because she didn’t ______ catch the bus. why ? She didn’t catch the bus. That’s ______ she was late.

Task VIII.同位语从句PK定语从句
? 1.We heard the news that our team had won the game. ? 2.The news that you told us yesterday was really disappointing. 技巧 试加法/成分法

1.The news was that our team had won the game. ? 2.The news was that you told us. ?

Practice :判断下列各句是同位语 从句还是定语从句
? 1.They expressed the hope that they would come to visit China again. 同位语从句 ? 2. The hope that she expressed is that they 定语从句 would come to visit China again. ? 3.The fact that she works hard is well known 同位语从句 ? to us all. ? 4. I can't stand the terrible noise that she is 同位语从句 crying loudly.

综合测试 C ? 1. The question is ____the film is worth seeing. ? A. if B. what C. whether D. how A ? 2. News came ______ the students would put off the outing until next week, when they wouldn’t be busy. ? A. that B. when C. which D. whether

? ? ? ? ?

3. —What’s the matter with you? —You have no idea ______. D A. how I was worried B. how worried was I C. how was I worried D. how worried I was 4. I had neither a raincoat nor an umbrella. C That’s ______ I got well all through. ? A. how B. because C. why D. that B ? 5. He is absent today. That’s ______ he is ill. ? A. when B. because C. why D. that

? 6. Whether the sports meet will be held D ______ yet. ? A. hasn’t decided B. aren’t decide ? C. haven’t been decided D. isn’t decided B ? 7. _______ he spoke at the meeting is true, but ______ he said isn’t interesting. ? A. What; what B. That; what ? C. That; that D. What; that

? 8.______ is disappointing that you can’t A come to my birthday party the day after tomorrow. ? A. It B. This ? C. That D. Which B ? 9. The news ____ three Chinese engineers in Pakistan were killed surprised us greatly. ? A. what B. that C. why D. when C ? 10.He made ____ clear that he would leave soon. ? A. that B. this C. it D. what

?名词性从句的定义 ?引导词的由来 ?名词性从句的语序、时态及单复数概念 ?名词性从句与it ?whether与if的辨用 ?that不可省略的几种情况 ?表语从句中的that, because和why


? Thank you for attending.?



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