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【湖北】2014版英语《高考专题辅导》专题检测卷(十六) 完形填空]

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完形填空 (建议用时: 40 分钟) A (2013· 宁波模拟) 体裁 夹叙夹议文 话题 戒掉 iPhone 上瘾症 词数 400

My name is Amy. I’m a 25-year-old graduate student who likes yoga, home-decorating shows and eating spoonfuls of peanut butter the jar. Oh yeah, and I’m an iPhone addict. I wasn’t always an addict. In fact, for many years I told myself I didn’t want a 2 cellphone. They seemed like too much work, always beeping, ringing and 3 attention. I was 4 content with my simple antique(古 1 from

董, 此处指旧手机), and I didn’t expect to change my mind any time soon. However, about a year ago, I found myself envious of all those proud iPhone owners, cradling their shiny new phones and 5 all their friends. I

started listening secretly to conversations about “iPhone apps”, feeling like a 6 listening to a language I couldn’t speak. Eventually I couldn’t 7 my iPhone instinct(本能)any longer, and I

welcomed my new iPhone into my life.

To my surprise, I suddenly found myself with a whole new circle of friends. They 8 my iPhone-related inquiries when my other friends when I bragged about(吹嘘)all the things little

couldn’t, and didn’t 9

Eloise(yes, I named her)could do. However, I realized I had a problem when one day I found myself Google-mapping my way to my mailbox, which happens to be right outside my front door. When I 10 the past few months, I couldn’t believe I didn’t see this

coming. All the 11 signs were there. Eloise slept right beside me and was the first thing I 12 in the morning. I 13 my e-mail about 20

times a day. I also experienced room at the gym.

14 when I left poor Eloise in the change

15 she beeped and needed my response?

Okay, so I was addicted to my iPhone. I decided like 17 16 had to be done. But, as I quickly realized, iPhones are

and not easy to quit. 18 forced to

Then, while taking the bus to work one day, I was quit—at least

19 . When I reached into my purse to grab Eloise, to refer 20 by

to my e-mail for only the seventh time that morning, I found her

fever. She was so hot that I dropped her immediately back into my bag. When I picked her up again, she was gone. 1. A. straight randomly B. excitedly C. hurriedly D.

2. A. faithful curious 3. A. demanding C. rejecting 4. A. partly C. perfectly

B. fancy

C. fragile


B. attempting D. paying B. frequently D. gradually B. impressing them on D. recommending them to C. native C. ignore B. laughed at D. responded to B. open their mouths D. nod their heads B. reflect upon D. concentrate on B. guilty D. positive B. came across D. reached for B. wrote C. delivered D. D. worker D. confirm

5. A. showing them off to C. discussing them with 6. A. farmer 7. A. inspect 8. A. turned down C. commented on 9. A. roll their eyes C. wave their hands 10. A. rest on C. settle down 11. A. funny C. warning 12. A. dreamed of C. glanced through 13. A. checked deleted B. tourist B. submit

14. A. happiness C. starvation 15. A. How when C. What if 16. A. nothing C. everything 17. A. cigarettes C. books 18. A. instantly C. completely 19. A. permanently C. temporarily 20. A. drowned C. exploded 【拓展训练】 选词填空。 randomly; frequently; instantly; permanently 1. I know him, but we don’t 2. When her father died, she 3. The children in question were on autism(自闭症). 4. She cried

B. anxiety D. disappointment B. How about D. In case B. anything D. something B. coffee D. milk B. unexpectedly D. surprisingly B. unwillingly D. accidentally B. removed D. overcome

see each other. moved away. selected from a previous study

when she heard the terrible news.

B 体裁 说明文 话题 《蚁族》 词数 300

What do Chinese college graduates have in common with ants? The recent 1 Ant Tribes about the life of some young people 2 flock(群

集)to Beijing after smart but 4

3 university, describes the graduates, like ants, as

as individuals, drawing strength from living together in

communities. The book, which is based 5 two years’ of interviews with about 6 in mid-September,

600 low-income college graduates in Beijing,

about a month ahead of an announcement by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security that 74% of the 6. 11 million new graduates from universities and colleges had been 7 by Sept. 1. 8 9

The book’s chief editor, Lian Si, tells that piece of statistic says about the real situation for many of these graduates. “I am always

how many of these employed college graduates are leading a happy life, ”Lian said. “I hope this book could offer a window on these graduates, whose stories are 10 known. ” The setting of the book is several so-called “settlement villages for college students”in the outskirts(市郊)of Beijing, where a large 11 of college graduates 12 . Most of these graduates work for 13 or

medium-sized businesses,

14 less than 2, 000 yuan a month. They live

together because it’s 15 : The rent in these communities is only around

350 yuan a month. Many of them travel several hours a day for short-term jobs or job interviews. Tangjialing, a small 16 20 kilometers from Tian’ anmen Square, has around 3, 000 17 villagers, but has become a 18 for more than 50, 000

migrants(移民), most of whom 19

from universities or colleges all over 20 as five or six-storey

the country. Lian describes the students’

buildings built by local farmers with 12 rooms on each floor and two or three people crammed(挤)together in each room of about 10 square meters. Up to 70 or 80 people share the same toilet and kitchen. 1. A. film 2. A. who 3. A. leaving C. visiting 4. A. necessary C. important 5. A. in 6. A. came up C. came along 7. A. fired C. employed 8. A. much B. little B. on B. story B. what C. book C. which B. entering D. enjoying B. meaningless D. strong C. at B. came on D. came out B. interviewed D. trained C. some D. more D. for D. magazine D. whose

