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【金版学案】2014学年高中英语 Unit 2 The United Kingdom单元过关检测(B卷)新人教版必修5(含解析)

【金版学案】 2014-2015 学年高中英语 Unit 2 The United Kingdom 单元过关检测(B 卷)新人教版必修 5(含解析)
(测试时间:120 分钟 评价分值:135 分) 第一部分 语言知识及应用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从各题所给的四个选项中选出最佳答案。 Being a teenager is a tough challenge.You will have__1__connected with your parents who don't understand your needs—that you always want to be__2__like a bird.You frequently oppose your parents , suggestion and__3__them , challenging parental power and then depending on it.Parents often do not know what to expect.Usually,they find it__4__to understand your growing need for independence. It's easy to understand why many teenagers find this a__5__time,but once it's over , you will realize that most of your parents “annoying”__6__was caused by feelings of love and concern.It is no doubt that adolescence can be a suffering time, but how to make this period less unhappy and find more__7__.Here are a few tips. Be honest with your__8__.Your parents are a great resource of support and knowledge,but they don't know what's going on in your life if you don't__9__them.If your parents upset you by setting a curfew( 宵禁 ) , don't__10__take the aggressive side.If you start shouting or crying,you won't be able to express your important feelings. Calm down and tell your parents what's on your__11__.Try not to use “you” statements like,“You don't give me enough freedom,” or “You're__12__happy with anything I do” , for these types of__13__statements will only cause more conflict.Instead,use“I”statements such as“When I go out with my friends,your early curfew makes me feel as if you don't trust me,”or“Sometimes I feel__14__when you don't give me credit for being responsible.” Listen to what your parents have to say.If they say something you disagree with, don't overreact at once.Give them a chance to express their feelings and then calmly explain why you may__15__with them. 语篇解读:人处少年,挑战不断,困难纷繁,你觉得困惑吗?且看本文如何为你支招, 助你愉快成长。

1.A.ambitions B.memories C.ideas D.problems 解析:根据下文的 oppose 和最后一段 disagree 可知,你会与父母之间出现问题 (problems)。 答案:D 2.A.nice B.joyful C.attractive

解析:根据下文 like a bird 及倒数第二段 freedom 可知,你总是希望像鸟儿一样自由。

答案:D B.disobey D.concern

解析:根据本空前 oppose 可知,你们经常反对(disobey)父母的建议,反抗他们。 答案:B





解析:根据本段内容可知,父母经常难(difficult)理解你不断需要的独立。 答案:A 5.A.wonderful B.modern C.hard D.old

解析:根据文章首句 tough challenge 可知,年轻人认为青春期是一个困难(hard)时期。 答案:C 6.A.desire C.characteristic B.experience D.behavior

解析:根据上文的 setting a curfew(宵禁)可知,父母的一些行为(behavior)会使你感 到“厌烦”。 答案:D



解析:根据前一句的 less unhappy,再结合连词 and 可知,这里表示相反的意思——快 乐(fun)。 答案:C B.feelings C.scores D.suggestions

解析: 根据下文 your important feelings 可知, 如果你们不把真实感受如实告诉(inform) 家长,家长就不会知道,所以要对自己的感受坦诚(honest)相待。 答案:B

9.A.inform B.need 解析:参考上题解析。 答案:A




C.properly D.immediately

解析:根据最后一段第二句 overreact at once 可知,如果你不同意某些事情,不要马 上(immediately)过度反应。 答案:D


11.A.mind B.memory C.way D.body 解析:根据上一段最后一句中的 express your important feelings 可知,要告诉父母 你的心中(mind)所想。 答案:A


B.finally C.never D.still

解析:根据上一句 Your don't give me enough freedom,并结合连词 or 可知,这里都 是表示否定的内容,你们从未(never)对我所做的任何事感到高兴。 答案:C

13.A.interesting B.surprising

C.admiring D.criticizing

解析:根据上文的内容可知,作者所列举的话含有批评(criticizing)语气。 答案:D 14.A.angry B.hurt C.absurd D.relaxed

解析:根据本空前的 don't trust me 和本空后的 don't give me credit 可知,这种情 形下应该是感受到伤害(hurt)。 答案:B

15.A.go C.disagree D.compete 解析:根据上文 disagree 可知,心平气和地向父母解释你们为什么不同意(disagree)他 们的观点。 答案:C

第二节:语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一个适当的 词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 “Other countries have a climate;in England we have weather.” This statement, often 16. is 17. 19. (use)by Englishmen to describe the weather conditions of their country, revealing(揭露真相的)and true.In no country other 18. (say),can one experience four seasons in 20. England,it

course of a single day!


