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外研版必修2 Module 2 No Drugs

必修 2 Module 2 No Drugs
Ⅰ. 单词拼写 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Users become a________ to crack cocaine much more easily if they smoke it. He has tried lots of t__________ , but none of them can cure of his illness. Don’t d________ my attention------I’m trying to study. Is there a c________ between smoking and lung cancer? I r__________ her by her red cat. The climate ___________(影响) the amount of the rainful. He has no __________(犯罪) record. It is _________ (不合法)to park a car here. All the ___________(参与者) in the debate had an opportunity to speak. Some drug users ___________(注射)cocaine , others smoke it.

11. I’m afraid I’m c you so much trouble. 12. We have no choice but to make our country p . 13. He has made up his m to pass the examination. 14. He died of an illness r to water pollution. 15. My classmates o to help me with my English, but I refused. 16. He (不同意)to go there by train. 17. I (认出)him by his voice the moment I saw him. 18. They (禁止)smoking in public places in this small country. 19. He is (可能)to come to the party. 10. He was sent to the hospital to receive (治疗). Ⅱ. 辨析填空 A. pay back/pay off/pay/get paid/pay for 1. One day you will your insolence. 2. He at last his debts after ten years of hard work. 3. I for my work by the week. 4. My boss me for my work last week. 5. He will the money in monthly installment. B. break out/break away from/break into/break up/break through/break down 1. Thieves our house while we were away on holiday. 2. On hearing the news that the war was over, the old woman crying. 3. Due to quarrelling so frequently, their marriage . 4. Scientists hope to soon in their fight against heart disease. 5. My computer suddenly last night and I had to stop designing the new building. 6. We must bad habits. C. to the point/off the point/at all points/on the point 1. Now big boys and girls, let’s come . 2. What you said was just . It was not right at all. 3. I was of going out when the phone rang.
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必修 2 Module 2 No Drugs
4. We were safe guarded . Ⅲ. 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空 1. (sleep) late in the morning,she turned off the alarm. 2. He reads China Daily every day 3. He spent all his money on drugs, 4. I hurried to the airport only 5. Partly because he refused Ⅳ. 同义句转换 (improve) his English. (destroy) his life. (find) the plane had taken off. (take) my advice, he failed.

1. I totally agree with you. I . 2. It is likely that he will be late. to be late. 3. He stood on a chair so that he could see it more clearly. He stood on a chair see it more clearly. 4. He is stupid enough to play football in the rain. He is football in the rain. 5. Smoking should not be allowed in public places. Smoking public places. Ⅴ. 单项填空

