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北师大版高中英语M3 Unit 9 lesson3-第一课时

In this lesson, we are going to ? Read an interview to know about solar cars. ? Learn to use some words about solar cars and talk about solar cars by reading. ? Realize the importance of using some natural fuel.

Solar Car Racing
Period 1 Reading and Vocabulary

Warm up
Do you know the names of the following famous cars?

Voice your opinion
Where do they get their power from? (What kind of energy do they use? )

Different kinds of fuel


diesel (柴油) gas (天然气)

petrol (BE) gas (AE)

A new energy

the sunlight (solar energy)

the solar car

What is a solar car ?


Make predictions (True or False), according to the title and pictures.

1. Solar cars use the sun’s energy for power.
2. Solar cars are clean and safe, and there is no pollution. 3. Solar cars can reach speeds of 100 k.p.h.

Fast reading

Read the interview and check your predictions.

1. Solar cars use the sun’s energy for power. T 2. Solar cars are clean and safe, and there is no pollution T 3. Solar cars can reach speeds of 100 k.p.h. ( 80 k.p.h ) F

Detailed reading
Task 1: Read the interview carefully and fill in the blanks about solar cars.


the sun’s energy cars that use __________________ for power.


nearly _____ 80 k.p.h
40 k.p.h on average over ______ clean and _________ safe ________ pollution no__________

slow and not disadvantages too______ very________ reliable

Detailed reading

2. Read the passage again and do Exercise 3 on Page 40.

Keys: 1. T

2. F

3. F


5. T

Post-reading Words study and practice

Find and underline the words or phrases that match the most closely with the meaning of the following.
? ?



think well of up until the present happen dependable article section

The keys
think well of have a good impression of up until the present happen so far

take place reliable essay

dependable article

Choose the correct words and complete the sentences with correct forms. chapter, impression, essay, appreciate, operator, reliable

1.Things that are ___________ reliable can be trusted to work well 2. A/An ________ chapter is one of the parts that a book is divided into. Each chapter has a number, and sometimes a title. appreciate something, you 3. If you ___________ like it because you recognize its good qualities.

chapter, impression, essay appreciate, operator, reliable 4. I asked my students to write a / an essay __________ about their hometown. s of 5. What were your first impression ___________ college?. My impression __________ is that they are totally out of control. operator is a person who 6. A/An ___________ connects telephone calls at a telephone exchange.

Post-reading : Group work

Task 1: Role play ( Ex. 4 on page 40 )

Task 2:

Further discussion

1. Please tell us other advantages and disadvantages of solar cars.
Eg. It uses … so it is clean, safe… But it’s slow, expensive…

2. Do you think solar cars will be popular? Why?

Challenging your own design
Please design your own clean work in groups of four, such as a car, a house or a pen. List some main features and functions of your work.
? ?

Useful structures:
We designed a … which is called… It uses …(for power). It is …but … It can … We think you will have a good impression of it.



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