Day may break as a sweet spring morning;an hour or so 21. 22.

(late)black clouds midday

have appeared from nowhere and the rain may be pouring down.23.

conditions may be really wintry( 冬天似的 )24.

the temperature down by almost darkness falls,

about eight degrees or more centigrade.And then,in the late afternoon the sky will be clear,the sun will begin to shine,and for an hour or two 25. it will be summer. 16.解析:used 作定语,表示被动。 答案:used 17.解析:both...and...表示“两者都”。 答案:both 18.解析:no other than...意思是“唯有??如此”,“没有别的??像??那样”。 答案:than 19.解析:据说没有别的国家像英国一样。 答案:is said(has been said)

20.解析:in the course of 是固定词组,意思是:在??期间。 答案:the

21.解析:大约一个小时以后。 答案:later 22.解析:may have done 用来表推测,意思是“过去也许做了某事”。 答案:may 23.解析:at midday 的意思是:在中午时分。 答案:At 24.解析:with 在这里的意思是“随着”。 答案:with 25.解析:在夜幕降临前的一两小时。 答案:before

第二部分 阅读(共两节,满分 50 分) 第一节:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中选出最佳选项。 A Scotland has long been characterized as a land of romance.It contains ruins of many ancient castles and abbeys,and there is an attractive beauty in its mountains, long deep valleys,and ribbon lakes.Each year those things attract a great number


of tourists. Numerous islands line the coast.In the north are two large groups,the Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islands.Close to the west coast are the Inner and Outer Hebrides groups,and the islands of Arran and Bute. The land may be divided into three regions: the Highlands in the north,the Central Lowlands and the Southern Uplands.

The Highlands are wild and picturesque(如画的).A long valley called Glenmore crosses the Highlands from southwest to northeast. In the south of the Highlands are the Grampian Mountains,highest in the British Isles.Ben Nevis,the highest peak,rises to 1,243 meters.Ben Lomond rises from the shore of Loch Lomond,Scotland's largest freshwater lake. The Central Lowlands run from southwest to northeast and the greatest length is nearly 145 kilometers.The soil here is fertile , and there are four coalfields underlying the area.In the east is Edinburgh , Scotland's historic capital city , and in the west is Glasgow.Almost 90 percent of Scotland's population live in the Lowlands. In the Southern Uplands,the hills are generally less than 600 meters high.Their rounded or flat tops are often capped with dark peat(泥炭).Along the slopes are plants like grass and heather(石南花). 26 . According to the text , all the following things attract many tourists to Scotland EXCEPT ______. A.ruins of ancient castles and abbeys B.mountains and valleys C.various animals and plants D.ribbon lakes 解析:文章中没有讲到苏格兰的动植物,所以选 C 项。 答案:C 27.From the passage we know that ________. A.Scotland's islands mainly lie in the north B.the Highlands have rich soil C.Ben Lomond is near Scotland's largest freshwater lake D.the Shetland Islands lie on the west coast of Scotland 解析: 从第五段最后一句“Ben Lomond rises from the shore of Loch Lomond, Scotland's largest freshwater lake”可知答案。 答案:C 28.Most Scottish people live in ________. A.the Highlands B.the Central lowlands


C.the Southern Uplands D.the Orkney Islands 解析:从第六段最后一句“Almost 90 percent of Scotland's population live in the Lowlands”可知答案。 答案:B 29.The underlined word “capped” in the last paragraph is closest in meaning to ______. A.divided B.surrounded C.covered D.connected

解析:山顶上面“覆盖着”泥炭。 答案:C

30.The author's aim of writing this passage is ________. attract people to visit Scotland describe the beautiful scenery of Scotland show people the history of Scotland introduce Scotland generally 解析:通读全文可知,只是介绍苏格兰而已。 答案:D

