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广东珠海一中附属实验学校高一必修一英语unit1 friendship课堂同步

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Warming Up
一.根据所给汉语提示完成句子。 1.Your friend comes to school________.(心烦意乱的,不安的) 2.Fog ________(打乱)the train timetable. 3.We shouldn’t ________ in the exam.(作弊) 4.His advice should be ________(不理会). 5.Tina was frightened, but she stayed______(镇静的). 6.He is old and his teeth become ________. (松的). 7.We won over them by 5 ________ in the basketball match.(分) 8.The money she spends on clothes a month ________ 1,000 yuan.(加起来是) 9.His parents were both ________ about his safety.(担心) 10.While you are ________, you must be careful.(遛狗) 二.单项选择: 1.While ________ along the road, Mr. Smith met an old friend of his. A.walked B.he is walking C.walking walking

2.The money she spends every month ________ more than 2,000 yuan. A.added B.added up C.added up to D.was added up

3. “I'd like to buy some fresh fish,” I shouted to the fisherman. But he ________ my words and turned to serve the next customer. A.guessed B.forgot C.doubted D.ignored

4.Don't be nervous! Keep ________ even when you are in the face of danger. A.still B.calm C.silent D.quiet

5.He looked very confident and ________ during the test, but in fact he was extremely nervous. A.silent B.quiet C.calm D.still

6.The driver________ traffic lights and nearly caused a traffic accident. A. ignored B. checked C. disliked D. obeyed

7.The train________ the beauty of the West Lake. It looked more attractive. A. added to B. added C. added up to D. added up

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8. The engine of the car was out of order and the heavy rain________ the helplessness of the couple. A. added to B. resulted from C. turned out D. made up 9.Hearing the news about the crash of Air France Flight 447, he became very concerned ________his daughter on board. A. in B. with C. about D. at 10.When he borrowed the car last time, he broke it and I had to pay to get it ________. A. repair B. repairing C. to repair D. repaired 三.完形填空 There are many kinds of friends. Some are always __1__ you, but don't understand you. Some say only a few words to you, but understand you. Many people will step in your life, but only __2__ friends leave footprints. I shall always recall the autumn and the girl with the __3__. I know she will always be my best friend. I could see the yellow leaves __4__ in the cool wind. In such a __5__, I liked walking alone in the leaves,__6__ to the sound of them. Autumn is a harvest season. However, __7__ is uninteresting. The free days

always get me __8__. But one day, the sound of a violin __9__ into my ears like a stream flowing in the mountains. A young girl, standing in the wind, was __10__ in playing her violin. I had __11__ seen her before. The music was so nice that I __12__ there for listened quietly. Lost in the music, I didn't know that I had been so long but my existence(存在) did not seem to disturb(打扰)her. Every day she played the violin in the corner of the building __13__ I went downstairs to watch her performance. The autumn seemed no longer lonely and life became __14__. Though we didn't know each other, I thought we were already good __15__. One day, when I was listening carefully, the sound suddenly __16__. To my surprise, the girl came over to me. “You must like violin,” she said. “Yes. And you play very well. Why did you stop?” I asked. Suddenly, a __17__ expression appeared on her face and I could feel something unusual. “I came here to see my grandmother, but now I must leave, I once played very badly. It was your listening every day that __18__ me, ” she said. “In fact, it was your playing __19__ gave me
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a meaningful autumn,” I answered, “Let's be friends.” The girl smiled, and so did I. I never heard her play again in my life. But I will always remember the fine figure(身影) of the girl. She is like a __20__—so short, so bright, like a shooting star giving off much light that makes the autumn beautiful. 1.A. with 2.A. good B.for B.true C.against D. to

C.reliable D. stubborn

3.A. sound C.partner D. violin 4.A. shaking B. hanging C.rising D. floating 5.A. season B. situation D. weather B. listening C.seeing D. hearing B. work D. view B.determined C.excited B. grew B. active B.never C.entered D. ran C.busy D. interested C.frequently D. usually D .concerned

6.A. watching 7.A. journey 8.A. bored 9.A. flowed 10.A. lost 11.A. once

12.A. waiting 13.A. because 14.A. interesting 15.A. partner

B. stopping C.standing D. hearing B. but C.when D. before D. tiring D. friends

B. moving C.boring

B. listeners C.players

16.A. stopped B. began C.gone D. changed 17.A. happy B. sad 18.A. surprised C.strange D.calm C.encouraged D. who D. interested

