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Unit 3 Life in the Future 综合练习 1

Unit 3 Life in the future
Part 1 Vocabulary
1. Two men are ______________(帮助)the police in their enquires. 2. You will be _______________(要求)to assist Mrs Smith in preparing a report. 3. Take two of the t_________________ three times daily before meals. 4. I have no o _________________ to discuss it with her. 5. Decide what you want to do, don’t just i________________ others. 6. He’s clever at i________________________ his friends. 7. The house was built in i_________________ of the Roman villa. 8. A new factory is to be l______________________ in the city center. 9. The manager i____________________ on his office staff the importance of keeping accurate records. 10. His first speech as president made a strong i_________________ on his audience. 11. Applicants for the job must have p_____________________ experience. 12. He’s _______________(连续不断)disturbing me. 13. I ____________(提醒)her how much the fare was. 14. This song r____________ me of China. 15. You can’t be the m_______________ of your own fate.

Part 2 Useful Phrases
1. 接受我的奖励_______________________________________________ 2. 感到神经过敏和心神不安___________________________________________ 3. 使我们感到昏昏欲睡________________________________________________ 4. 剩下很少的氧气_________________________________________________ 5. 立刻,马上______________________________________________ 6. 领取由电脑控制的气垫车____________________________________________ 7. 消失,看不见___________________________________________ 8. 打扫,横扫_______________________________________________ 9. 突然看见_________________________________________ 10. 由公司组织的一些参观__________________________________________ 11. 对未来有乐观的态度___________________________________________ 12. 寻找新的世界___________________________________________________ 13. 帮助发现行星_______________________________________________14. 凝固_______________________________________________ 15. 有可能_______________________________________________

Part 3 Complete the following sentences according to the texts.
1. Think about how many changes ___________ ___________ ___________ in the past one thousand years. 2. I have to constantly rub my eyes to ___________ ___________ ___________ I have traveled

to the year AD 3005. 3. ___________ ___________ the journey, I was unsettled for the first few days. 4. As a result, I ___________ ___________ “time lag”. 5. This ___________ ___________ ___________ the “jet lag” you get when ___________. 6. ___________ ___________ ___________ their expertise, his parents’ company ___________ “Future Tours” ___________ me ___________ the future in a time capsule. 7. The capsule shook as we lay ___________ ___________ our dreams. 8. He immediately ___________ me through to a small room ___________ for me to rest. 9. ___________ ___________and ___________ down on the driving stick strongly one can move swiftly. 10. I ___________ ___________ when we reached ___________ looked like a large market because of the people ___________ ___________ in all directions. 11. ___________ home, he ___________ me ___________ a large bright, clean room. 12. I found later that their leaves ___________ the house ___________ much –needed oxygen. 13. A table and chairs rose ___________ ___________ the floor as if by magic. 14. ___________ some food on the table, she ___________ a bed from the floor. 15. ___________, I slid into bed and ___________ ___________ ___________. 16. ___________ ___________ an enormous round plate, it ___________ in space to imitate the pull of the earth’s gravity. 17. The mu-mu speak ___________ ___________ but the dimpods shout loudly ___________ ___________ ___________. 18. They are purple or blue and the colour changes ___________ ___________ their mood. 19. ___________ by the new surroundings, I was hit by the ___________ ___________ fresh air.

Part 4 Multiple Choice
1. Soon we lost sight of that famous astronomer _________ himself Li Qiang. A. called B. calling C. to call D. call 2. When the wind blew the kite, it was ______________ high into the sky. A. carried up B. taken up C. carrying up D. taking up 3. She ____________ the path as the trees around her became thicker. A. lost sight of B. caught sight of C. lost sight D. caught sight 4. ______________ from the heart trouble for years, he has to take some medicine with him wherever he goes. A. Suffered B. Suffering C. Having suffered D. Being suffered 5. Though ________ money, his parents managed to send him to school. A. lacked B lacking of C. lack of D. lacking 6. One island and two lakes _______________ the country. A. make up B. makes up of C. is made up of D. consists of 7. ___________ in her skirt, the little girl tried to make herself ___________ at the party.

A. Dressed; notice B. Dressing; noticed C. Dressed; noticed D. Dressing; noticing 8. There _______ nothing to talk about, everyone in the room remained silent. A. was B. had C. being D. having 9. He is the only one of the students who _________________ a winner of scholarship for three years. A. is B. are C. have been D. has been 10. She was glad to have a comfortable chair ________________. A. sit B. to sit C. sitting D. to sit in 11. The university wants its undergraduates to _______ a regional language, if time permits A. take up B. take after C. take on D. take over 12. Generally speaking, when_______ according to the directions, the medicine has no side effect. A. taken B. taking C. to take D. to be taken 13. Information has been published_______ more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities. A. which B. what C. that D. when 14. In the traffic accident, his father came close to________ . A. be killed B. being killed C. kill D. killing 15. There is a man at the reception desk who seems very angry and I think he means _______ trouble. A. making B. to make C. to have made D. having made

Part 5 Proof reading
It is bad manners in the classroom to look for what our neighbor had written, or try to see what mark he has received without being permitted. It is good manners for them to help each other if we have the same desire and the teacher allows to it. In examinations and in certain kinds of written work, it is dishonest and foolishly to help or to ask help from others. When one student does so, much larger values are destroying. One may not agree to examination system, but at present it is basically the only measure that the teacher and the rest of the world can depend to decide if or not each of us meets the requirement. 76. __________ 77. __________ 78. __________ 79. __________ 80. __________ 81. __________ 82. __________ 83. __________ 84. __________ 85. __________


Unit 3 Life in the future
参考答案 Part 1 Vocabulary
1. assisting 2. required 3. tablets 4. opportunity 5. imitate 6. imitating/instructing 7. imitation 8. located 9. impressed 10. impression 11. previous 12. constantly 13. reminded/reminds 14. reminded 15. master

Part 2 Useful Phrases
1. take up my prize 2. felt very nervous and uncertain at first 3. make us sleepy 4. have little oxygen left 5. in no time; flying 6. collect a hovering carriage driven by computer 7. lose sight of 8. sweep up 9. catch sight of 10.some visits organized by the company 11. have an optimistic view about the future 12. search for the new worlds 13. assist in the discovery of planets 14. set very hard 15.It is likely that

Part 3 Complete the following sentences according to the texts.
1. there have been 2. remind myself that 3. Worried about 4. suffered from 5. is similar to 6. Well known for; named; transported; into 7. relaxed by 8. hurried; nearby 9. By bending; pressing 10. got lost; what; flying by 11. Arriving; showed; into 12.provided; with 13. from under 14. Spreading; produced 15. Exhausted; fell fast asleep 16. Described as; spins 17. in whispers; in your ear 18. depending on 19. Confused; lack of

Part 4 Multiple Choice
1-5 BAACD 6-10 ACCAD 11-15 AACBB

Part 5 Proof reading
76. for→at 77. had→has 78. them→us 79. 去掉 to 80. √ 81. foolishly→foolish 82. destroying→destroyed 83. examination 前加 the 84. depend 后加 on 85. if→whether



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