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定语从句 关系代词部分及练习

The Attributive Clause

Which one is Harry Porter ?

The boy is Harry Porter

Which one is Harry Porter ?


The boy _______________________ who is wearing glasses is Harry Porter .

(Attributive clause)
一、概念: 在复合句中修饰名词或代词的句子. ? (在句子中作定语)

Harry Porter is a smart boy.

Harry Porter is a boy who has magic power.
句子作定语,修饰boy, 叫做定语从句

Harry Porter is a boy who has magic power.

先行词 关系词

定语从句 关系副词 where, when, why

which, who, whom, whose, that


who whom



先 行 词 是 人

These are the students who / that won the first place last year.


These are the trees which / that were planted last year.

三. 关系代词的基本用法和注意点 1. 关系代词的基本用法 关系代词 指代的先 行词 who 人 whom which that whose 人 物 人或物 人或物 充当从句的成分 主语、宾语 宾语 主语、宾语 主语、宾语、表语 定语

Have a try

1.The man who came to our school is Mr. Wang. ( 主语 ) 2.The girl (whom) I met is Lucy. ( 宾语 ) 3.A child whose parents are dead is called Tom. ( 定语 ) 4.I like the book (which) you bought yesterday. ( 宾语 )

四. 关系副词when, where和why 的用法
关系副词 when where why 指代的先行词 表时间的名词/ 名词词组 表地点的名词/ 名词词组 表原因的名词 充当从句的成分 时间状语 地点状语 原因状语


When=on(in,during…)which 关系副词 where=on(in,in front of…)which

Why=for which

? 1.首先分清主句和定语从句 ? 2.确定定语从句的先行词 ? 3.把先行词带回到定语从句中去,看其 在定语从句中做什么语法成分(主语, 宾语,定语或状语) ? 4.若先行词在从句中做主语、宾语或定 语则选择关系代词,若在从句中做状语, 则选择关系副词。

1. who, whom, whose, that 用法区别.
① who 作定语从句的主语或宾语. The man who is speaking at the meeting is a worker.
The man is a worker. 分解 The man is speaking at the meeting. 作主语

② whom 作定语从句的宾语 The woman whom they wanted to visit is a teacher.
分解 The woman is a teacher. They wanted to visit the woman.


③ that 可以作定语从句的主语和宾语.

The man who / that is speaking at the meeting is a worker.

The woman (whom / that) they wanted to visit is a teacher.

④ whose 作定语从句的定语. I know the girl whose mother is a teacher.
I know the girl. 分解 The girl’s mother is a teacher.


2. which, that 的用法
which 作定语从句的主语或宾语.

This is a truck which / that is made in China. 作主语 I like the book (which / that) you bought yesterday. 作宾语

3. 只能用that的情况
Tom is the cleverest boy that I have ever known. This is the first play that I have seen since I came here.

① 序数词或形容词最高级修饰先行词时

I’ve read all the books that you lend me. ②先行词被every, some, no, all, any, little, much等修饰时。

Everything that we saw in this film was true.

everything, something, nothing, all, anything, little, much等不定代词作先行 词时

This is the very book that belongs to him.

④ 先行词被the only, the very, the same,
the last修饰时。 Who is the girl that is standing under the tree? Which is the machine that we used last Sunday.

⑤ 主句已有who或which时

I’ve never heard of the people and things that you talked about just now.

⑥ 当先行词同时指人和物时

4.关系代词前有介词时 (介词提前) .指 人只用whom, 指物只用which This is the boy with whom he talked. This is the ring on which she spent 1000 dollars.

1、Do you know the man ___ is talking with your father? A. whose B. who C. which
2、The boys ___ the teacher talked to are from Class One. A. when B. which C. who 3、Those ___ want to go to the museum must be at the school gate at 7 tomorrow morning. A. who B. which C. whom

由Who 引导的定语从句,在句中做主语\ 宾语

4. The gentleman ___ you told me yesterday proved to be a thief. A. who B. about whom C. whom 5. The doctor ___ you are looking for is in the room. A. whom B. what C. which

6. The teacher for ____ you are waiting has come. A. who B. whom C. that
介词提前时只能用 whom

由Whom 引导的定语从句,在句中做宾语

7. A child ___ parents are dead is called an orphan. A. which B. his C. whose 8. This book is for the students ___ native(本国的) language is not English. A. that B. of whom C. whose

9. The boy ___ composition won the first prize is the youngest in the group. A. who B. whose C. that

由Whose 引导的定语从句, 在句中做定语

10、He prefers to eat the rice ___ in the south. A. who is grown B. which is grown C. when is grown 11、 The knife ___ I cut the apple with can’t be found. A. which B. who C. what

12、The room in ___ there are many books is mine. 介词提前时只能用 which A. that B. who C. which 13、This is the pen ____ he bought yesterday. A. which B. who C. when 由Which 引导的定语从句,在句中做主语\ 宾语

14. All _____ is needed is a supply of oil. A. which B. that C. what 15. Finally, the thief handed everything ____ he had stolen to the police. A. which B. what C. that

先行词是不定代词 all, few, little, much, something, nothing, anything只能用that引导

16. It’s the most boring film ___ I have ever seen. A. which B. that C. whose 17. This is the first car ___ arrived this morning. A. which B. who C. that

先行词被序数词或形容词最高级修 饰时只能用that引导

18. I know all people ___ are from that village. A. who B. that C. whose 19. There is no water ___ is needed badly. A. which B. who C. that 20. Please take any seat ___ is free. A. which B. that C. in which

先行词被all, any, every, few, little, no, some 等修饰时只能用that引导

21. That is the very book ___ I was looking for. A. who B. that C. which

22. After the fire in his house, the old car is the only thing ___ he owns. A. who B. that C. which

先行词被the only, the very, the same, the last 等修饰时只能用that 引导

23. The speaker spoke of some writers and some books ___ were popular then. A. who B. that C. which

先行词被既有人又有物时只能用that 引导

24. Who is the worker ___ took some pictures of the factory. A. who B. that C. which

主句已有who或which时,只能用 that 引导



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