B. excited

19.A. that B. which 20.A. song B. dream

C.wind D. sister

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一.根据所给汉语提示完成句子。 1. We shall take a ________(系列)of measures to stop air pollution. 2.Tom is ________ about playing football.(疯狂的) 3.I have ________ everything that happened.(写下) 4.The old lady ________ two world wars.(经历) 5.Why stop the ________(整个的)process just because something is missing? 6.Human societies have the ________(能力)to solve the problems. 7.She's ________(在户外)gardening every afternoon. 8.She arrived early ________ get a good seat.(为了) 9.—Did he break it accidentally? —No. He did it ________.(故意地)

10.The little girl is afraid of ________(雷声)and lightning. 二.单项选择 1.To their disappointment, the couple ________ the house but couldn't find the missing ring. through C.lived through B.went through D.looked through

2. The reporter has written ______ articles about air pollution hoping to attract the attention of all people. A.a series of C.a kind of B.a great deal of D.a large amount of

3. They have talked with each other through video but they have never actually talked to each other ________. A.hand in hand C.face to face B.handinhand D.facetoface

4.________ have a travel with his family, he had to take two days off. A.In order to C.In order that B.So as to D.So that
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5.You'd better ________ all the key points while they are fresh in your mind. A.set off C.set about 6. —Can you complete the task tomorrow? —Sorry, it is ________, but I will try my best. A.beyond my power power 7. —Why is he absent today? —It is________ he is sick. A.since C.for D.because my power D.out of my force B.set out D.set down

8. Forgive him, please. I don’t think he broke your rule________. A.with care C.for fun B.on purpose D.with aim

9. —Did the book give you the information you needed? —Yes. But________ it, I had to read the entire book. A. to find down? A. who 11. The B. that C. which new medicine D. what that scientists discovered is of great use to B. find C. to finding D. finding 10. Was it on a lonely island________ he was saved one month after the boat went

people________H7N9 flu. A. suffered from B. suffering from C. suffered A. It first gold medal. A. face-to-face B. face to face C. face-in-face D. face in face 14. The girl was working hard. She hoped to finish cleaning the house________ her mother came back home. A. before B. till C. after D. since 15. This is the first time that I________ to Beijing.
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D. suffering D. What

12. ________so happened that I had no money on me. So I couldn’t lend him some. B. That C. This 13. The reporter decided to make a________ review with the sportsman who won the

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A. was

B. had been

C. am

D. have been C. of a series new D. dare not D. a new series of

16. The publishing firm is________ school textbooks. A. a series new of A. dares not to A. sets off A. power A. a; that B. new a series of B. dares not 17. The little girl________ go downstairs alone when her parents are out. C. dare not to 18. Busy as he is, he________ a few hours for exercise every day. B. sets about B. strength B. a; when C. sets down D. sets aside 19. You are always full of________. Can you tell me the secret? C. force D. energy C. the; that D. the; when 20.There was ________time________ I hated to go to school.

三.阅读理解 An African proverb says that a single hand cannot tie a bundle. Everyone needs companions to help them sail through the rough seas of life. Even the strongest and richest person still needs friends. Our money and strength would have no value if we had no friends to share with us. The best friendship is a give-and-take relationship. We need the support of our family, friends and the community. In turn we also give support to the society, our friends and our family. The word “friend” has many meanings. It could be the bus driver who takes you to and from work every day. It could be a parent, a colleague, a wife or husband, a brother or sister, or even the unknown person who helped you just once when you could not find your way. Real friends share not only our happiness but our sorrows as well. This may explain why we have the expression “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. Friendship is like the sunshine that keeps us warm. It is like the refreshing raindrops on the fields that give the farmers hope of a good planting season. Without friends our life would be like a desert where our only friend would be loneliness and sadness. The most fortunate person is the one who has friends from all levels in the society. A driver might find friends not only among his colleagues but among farmers, bankers, traders, students, politicians or teachers. We should never forget our old friends when we make new ones. We should treasure each of our friends whether poor or rich, beautiful or not. Each friend is unique in his or her own way. And all together, they enrich life and make it very colorful. 1. What is the main topic of the passage? A. How to sail through the sea of life. B. Friends and friendship. C. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
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D. Never forget old friends when making new ones. 2. What is the correct understanding of friends according to the writer? A. Friends who share our happiness are not real friends. B. Friends will take us through seas. C. Friends never expect anything from others. D. Friends can be different people around us. 3. An unknown person can be a friend as well when A. he helps you with what you need B. he is told how to find his way C. he becomes one of your family D. he is a driver taking you from and to work 4. The underlined word “unique” in the last paragraph most probably means “”. A. rich B. poor C. special D. valuable 5. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE? A. We need to help our friends because it is our duty to support others. B. Best friends need to share only their sorrows and discomforts. C. We make friends with farmers because they’re like the sunshine to keep us warm. D. We should forget the old friends when making new ones.

