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四川省宜宾市一中高 2015 级 2015—2016 学年下期第 13 周 英语试题
一. 完形填空 My mother often works very hard. And she has 1 to see a film. Here I'll tell you 2 story about her. One afternoon, when my mother f

inished her work and 3 go home, she found a film ticket under the 4 on her desk. .So she thought she 5 to have not any work to do that evening and 6 was quite wonderful to spend the 7 at the cinema. So she came back home and 8 finished her supper. Then she said 9 to us and left. But later, to our 10 she returned half an hour later. We 11 her what was the matter. She smiled and told us about 12 funny thing that had happened at the cinema. When my mother was sitting in her seat, a 13 came to her seat and said that the seat was 14 .Of course, my mother was surprised. She took out her ticket 15 looked at it closely. It was Row 49, 16 . And then she looked at the seat. It was right. So she asked her 17 her ticket. The woman brought out the ticket at once and the seat shown in it was Row 49 ,Seat 3. " 18 ? What is the matter with all this?” While they were wondering suddenly the woman said," The 19 of the tickets are different." So they looked at them more carefully. After a while my mother said, "Oh, 20 , I made a mistake. My ticket is for the fi lm a month ago. Take this seat, please !" With these words, she left the cinema. 1. A. little money B. much money C. little time D. much time 2. A. a funny story B. a good story C. an old story D. a strange story 3. A. was to B. was about to C. had to D. ought 4. A. box B. book C. glass D. paper 5. A. happened B. liked C. pretended D. wanted 6. A. it B. this C. that D. which 7 . A. morning B. afternoon C. day D. evening 8. A. early B. quietly C. quickly D. suddenly 9. A. hello B. good-bye C. good evening D. good night 10. A. disappointment B. joy C. sorrow D. surprise


11. A. asked B. explained C. told D. wanted 12. A. a B. one C. some D. the 13. A. man B. woman C. doctor D. nurse 14. A. hers B. his C. taken D. wrong 15. A. and B. but C. or D. so 16. A. Seat1 B. Seat2 C. Seat3 D. Seat4 17. A. it bring B. to get C. to see D. to show 18. A. Why B. H ow C. When D. where 19. A. designs B. colors C. prices D. owners 2 0. A. I’ m sad B. I’ m sorry C. I’ m wrong D. I’ m worried 二.阅读 Young people and old people do not always agree with each other. They sometimes have different ideas about living, working and playing. But in one program in New York State, adults and teenagers live together in a friendly way. Each summer 200 teenagers and 50 adults are invited to join the program. They live together for eight weeks as members of a special work group. Everyone works for seven hours a day. They do so not only to keep busy, but also to find meaning and happiness in work. Some teenagers work in the woods or on the farm near the village. Some of them learn to make things like tables, chairs and something like that and to build houses. It is the adults who teach them to do those. There are a few free hours each day and weekends are free, too. During the free hours some of the teenagers learn to take p hotos or paint pictures, while others sit around and talk, sing or dance. Each teenager has his own way to spend his free time. When people live together, rules are necessary. In this program the teenagers and the adults make the rules together. If someone breaks a rule, the problem goes before the whole group. They talk about it and ask, "What should we do about it?" One of the teenagers talks about his experience, "You stop thinking only about yourself, You learn to think about the group." 21. In the program in New York State, young and old people _ .


A. teach one another new ways of building houses B. are friendly to one another C. do not work together D. spend a long time together, working as farmers 22. All the members spend some time together every day mainly to_ . A. learn new skills of farming B. lead a busy life C. get used to the life on the farms D. find value and pleasure in work 23. The last paragraph shows that the teenager thinks his experience in the program is _________. A. tiring B. unpleasant C. helpful D. boring 24. The best title for the passage is _________. A. The Rules of Living Together B. Life in New York State C. Teenagers in the Special Group D. Free Hours in the Special Work Group 三. 短文改错 When I first learned write in English, I ran into many difficulties. The main problem was in that I always thought in Chinese and tried to translate anything into English. My teacher advised me to keep my diary. I followed her advice and should put down 100 words or so each day. Soon I began to enjoy talk to myself on paper as I was learning to express me in simple English. One day I wrote a little story and showed to my teacher. She liked it very much and reads it to the class. All said the story was a good one. Their word were a great encouragement to me. 答案 一.完型答案:C;A;B;C;A;A;D;C;B;D;A;D;B;A;A;C;D;A;B;B 二.阅读答案 DDCC 三.改错答案 1.learn 后加 to 2.去掉 in。 3.anything→everything→a。 5.删去 should。→talking。→myself。 8.showed 后加 it。 9.reads→read。 10.word→words



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