B It has been more than twenty years since pioneering British computer programmer, Sir Tim Berners Lee, created the World Wide Web.But could he have ever imagined how much the web would change our lives? And would he approve of how some British students are taking advantage of his invention? Universities and exam boards around the UK are becoming increasingly concerned with the rising number of cases of plagiarism,_many of which are facilitated ( 助 长) by the Internet access. In the UK most school and university students complete coursework throughout the academic year which contributes toward their final mark.In many cases coursework makes up the main part of the qualification.Since coursework is completed in the students' own time it cannot be monitored by teachers in the same way as an exam. Derec Stockley, director of examinations in the UK, explains, “Plagiarism affects coursework more than anything else, and in the cases that come to our attention, more and more are linked to the Internet.” At a university level recent reports suggest that plagiarism has evolved from separate cases of individual cheating to systematic and even commercial operation.Students can now pay for bespoke (预定的) essays to be written for them by experts. It is estimated that the market in online plagiarism is now worth 200 million

pounds a year.Every month more and more websites offering to write student's essays for them appear on the Internet. Barclay Littlewood, owner of Degree Essays UK employs 3,500 specialist writers and charges between 120 pounds and 4,000 pounds per essay.However, Mr.Littlewood refutes (反驳)the accusation that he is helping students to cheat.

31 . What dose the underlined word “plagiarism” in Paragraph 2 mean in the passage? A.cheating B.problems of the Internet C.learning pressure D.coursework 解析:由文章的最后一句“However, Mr.Littlewood refutes the accusation that he is helping students to cheat”可知答案。 答案:A

32.Which of the following statements is mentioned by the author? A. With the help of online plagiarism, students can write more creative coursework. B.There will be no problem if online plagiarism is a systematic and commercial operation. C.The Internet seems to have contributed much to the problem of online plagiarism. D.Teachers should lay more emphasis on exams than coursework. 解析:由“Plagiarism affects coursework more than anything else, and in the cases that come to our attention, more and more are linked to the Internet”和“It is estimated that the market in online plagiarism is now worth 200 million pounds a year.Every month more and more websites offering to write student's essays for them appear on the Internet”可知答案。 答案:C

33.It can be inferred from the text that the author seems to________. A.blame Sir Tim Berners Lee for having created the World Wide Web B.worry about the quality of students' coursework influenced by the World Wide Web in favor of Littlewood's defense against the accusation of him D.have studied the problem of online plagiarism for nearly 20 years 解析:由文章的第一段的最后两句:But could he have ever imagined how much the web would change our lives? And would he approve of how some British students are taking

advantage of his invention? 可推知答案。 答案:B

34.Who should be blamed for online plagiarism? A.Barclay Littlewood B.Sir Tim Berners Lee C.Derec Stockley D.Nobody

解析:由文章的最后一段 Barclay Littlewood, owner of Degree Essays UK employs 3,500 specialist writers and charges between 120 pounds and 4,000 pounds per essay.However, Mr.Littlewood refutes the accusation that he is helping students to cheat”可知答案。 答案:A

35.The paragraph following the passage will most probably be about________. A.the author's opinions of Mr.Littlewood B.different people's opinions on plagiarism students use the website of Mr.Littlewood D.Mr.Littlewood's defence against those who accused him of his website 解 析 : 由 “However, Mr.Littlewood refutes the accusation that he is helping students to cheat”可知 Mr.Littlewood 会为自己进行辩护。 答案:D