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一.将直接引语变成间接引语 1.John said,“I want to take part in the 2016 Olympic Games.” →John said ____________ to take part in the 2016 Olympic Games. 2.He said to Kate,“How is your sister now?” →He asked Kate ______________________. 3.Mr. Smith said,“His voice is wonderful.” →Mr. Smith said ______________________. 4.He said,“My sister wants to go with me.” →He said ________________________. 5.She said (to me), “I like this book very much.” →She told me ____________________ very much. 6.She said (to him), “You haven't returned me my book.” →She told him that ______________________. 7.He said,“The film had begun when I got to the cinema.” →He said that ________________________________. 8.I asked the teacher,“When shall we have our sports meeting?” →I asked the teacher __________________________ our sports meeting. 9. The teacher asked, “Can you do it?” →________________________________ 10. He asked me, “Do you like playing football?” →________________________________ 11. He asked, “What are you going to do tomorrow?” →________________________________ 12. “What’s wrong with you, Granny?” the doctor asked. →________________________________ 13. Xiao Yu asked, “Are you leaving for Shanghai or Nanjing, Zhang Hua?” →________________________________ 14. He said to me, “I’ve left my book in your room.”
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→________________________________ 15. He said, “I saw her in the street.” →________________________________ 16. “Do you think a diary can become your friend?” the writer said. →________________________________ 17. “When did you go to bed last night?” Father said to Peter. →________________________________ 18. He asked me, “will you go to the park this evening?” →________________________________ 19. She said to me, “Is there a little water here?” →________________________________ 20. She said, “My brother left home three years ago.” →________________________________ 二. 单项选择 1.He asked ________ the exact time when the problem will be solved. A.could who tell C.does who tell B.who tells D.who could tell

2. “Have you ever been to the seaside?”he asked me. →He asked me ________. A.had I ever been to the seaside B.have I ever been to the seaside C.whether I had ever been to the seaside D.if I have ever been to the seaside 3.A tourist explained to a foreigner why the flag ________ at halfmast (半旗). flying C.have flown B.flew D.flies

4.We were told that there ________ an English corner in the hall at 7 o'clock p.m.. A.were going to have C.will be going to be D.was going to be

5 . He asked , “When did Cambodia's former King pass away? ” →He asked
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________. A.when Cambodia's former King passed away B.when did Cambodia's former King pass away C.when Cambodia's former King had passed away D.when Cambodia's former King passes away 6. He said,“Mother, the boy is very naughty.” →He ________ very naughty. A.asked his mother that the boy was B.said to his mother that the boy is C.told his mother that the boy was D.spoke to his mother that the boy was 7.He told us last night that the flight to Shanghai ________ at eight tomorrow. taking off C.takes off B.has taken off D.will take off

8. The head teacher told us that most of the students ________ born in the 1990s. A.were C.are B.had been D.have been

9.“Did the cold weather really begin?” the child said to his mother.→The child asked his mother ________. A.that the cold weather did really begin B.the cold weather had really begun C.that the cold weather really began D.whether the cold weather had really begun 10.A spokesman said the other day that the company ______ some underage(未成年 的) workers for hiring them. A.say “sorry” to C.had said “sorry” to B.said “sorry” to D.says “sorry” to

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Using Language
一、单词拼写 1.I have ________(打包) up my clothes;I'm ready to go on a holiday. 2.I am not good at ________(与……沟通) with other people. 3.He ________(患有)from a serious heart attack before, but now he is all right. 4.Can you tell me the ________(确切的) date of your coming here? 5.I was ____(感激的) to my English teacher in the junior school who gave me so much help. 6.He fully ________(痊愈) himself after the operation. 7.Nowadays many ________(青少年) are crazy about rock music. 8.I quite ________(不同意) with what you said just now. 9.He offered to ________(交换)his camera for hers. 10. These ________(条款)must be struck out. 二.选词填空 have trouble with tired of join in settle down fall in love with communicate with get

get along with

pack up

1.She ____________________ a foreigner and married him when she studied in America. 2.He ____________________ his English study, so he often fails his English exam. 3.How is he __________ his new classmates? 4.I'm going to ________ their discussion. 5.With his help, I can 6.Few students ______________ the police in English.