9. A. wondering C. studying 10. A. seldom 11. A. deal 12. A. work 13. A. small 14. A. earning C. shopping 15. A. expensive C. cheap 16. A. city C. community 17. A. original 18. A. school 19. A. come 20. A. lives C. buildings 【拓展训练】 根据文章内容回答问题。 B. young B. hotel B. differ B. well B. plenty B. go B. big

B. researching D. telling C. always C. amount C. relax C. famous B. thinking D. paying B. comfortable D. convenient B. town D. village C. rich C. home C. graduate B. dormitories D. restaurants D. poor D. company D. suffer D. often D. number D. live D. unknown

1. Why did the author write the book?

2. What’s the main idea of the passage? (no more than 10 words)

A 【文章大意】文章讲述了作者对于 iPhone 手机刚开始不着迷, 后 来非常痴迷 , 以至于都无法放弃它 , 但是最终作者还是丢失了自己的 爱机。 1.【解析】选 A。考查词义辨析。我喜欢瑜伽、家居装饰展和直接用勺 子从罐里吃花生酱。 straight 直接地, 径直地; excitedly 兴奋地; hurriedly 匆忙地; randomly 随机地, 任意地。 2.【解析】选 B。考查前后照应。下文提到我对自己简单的旧手机很满 意, 可知此处选 fancy。我不想要一个高级手机。faithful 忠实的, 忠诚 的; fancy 高档的, 昂贵的; fragile 脆的, 易碎的; curious 好奇的。 3. 【解析】选 A。考查词义辨析。那些高级手机总是嘟嘟响个不停, 需 要引起注意。demand 需要, 要求; attempt 尝试; reject 拒绝; pay 支付。 4. 【解析】选 C。考查词义辨析。我没有想过换手机, 可知对自己的 旧手机非常满意。perfectly 极其, 非常。 5. 【解析】选 A。考查固定搭配。那些有 iPhone 手机的人手捧着他们 耀眼的手机, 向他们所有的朋友炫耀他们的手机。 show off 炫耀, 卖弄。 6.【解析】选 B。考查词义辨析。我开始偷听别人关于“iPhone 应用程 序”的谈话, 像一个旅行者听不懂我不会讲的语言一样。 7.【解析】选 C。考查词义辨析。最终我再也不能忽视自己对 iPhone 的诉求, 于是买了一部新的 iPhone 手机。inspect 检查, 审查; submit 提 交, 服从, 顺从; confirm 确认, 证实。

8. 【解析】选 D。考查对上下文语境的理解。令我惊讶的是, 我突然 感觉我有了很多朋友, 他们对我提出的有关 iPhone 的问题都会给予回 复。turn down 拒绝, 调低; laugh at 嘲笑; comment on 评论; respond to 响应, 对……答复。 9. 【解析】选 A。考查对上下文语境的理解。当我吹嘘我的手机能做 一切事情时, 他们看起来不再是不以为然的样子。 roll one’s eyes 不以为 然。 10. 【解析】选 B。考查词义辨析。当我仔细回顾过去的几个月的时候, 我真的不相信那件事情真的会发生。 rest on 依靠; reflect upon 仔细回顾; settle down 定居; concentrate on 集中于。 11. 【解析】选 C。考查对上下文语境的理解。联系下文可知, 我此时 已经对 iPhone 上瘾了, 所以所有的警告信息都出现了。下文几句是对 iPhone 上瘾症的症状描述。 12. 【解析】选 D。考查固定搭配。dream of 梦想; come across 偶然遇 见; glance through 浏览; reach for 伸手去拿。根据句意此处应该是伸手 去拿, 故选 D。我的 iPhone 是我早晨睁开眼睛伸手去拿的第一件东西。 13. 【解析】 选 A。 考查背景常识。 我一天检查我的邮箱大约 20 次。 check 检查; write 写; deliver 传输; delete 删除。 14. 【解析】选 B。考查对上下文语境的理解。当我把它落在体育馆的 更衣室时, 我非常焦急。happiness 快乐; anxiety 焦急; starvation 饿死; disappointment 失望。 15. 【解析】选 C。考查固定搭配。如果它在嘟嘟响, 需要我的答复该