C Have you ever been to an Irish wedding? I have just returned from one.It is a quarter to five in the morning: the sun has already climbed above the horizon; the birds are busy celebrating the new day and have eagerly been in search of food.But some of the guests have not yet left.They are still prolonging the night: dancing, singing, gossiping, putting off the unfortunate necessity of undertaking a day's work in the fields after a sleepless night. Throughout most of her life, Bridget Mary, the bride, has been living in the small whitewashed thatched cottage I have just left.Twelve children have been brought up there but only two are still living at home.The eldest son, heir (继承人) to the small farm, is helping his father with the farm work (they employ no farm laborers); the youngest daughter is still at school.Two years ago, Bridget Mary went to England to take up domestic work in a hospital and it was while she was living there that she met her future husband, Terry.He himself is an Irishman who used to live in Dublin and now has a well paid job in a light engineering works in England.They got engaged

and started saving.Now they are thinking of buying a small house near Terry's factory. The wedding ceremony was performed in the church in the nearest town at half past eight yesterday morning.Another couple were being married at the same time.Nobody worried about the cost of the celebrations: four luxurious cars brought the bride, bridegroom, family and friends home, and forty people were crowded into the tiled kitchen and the tiny living room, hung with framed school certificates and religious pictures.A big meal was given; the wedding cake was cut and toasts were drunk in whisky or wine.And while the remains of the feast were being cleared away and the rooms swept, the four cars set out again, taking the married couple and relations for a drive round the countryside. 语篇解读: 本文介绍了爱尔兰人在乡下举行的一场婚礼。 36.What makes it clear that this is a country wedding? A.People are up so early. B.Birds are singing. C.The people's occupations. D.The bride is one of a large family. 解 析 : 从第 一 段 最后 一句 “...undertaking a day's work in the fields after a sleepless night”得出答案为 C。 答案:C

37.No farm laborers are employed because ________. A.they are not needed B.the children can help C.there are none available D.the family is too poor 解析:从第二段的第三句话“The eldest son, heir (继承人) to the small farm, is helping his father with the farm work”得出答案为 B。 答案:B 38 . The young couple will not live on the farm after their marriage because________. A.there is no room for them B.they have a house in England C.they are both employed elsewhere's the bride's brother who will inherit (继承) the farm 解析:从第二段的最后几句话可推断 C 为正确答案。 答案:C

39.Why were the guests taken for a ride round the countryside? A.To give them an opportunity of ride round the countryside. B.To get them out of the way. C.To enable the neighbors to see the married people. D.As a way of passing the time.


解析:从最后一段最后一句话“while the remains of the feast were being cleared away and the rooms swept”可知 B 正确。 答案:B 40.What is the best title of the passage? A.A Newly Married Couple B.A Irish Wedding in the Country C.Celebrations of Irish Wedding D.Irish Married in the Country 解析:由文章第一句可知是介绍爱尔兰人的婚礼,同时有 country, farm 等词可知是一 场在乡下举行的婚礼。 答案:B D A Book Review—The SnakeStone by Berlie Doherty

A.Life with foster parents. B.Life in the world of diving. C.A journey of selfdiscovery. D.A travel around the country.
- 10 -

答案:C 42.What A.James B.James C.James D.James 答案:D do is is is is the coach's words in Paragraph 2 suggest? a successful diver. a hopeful swimmer. an outgoing young man. an independent young man.

43.The snake stone in the novel is________. A.a stone with an address on it B.a clue left by the birth mother C.a gift from the swimming coach D.a fossil left by the foster parents 答案:B

44.Which of the following is TRUE about the novel? A.The story has a sad ending. B.The story takes place in the city of London. C.The characters are vividly described. D.The turning point comes after the hero meets his birth mother. 答案:C

45.It can be concluded that James' journey is ________. A.worthwhile B.boring C.comfortable 答案:A D.disappointing

第二节:信息匹配 (共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 以下是几部电影的故事简介:

- 11 -

D . Three American brothers all have big problems.Francis has just had a bad car accident.Jack has a cheating girlfriend.Peter is not happy that he's going to be a father.And the brothers haven't spoken to each other for a year.To become close again, they decide to go on a train trip through India.But things go wrong when they take drugs, get into trouble and have to leave the train in the middle of the desert. E.New Yorker Erica loves her life.She has a great job at a radio station and a great boyfriend, who she plans to marry.But everything changes one night when someone attacks Erica and her boyfriend.The attacker kills her boyfriend, and Erica is badly hurt.She doesn't think she'll ever be happy again.Erica cannot forget the attack and spends most of her time trying to find her boyfriend's killer.This film is for older teens. F.Joy and Jack meet one night in Las Vegas, in the US state of Nevada.They get very drunk and have a wild night.The next day, they remember that one of them won a huge jackpot with the other's lucky coin.They then remember they got married! So now they're rich and married, but can they fall in love? 以下是电影的宣传海报,请匹配电影海报和与其对应的电影故事简介:

46.I am legend

47.The Brave one

48.What happens in vegas

- 12 -

49.P.S.I love you

50.The Darjeeling limited

答案:46.C 47.E 48.F 49.B 50.D

第三部分 写作(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节:基础写作(共 1 小题,满分 15 分) 英国大使馆文化教育处推出问卷调查。以下是调查内容以及学生李华的调查意见(选项已 用画线标出)。 1.你现在就读的学校? _A.高中_ B.大学


2.你愿意去哪个国家留学? A.美国 B.英国_ C.澳大利亚 3.你想在国外攻读到什么学位? A.学士学位 B.硕士学位 C.博士学位 4.你申请学校时主要考虑什么因素? A.教学质量_ B.校园环境 C.奖学金

5.你的学费来源于? A.父母_ B.做兼职


李华的疑问:语言测试,雅思哪一部分最难? 写作内容
- 13 -

假如你是李华,请用书信的形式将你的意见反馈给英国大使馆文化教育处。 写作要求 1.只能使用五个句子表达全部的内容。 2.信的开头和结尾都已经给出(不计入句数)。 参考词汇:雅思考试 IELTS examination 评分标准 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章连贯。 Dear Sir or Madam, ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your survey and I hope I will have a good time in Britain. Sincerely, Li Hua 参考范文: Dear_Sir_or_Madam, I'm Li Hua,a senior high school student in Guangdong and I'm very pleased to be surveyed on the topic related to studying abroad.After finishing my school, I would like to continue my study in Britain and get the Doctor's Degree in the end.While applying to a university,I will absolutely give consideration to both the teaching quality and the scholarship.The reason is partially because along with the assistance from my parents , scholarship provides an important source of my fees.Lastly,I wonder which item in the IELTS examination is the most challenging. Thank_you_for_your_survey_and_I_hope_I_will_have_a_good_time_in_Britain. Sincerely, Li Hua

第二节:读写任务(共 1 小题,满分 25 分) 阅读下面的短文, 然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 Once,when I was out to have lunch at a restaurant with classmates,I got up to use the restroom,and as I returned to the table,I had this feeling that people were eyeing me.I shrugged it off,thinking they were probably staring at my fat belly. About 10 minutes later,two women walked over to my table-in front of everyone and dropped a napkin(纸巾) in my lap.They smiled as they quickly walked away.Of course, everyone at the table stared at me as I unfolded the napkin and read what it said: “We just wanted you to know that you have toilet paper hanging off your pants.” I turned around and noticed that I had a 4footlong strand of toilet paper(clean) around my fat waist of my pants. Of course , I was glad to be told the toilet paper was there.But I was so
- 14 -

humiliated(受辱的)! I wished I'd just discovered it myself as I stood up and grabbed my coat.There's something sort of delightful about believing that people don't notice your flaws,isn't there? 写作内容 1.以约 30 词概括这篇文章的主要内容。 2.然后用约 120 词以“别人如何看待自己是否重要”为主题写一篇短文,内容包括: (1)人们为什么在乎别人如何看待自己; (2)假如你处于文中作者的处境,你对别人的告知会有什么样的反应; (3)你认为是否应该在乎别人如何看待自己。 写作要求 1.在作文中可以使用自己的亲身经历或者虚构的故事,也可以参照 阅读材料的内容,但是不得直接引用原文中的句子; 2.作文中不能直接出现真实姓名和学校名称; 3.题目自拟。 评分标准 概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,篇章连贯。 ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


- 15 -

- 16 -


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2015学年高中英语 Unit 2 The United Kingdom单元...-2- B.values D.means Ⅲ.阅读理解 Driving a ...【金版学案】2014学年高... 暂无评价 4页 1下载...


【金版学案】2014-2015学年高中英语人教版必修五单元过关检测卷:五单元 B卷 Word版含解析]_高中教育_教育专区。【金版学案】2014-2015学年高中英语人教版必修...

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