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广东省德庆县孔子中学高中英语 Unit 1 Great Scientists 读写任务课时教案 新人教版必修5

广东省德庆县孔子中学高中英语 Unit 1 Great Scientists 读写任 务课时教案 新人教版必修 5
读写任务 the third period of this unit Train the students’ speaking ability by describing, talking and discussing. ? Help the students improve their listening ability. ? Train the students’ listening ability. Especially listen and understand what the speakers mean beyond words. ? Knowledge aims: Let the Ss know about some scientists and their life and contributions. Get the Ss to learn how to talk about scientific work and how to describe a person. Ability Aim s: ? Train the students’ speaking ability by describing, talking and discussing. ? Train the students’ listening ability. ? Emotional Aims: ? Train the students’ability to cooperate with others. ? Encourage the students to learn from scientists to show interest in scientific exploration and research. ?

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At the beginning of this period, the teacher should (can) design some exercises to review what the students learned in the last period. The teacher can begin with asking some questions or having a competition to make some sentences with“John Snow”according to the passage. When training the Ss’ listenin g ability, teachers should start with pre-listening, that is, lead-in. If it is nec essary, teachers had better introduce some background knowledge about the listening material. Later, let the Ss listen to it. At the same time, teachers should design some simple questions. After that, the Ss have known about the listening material, and then teachers can ask them to listen to it again to be ready for mo re difficult questions. If necessary, the Ss can be given another time to listen. While practicing, teach ers had better offer students some advice on how to do it well. Especially, train the students to predict what to be talked about according to the hints and limited information and let them form the good listening habit of liste ning with the purpose of finding useful information and to summarize. Certainly, suppose there are many new words and expressions, teachers should help them to deal with them at the first place. All the listening practice should focus on developing the students’ listening skill. During the course, teachers should rank class activities from the easy to the difficult. First, ask them to learn the expressions. Then, ask them to imitate it to have a dialogue. Finally, the students are expected to create a dialogue or discuss the given topic. In order to draw students’ attention, the teacher had better prepare for some interesting situations. This period centers on emphasis on speaking and listening. The teacher should try his or her best to encourage the students to say something. Don’t always correct the mistakes that the students would make while speaking. Otherwise, the students would feel reluctant to speak out their opinions.


1. I had a similar experience.remindsofAfter reading the story,I was deeply inspired by such a story, as it makes me realize 起因:(1)I still well remember that when I ?. 我还清楚地记得高一时我的英语非常差。 ___________________________________________________________________________ ____ (2).I was doing? when ? 我正在教室忙着做作业,突然李华走进来。 ___________________________________________________________________________ ____ (3). There was a time when I ? 曾经有一段时间我非常沮丧。 ___________________________________________________________________________ ____ 3. 经过 : 用上 so? that ?(可多写 2-3 句) 1) 我如此紧张以至于忘了演讲。 ___________________________________________________________________________ __ 2) 他如此生气以至于说不出一句话来。 __________________________________________________________________ _________ __ 3) 她如此耐心以至于一点点地教我学英语。 __ 4.转折或强调句 : It ?that ?

课 堂 练 习

_______________________________________________________________________ ____ 李华 5.结果 ① From then on, ? ②From this experience, I realized th at ?

1)从那时起,我对数学感兴趣了。 __________________________________________________________________________ 2)从这次经历,我意识到微笑的重要性。

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