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七年级上册英语Unit 3 导学案5(段文兵)

上课班级 撰写教师

七(2)、七(3) 段文兵

Unit 3 Protect the Earth 2014 年

的 Practice


10 月 24 日星期 五

教 学 目 标

能力 过程与 方法 情感态 度与价 值观

继续在网上找一些地球的材料,进一步了解地球。 看网页上关于地球的介绍, ,培养学生对地球重要性的认识。 地球是我们共同的家园,我们只有一个地球。要爱惜地球。 关于地球的一些常用词汇。 培养学生获取主要信息的技巧。
电脑 多媒体课件 记住核心词汇 教师授课过程(教师活动) 学生学习过程(学生活动) 教学意图 用学生熟知 的地理知

教学重点 教学难点 教具准备 教法运用 学法指导 基本环节




识,容易激 发学生的学 习兴趣。

1.回答问题: What do you usually do at weekends? 【自主预习】 ? help sb do sth ? help sb to do sth ? She helps me do my homework. ? She helps me to do my homework. ? She helps with my homework _______________________ _______________________ ______________ _______________________ _______________________ ______________ 2. 我的困惑

让学生了解 材料所传递 的信息。






Step1 Presentation Look at the pictures, who are they? What do they do at weekends? Step2 Practice Listen for the first time and finish “T”or”F” exercises. ( ) (1)In the morning,Jack reads books in the library by himself. ( ) (2)They go shopping in the supper market. ( ) (3)Jack’s parents sing song well. ( ) (4)Jack usually does his homework for about one hour.

? ? ? ? ?

need to do need doing I need to wash my shoes. My shoes need washing. need sb to do sth

做好阅读前 准备,为阅 读 时 打 基 础。


当 堂 检 测

根据表格提示, 以 Sam,s Sunday 为题, 口头描述 Sam 一天 的日常活动。 7:30a.m 7:45a.m 8:00a.m 8:30a.m get up Have breakfast Go to the Children’s Palace Have the piano lesson 10:30a.m 12:00 2:00p.m 4:30p.m

Sam’s Sunday Sam is always busy on Sundays. _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ Have art lesson _______________________ Have lunch _______________________ Have maths lesson _______________________ Play basketball _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______

通过及时检 查,掌握课 堂 教 学 效 果。





小结 课文

1. What do you think of Jack’s weekend? Is it meaningful or interesting? 2. How do you spend your weekend?

〖总结交流〗 1. The phrases/sentences I like best is The activity in my daily life that I like best is


作 业 布 置

1. 单词拼写:根据下列句子及所给单词的首字母写出所缺的单词。 (1) My father isn’t at home now. He’ll be back in an hour, Will you please call a little l_______? (2) There ia a vegetable m_________ near our flat. My mother often goes there to buy all kinds of food. (3)My brother loves music very much. He practises playing the g_______ after school. (4) I often read in the school l________. All the students there are very quiet and working hard. (5)Do you often have l___________ at half past twelve at the school canteen. 2.完成句子。 (1) 我们经常在六,七点之间吃晚饭。 We often have our dinner _____________six o’clock ____________seven six o’clock. (2)Tim 通常午休时在图书馆看书。 Tim usually _______ ________ ________ _________ _________ _________ at lunch break. 根据表格提示,以 Protect the Earth 为题,口头描述该如何保护地球。 7:30a.m get up Have breakfast Go to the Children’s Palace Have the piano lesson Protect the Earth The Earth is our home. _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ 10:30a.m 12:00 2:00p.m 4:30p.m Have art lesson Have lunch Have maths lesson Play basketball

板 书 设 计

7:45a.m 8:00a.m 8:30a.m

教 学 后 记

【学后反思】 1)我记住了的单词有 2)我学会的短语,句子有 3)我在课堂上最自豪的表现是

教研组长 检查签名 科组长 检查签名



指 导 意 见



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