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必修二unit6 lesson1 a matter of taste

Lesson 1

A matter of taste
Yanyan Shi

Chinese Prints
The exhibition starts on 1 July at the Newman Gallery in Dinham and ends on 15 September. Opening time: Mon-Sat from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Look at the three paintings.
Which do you like best? Why?

徐悲鸿(1895-1953年),现代画家、美术教育家。汉族,江苏宜兴人。曾留 学法国学西画,归国后长期从事美术教育,先后任教亍国立中央大学艺术系、北 平大学艺术学院和北平艺与。1949年后任中央美术学院院长。擅长人物、走兽、 花鸟,主张现实主义,亍传统尤推崇任伯年,强调国画改革融入西画技法,作画 主张光线、造型,讲求对象的解剖结构、骨骼的准确把握,幵强调作品的思想内 涵,对当时中国画坛影响甚大。所作国画彩墨浑成,尤以奔马享名亍世。

齐白石(1864-1957),湖南湘潭人,二十世纪中国画艺术大师,二十 世纪十大书法家之一,世界文化名人。擅长中国画、书法、篆刻和诗歌。 一生作画丌辍,留下大量诗、书、画、印作品。传世画作有《墨虾》、 《牧牛图》、《蛙声十里出山泉》等。著有《借山吟馆诗草》、《白石诗 草》、《白石老人自传》等;出版有三卷本《齐白石作品选集》、《齐白 石山水画选》等画册多种。

陈逸飞 (1946.4.14-2005.4.10)生亍宁波。著名油画家,文化实业家,导演。 1965年毕业亍上海美术与科学校(现上海大学美术学院),进入上海画院油画 雕塑创作室,曾任油画组负责人。1980年旅美后,与注亍中国题材油画的研究 不创作。陈逸飞以“大美术”的理念,在电影、服饰、环境设计等诸多方面都取 得了创造性成就,成为文化名流。是闻名海内外的华人艺术家。

Task 1
Listen to the tape recorder.
Find the words in the text according to the definitions.

Paragraph 1
1.something that people have done for a long time and continue to do

2. to help the progress of something

3. having a lot of new ideas

Paragraph 2
1.people who watch or listen to a performance audience 2. ability to form new ideas and to make pictures in one’s mind being, esp. an animal
creature imagination

Paragraph 3
1. a way of doing something
2. to say strongly that something is important
emphasise style

Task 2
Please read the text then answer the questions.

1.Who is famous for drawing pretty women?

2.Who is better at drawing simple pictures we often see in our life? 3.Why did Chen Yifei use black as the background of Poppy? 4.Who held exhibitions abroad to advance Chinese art?
5. What is Xu Beihong’s masterpiece?

1. Who is famous for drawing pretty women?
Chen Yifei. He is famous for his soft portraits of beautiful women

2. Who is better at drawing simple pictures we often see in our life.
Qi Baishi. He draws simple pictures from everyday life, such as vegetables, flowers, birds and insects.

3. Why did Chen Yifei use black as the background of Poppy?
To emphasise the woman even more.

4.Who held exhibitions abroad to advance Chinese art?
Xu Beihong.

5. What is Xu Beihong’s masterpiece?
Racing horse.

Task 3 Detail Reading
Read again
Learn something more about the painters of these works, get more information of these great artists.

Xu Beihong
1.What did he develop?
The tradition of combining poetry with painting

2. Why is Racing Horse so attractive?

B. C.

running at high speed black ink showing the moving hair on the horse’s mane and tail Different shades of grey showing the sweat of the horse

Qi Baishi 1.What did he first paint during 1902 and 1909? scenery

2. What did he change to later?
Simple pictures of everyday life 3. What does his painting give audience?

Much guessing and imagination

Chen Yifei 1.Of his paintings, which is very valuable?

Soft portraits of beautiful women 2.How is his painting, Poppy? Tell in details A young woman A. sitting alone B. deep in thought C. Hand holding a fan D. Hand positioned above her knees elegantly

Task 4
Whose painting is it?



1.Fix one’s eyes on/upon
@ eyes 可以换成attention(注意力), mind/thought (思想)等词。 凝视,盯着看;专心于… He fix his eyes on the blackboard and answered the questions. The workers fix their attention on what they are doing. Tom sat in class with his eyes_______ on the D flowers outside the window.

Language points

A. fixing B. looking C. looked D. fixed

2. leave +宾语+宾补

表示“使/让(某人/某物)处于某状态。后面接现在分词 (V-ing)、形容词、过去分词(V-ed),副词,名词,介词, 或不定式等作宾语补足语。 Leave the telephone on. He went out leaving the door open. His parents both died last year, leaving him an orphan. Don’t leave her waiting outside in the rain Little Tom ran out of the door, leaving the homework undone.

B 1. Don’t leave the water _____ while you brush your teeth. A. run B. running C. being run D. to run 2. He is always in such a hurry that he often leaves his room _____. A A. unlocked B. unlock C. to be locked D. unlocking 3. Hearing the news, she rushed out, ____ her books _____ on the floor. B A. left, lying B. leaving, lying C. left, lain D. leaving, lie

Describe a picture or a photo with the words we have learned today.


What Does the Bee Do?
What does the bee do?


Bring home honey.
And what does father do?

Bring home money.
And what does mother do?

Lay out the money.
And what does the baby do?

Eat up the honey.
By C.G.Rossetti, 1830-1894

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