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北师大版高中英语必修2 Unit 4 Cyberspace Lesson 1 Tomorrow’s World 说课课件 (共30张PPT)

Unit 4 Cyberspace
Lesson 1 Tomorrow’s World
Senior High English Module2 Unit4 Lesson1


The Content of this Lesson:
Part1 The Analysis of Teaching Content Part2 Teaching Methods

Part3 Learning Methods
Part4 Learning Procedures

Part5 Emotional Eduation
Part6 Evaluation Part7 Conclusion Part8 Design of The Blackboard Part9 Homework

Part1 The Analysis of Teaching Content
Step1.The Analysis of the Teaching Material
This lesson is the theme of the unit,and introduce some advantage and disadvantage of Cyberspace. Help Ss set up a correct Attitude of Cyberspace . From Listening、 Reading、Speaking、Writing,Ss can learn more about Cyberspace. At the same time, Ss` reading ability is improved.

Part1 The Analysis of Teaching Content Step2. The Analysis of Students

? Students easily get bored with long passages while reading with masses of words. ? As senior1 students, they still are not capable enough of catching the main idea and obtaining detailed information of the passage through reading.

Part1 The Analysis of Teaching Content Step3.Learning Aims for Students:

(1)Knowledge objective: practice using the words of cyberspace and virtual reality. (2)Ability objective: Learn how to use Reading Strategies: Skimming and Scanning. (3) Moral Objectives: Know the advantages and disadvantages of Cyberspace .

Part1 The Analysis of Teaching Content

(1) Important Points ? Be able to catch the main idea of each paragraph. ? Try to grasp the specific information of the text through activities (2) Difficult Points Develop the practical Reading Strategies according to the class exercises.

4.Learning Important and Difficult Points for Students:

Part2 Teaching Methods

? “Communicative”Approach(交际教学法) ? “Whole language teaching”(整体语言教学法) ? “Task-based”language teaching(任务教学 法) ? Situtional Language Teaching method(情景 教学) ? Task-Based Language Teaching method(语 言任务教学)

Part3 Learning Methods:
1)Task-based learning Methods: 2)Practice strategy: From Individual 、 Pair 、Group work,help Ss get the general idea and have a better understanging of the language 3) Competition in groups


Learning Procedure:

Play a computer game then talk about it in order to attract Ss interest.


Is it exciting? Are you interested in the Computer Games? And we know the Internet grow faster and faster, and have played an important part in our life. Can you predict the future of the Net?


Of course, I also can’t. Now let’s look at some experts’ prediction about the Net. Let’s learn Unit 4 Lesson1 Tomorrow’s world.

Part4 Learning Procedures:
StepⅡ. Prediction
Ask Ss to look at the title and picture, then predict the topics of the text.

Part4 Learning Procedures:
StepⅢ .Key Words According to the definitions(定义) and pictures,guess the vocabulary

hacker, chaos, terrorist, the Net (Internet), virtual reality, crash

1. a person who enters other people’s computer programmes in secret

2. the use of computers to make situations feel and look real
virtual reality

3. have an accident by violently hitting something

4. someone who does terrible things to harm countries, governments and people

5. computer system that allows millions of people around the world to share information the Net 6. a terrible situation in which everything goes wrong chaos



Give Ss’ Reading Strategies:
Skimming And Scanning.

a general idea

certain information

titles and headings

Scan the text for key words and the first and last sentences of paragraphs phrases, dates, etc. the first and last paragraphs Do not need to read the whole pictures and charts text.

Part4 Learning Procedures:
? Step5. Skimming to get general ideas
Find the paragraphs with these headings

a) Pessimistic opinions b) Virtual reality c) Optimistic opinions d) The growth of the Internet

Part4 Learning Procedures:
Step6. Scanning to get detailed information
TaskⅠ. True or False
1. In spite of the development of computers, it is unlikely to live in virtual reality. 2. The text infers to us that worry is not necessary; computers and the Internet only do good to us. 3. It is certain that in the future we will not go to school in the classroom like us. 4. In the future it is possible that people live in another world of outer space. 5. In virtual reality, you can do many things but needn’t go to the place yourself. 6. Because of the rapid development of Internet, television and the mail will be replaced by computer.

Part4 Learning Procedures:
? TaskⅡ. Questions:
1.Why are some experts pessimistic about the future?

2.Why are some experts optimistic about
3.How is our future in virtual reality?

the future?

Give some Tips and Key words about the text.

Tips: 1. Why are some experts pessimistic (悲 观的) about the future of the Internet?

2. Why are some people optimistic (乐观 的) about the future of the Internet?





in the future

Cyber terrorists

find out holiday buy books book tickets offers in the next few years already get information get entertainment

in the future

shop on the Internet TV & mail service will disappear study

virtual reality



Voice your opinion
Do you feel pessimistic or optimistic about the future of the Internet? Why?

Eg. I’m optimistic about the future of the
Internet, because the Net has become a part of our life. We do many things on it, such as…

Part5 Emotional education
We should take an active attitude to the Internet and make full use of it. Of course, as students, we shouldn‘t be addicted to the Net, especially the Computer Games. 沉醉于,沉迷于

Part6 Evaluation
Evaluate students’ reading ability, presentation,and cooperation in the process of class.

Part7 Conclusion
Let S`srecognize the effect of computers and the Internet .

Set up a correct view of Cyberspace.

Design of The Blackboard
Lesson One The Future of Cyberspace

Key Words: hacker, chaos, terrorist, the Net (Internet), virtual reality, crash

Assessment: Score keeper





? 1. A Required Exercise(必做) Why are some experts pessimistic about the future? List three things: ? 2. Selective Exercises(选做) Q:Make predictions about life by the year 2050. A: Please answer the question in two or three sentences. B: Please answer the question in five or six sentences. C: Please answer the question in a short passage.

Thanks attendance Please give me advice


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