怎么办呢? How about 怎么样? What if 如果……怎样呢? In case 万一。 16. 【解析】选 D。考查对上下文语境的理解。由于对 iPhone 越来越 依赖, 所以我决定做些事情来减轻或者戒掉对手机的依恋。 17. 【解析】选 A。考查背景常识。iPhone 就像香烟一样难以戒掉。 18. 【解析】选 B 。考查对上下文语境的理解。 instantly 立即地 ; unexpectedly 出乎意料地; completely 完全地; surprisingly 惊人地。 句意: 我出乎意料地被迫放弃, 故选 B。 19. 【解析】选 C。考查对上下文语境的理解。permanently 永久地; unwillingly 不情愿地; temporarily 暂时地; accidentally 意外地。 句意: 至 少是暂时的放弃。故选 C。 20. 【解析】选 D。考查词义辨析。drown 淹没; remove 移动; explode 爆炸; overcome 克服。此处 overcome by 意为“受不了了”, 故选 D。 【拓展训练】 答案: 1. frequently 2. permanently 3. randomly 4. instantly B 【文章大意】全国各地许多大学生毕业之后涌向北京寻找工作, 那 么他们的境况如何呢? 《蚁族》一书向读者展现了他们鲜为人知的生 活状况。 1.【解析】选 C。词汇复现题。由第二段第一句“The book, which is . . . ” 可知, 《蚁族》是一本描述了北漂大学毕业生生活的新书。 2. 【解析】 选 A。 语法结构题。 who 引导定语从句修饰 some young people 且作从句的主语。

3. 【解析】选 A。前后照应题。由下文“the graduates”可知, 这些年轻 人是大学毕业之后来到北京的。leaving university 意为“大学毕业”。 4. 【解析】选 B。前后照应题。这些北漂大学毕业生就像蚂蚁, 头脑 聪明, 但是作为个体微不足道。 meaningless 意为“无意义的, 不重要的”; necessary“必要的”; important 意为“重要的”; strong 意为“强大的”。 5.【解析】选 B。固定搭配题。这本书由对北京约 600 位低收入大学毕 业生历时两年的采访写成。be based on 意为“以……为基础”。 6. 【解析】选 D。固定搭配题。这本书是 9 月中旬出版的。come out 意为“出版”。 7. 【解析】选 C。词汇复现题。由下文“how many of these employed college graduates are leading a happy life”可知, 有 74%在 9 月 1 日之前 找到了工作, 被雇用。 8.【解析】选 B。前后照应题。由下文“这些找到了工作的大学毕业生 当中, 有多少生活过得幸福”可推知, 上述统计资料基本没有反映出这 些毕业生的真实处境。 9. 【解析】选 A。前后照应题。他一直想知道, 这些找到了工作的大 学毕业生当中, 有多少生活过得幸福。wonder 意为“想知道”; research 意为“研究”; study 意为“研究; 学习”; tell 意为“告诉; 讲述”。 10.【解析】选 A。前后照应题。由上句“我希望这本书能够成为一扇展 现那些毕业生生活的窗户”可推知, 他们的故事很少有人知道。 11.【解析】选 D。固定搭配和词义辨析题。书中的故事发生在北京郊 区几个“大学毕业生聚居村”, 那里有许多大学毕业生。 a large number of

表示“许多”, 修饰可数名词复数。a large deal of=a large amount of 修饰 不可数名词, plenty of 表示“许多”其前不加冠词。 12. 【解析】 选 D。 词汇复现题。 由上文中的“settlement villages for college students”可知, 很多大学生在这些地方居住、生活。 13.【解析】选 A。前后照应题。由下文可推知, 这些大学毕业生多数 在中小企业工作。故答案为 A。 14. 【解析】选 A。固定搭配题。每月挣不到两千块钱。earn 意为“挣 得, 赚得”。earn money 挣钱。 15. 【解析】选 C。前后照应题。由下句可知, 他们住在一起是因为花 钱少。 16. 【解析】选 D。 前后照应题。由下文“has around 3, 000 可知, 唐家岭是个小村庄。 17. 【解析】选 A。前后照应题。由下文“but has become a for more villagers”

than 50, 000 migrants”可知, 外来人口已超过五万人, 而这大约三千人 应是本地的村民。original 意为“原来的; 起初的”。 18. 【解析】选 C。前后照应题。五万多外来人口多数是来自全国各地 的毕业生。他们在这里生活, 因此这里是他们的家。 19. 【解析】选 C。词汇复现题。college graduates 和 graduates from universities 在前文已反复出现。 由上下文可知, 唐家岭 5 万多外来人口 多数是来自全国各地的毕业生。graduate from 意为“毕业于……”; come from 意为“从……来”; differ from 意为“与……不同”; suffer from 意为 “遭受……”。

20. 【解析】选 B。词汇复现题。根据这一段出现的 buildings, rooms 可知 , 这些学生住的都是当地农民修建的五六层高的楼房 , 每个房间 在 10 平方米左右, 两三个人挤一间。这里说的是学生住的地方, 即宿 舍。 【拓展训练】 答案:1. To offer a window on these graduates, whose stories are seldom known. 2. A book about the graduates’ real situation in Beijing.

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