____________ playing games.

7.Do you need me to help you ____________? 8.He has __________ in America for 20 years after he moved there. 三、单项填空 1.Readers can _______ quite well without knowing the exact meaning of each word. A.get over C.get along B.get in D.get through
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2.She ________ such a serious heart trouble that it was difficult to regain her health. A.suffered C.owned B.took D.carried

3.—People should stop using their cars and start using public transport. —________. The roads are too crowded. A.All right C.Go ahead 4.This area soon ________ from A.hid C.concerned B.Exactly D.Fine the effects of the earthquake.

B.recovered D.set

5.You look well. The air and the seafood in Sanya must ________ you, I suppose. A.agree with C.agree on B.agree to D.agree about

6. My sister ________ the Leaguelast month and she has decided to ________ the activity tohelp the aged next week. A.joined; join in C.joined; attend B.took part in; join D.joined in; join in

7.Tom felt surprised when he saw his Aunt Polly standing in his room with her arms ________. A.cross C.crossed B.crossing cross

8.—How long ________ Mao Mao before they got married? —For about five years. A.had he been in love with B.had he fallen in love with C.has he been in love with D.has he fallen in love with 9.I am tired ________ the partner I have been working with. A.with C.of B.from
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10. The two girls are so alike(相像) that strangers find ________ difficult to tell one from the other. C.her 四.完形填空 The friendship between us lasts forever. Mary Allen was my best friend—__1__a sister. We did__2__together, piano lessons, movies, swimming, horseback riding, and__3__. When I was 13, my family moved. Mary and I kept in__4__through letters, and we saw__5__on special occasions—like my wedding and__6__. Soon we were busy__7__children and moving to new homes, and we wrote less__8__. One day a card that I__9__came back stamped “Address Unknown”. I had no__10__how to find Mary. Over the years, I thought of Mary often. I wanted to__11__stories of my children and then grandchildren. I needed to share my sorrow when my brother and then my mother died. There was an__12__place in my heart that only a friend like Mary__13__fill. One day I was reading a newspaper__14__I noticed a picture of a young woman__15__looked a lot like Mary and whose last name was Wagman—Mary's married name. “There must be thousands of Wagmans,” I thought, but I wrote to her__16__. She called as soon as she got my letter. “Mrs Tobin!” she said__17__, “Mary Allen Wagman is my mother.” Minutes later I heard a voice that I__18__at once, even after 5 years. We laughed and cried and asked about each other's lives. Now the empty place in my heart is__19__, and there's one thing that Mary and I know __20__: we won't lose each other again! 1.A. as C.namely 2.A. everything C.nowhere 3.A. such on B.nothing D.everywhere B.much D.many
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B.them D.that

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4.A. secret C.friend 5.A. other C.another 6.A. Mary's C.Mary 7.A. for 8.A. often C. probably 9.A. gave C.sent 10.A. doubt C.question 11.A. read C.find 12.A. eager C.empty 13.A. could C.will 14.A. while C.once 15.A. whom C.which 16.A. anyway C.meanwhile 17.A. disappointedly C.excitedly 18.A. realized C.received

B.touch D.pace B.others D.each other B.his D.their D.with B.possibly D.hardly B.took D.missed B.idea D.wonder B.share B.equal D.enough B.can D.must B.since D.when B.who D.whose B.however D.therefore B.rudely D.coldly B.accepted D.recognized
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19.A. cleared C.fixed 20.A. for sure C. by chance

B.filled D.removed B.on purpose a way

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CLASS________________ NAME________________ MARKS________________ 基础写作(共1小题,满分15分) 假如你是一名心理辅导老师李华,下面是一封来自学生王丽的信,请根据信的内容给她 写封回信。 Dear Professor, Can you help me please? I’m a student from Guang Zhou Experimental High School. I want to make friends with my classmates but I’m afraid that it will affect my studies. I feel at a loss. What should I do? Looking forward to your good advice. Yours sincerely, Wang Li 【写作内容】 请根据以上内容写一封回信,内容包括: 1. 重申王丽的问题; 2. 交友的重要性; 3. 针对问题提出建议。 注意: 开头和结尾已给出,不计入考查内容。 Dear Wang Li, I’m sorry to learn that you meet with some difficulties in making friends.

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I hope that these suggestions will help you out. Yours sincerely, Li Hua

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