he played in

1. The increasingly developing technology humans to know more about space and themselves. A. makes B. allows C. lets D. forces 2. —You finish the housework without any difficulty, don’t you? —Yes. It’s that I don’t have to do much to keep it clean. A. such a tiny kitchen B. so a tiny kitchen C. such tiny a kitchen D. a so tiny kitchen 3. You will be losing your health if you keep working day and night like this. A. in danger B. in the danger C. in danger of D. in the danger of 4. be late for class, I got up early and tried to catch the first bus. A. In order to not B. In order not to C. So as to not D. So as not to 5. With little time left, I had to this difficult math problem and started checking. A. give in B. give back C. give up D. give off 6. -Hi, Bob. You look very unhappy. -Yes. Someone my car and stole the radio. A. broke into B. broke up C. broke down D. broke out 7. The parents felt helpless when they found that their son had computer games for long. A. addictive to B. addicted to C. been addictive to D. been addicted to 8. One vehicle(交通工具)was banned into Mexico City one day a week from Monday to Friday. A. to come B. come C. from coming D. with coming 9. I was watching the football match between Luneng and Shide the electricity went off, which was disappointing.
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必修 2 Module 2 No Drugs
A. while B. for C. when D. so 10. —I think smoking in public places is very bad. — . Smoking in public will make non-smokers uncomfortable. A. All right B. I disagree with you C. That’s all right D. I couldn’t agree more 11. Tom kept quiet about the accident______ lose his job. A. so not as to B. so as not to C .so as to not D. not so as to 12 . Robert is said______ abroad, but I don’t know what country he studied in. A. to have studied B. to study C. to be studying D. to have been studying 13. It was foolish______ you to give up what you rightly owned. A. for B. of C. about D. from 14. Rather than_____ on a crowded bus, he always prefers_____ a bicycle. A. ride ; ride B. riding ; ride C. ride ; to ride D. to ride ; riding 15. She used______ in town but now she finds herself _____ in the country A. to live ; used to live B. to living ; used to living C. to live ; used to living D. to living ; used to live 16. After twenty years abroad, Mr. Wang came back only_______ his hometown completely changed. A. to find B. finding C. to have found D. found 17.I hurried _______ I wouldn’t be late for class. A. since B. so that C. as if D. unless 18. The manager promised his secretary ______ in salary. A. an addition B. a growth C. an increase D. an advance 19. ---You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. . --- Well, now I regret_____ that A. to do B. to be doing C. to have done D. having done 20. In that country, about 10% of the population__________ farmers now. A. are B. is C. was D. were 21. Many smokers also support the ban__________ in public places. A. on smoking B. of smoking C. against smoking D. in smoking 22. The pilot felt something__________ wrong with the engine before the plane took off. A. go B. was going C. went D. to go 23. It’s no use ______ with him ______ this matter. A. arguing; for B. arguing; over C. to argue; over D. to argue; about 24. —Hi, Li Ming. Where are you going? —Oh, it’s you—Xiaohui. I ______ you. A. didn’t recognise B. hadn’t recognized C. haven’t recognised D. don’t recognise 25. It’s already 9:00 and Lucy is ______ for us there. A. likely to waiting B. likely to wait C. possible to wait D. possible to be waiting
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必修 2 Module 2 No Drugs
Ⅵ. 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A Why do people smoke? One reason is that people become addicted to(对??有 瘾)cigarettes. The addictive substance in cigarettes is nicotine. When people smoke,the nicotine goes right into the blood stream and makes people relaxed. A smoker’s body becomes used to the nicotine and if he stops smoking he feels nervous. Many smokers try to give up smoking,but because of the addiction to nicotine they feel so uncomfortable they often find it too hard to do so. Another reason is that people only enjoy smoking. Having a cigarette for many people means taking a break. For some people smoking becomes part of certain social rituals(礼节). For example,the cigarette after dinner. Lots of people enjoy smoking because it provides something to do with their hands. Reaching for a cigarette,lighting it,flicking the ashes is especially comfortable in situations where a person feels nervous. Many people also like the taste of tar(焦油)in cigarettes. However,it is the tar that causes cancer. While governments and health experts have tried to get people to give up smoking completely,cigarette manufacturers(制造商)have tried to keep selling them by producing cigarettes with less tar. Many people in Western countries have welcomed these cigarettes since they find it hard to give up smoking,but want to reduce the danger to their health. 1. Lots of people become addicted to cigarettes because . A. smoking does good to their health B. the nicotine goes right into the blood stream and makes people feel relaxed C. they like to see smoke come out of their mouths and noses D. they need to get some tar from cigarettes 2. What substance in cigarettes causes cancer? A. Nicotine. B. Tar. C. The passage doesn’t tell us. D. Blood stream. 3. The underlined word“flicking”in the first paragraph means “ ”. A. 轻吹 B. 吐出 C. 轻弹 D. 吹掉 4. Health experts are trying to persuade people to . A. smoke less a day B. stop smoking completely C. buy cigarettes with less tar D. smoke only three cigarettes a day 5. The substance in cigarettes which can get people addicted to smoking is . A. smoke B. nicotine C. ashes D. tar B In September 2008 the World Health Organization issued a statement warning smokers that there was no evidence to back up claims that e-cigarettes could help them quit. So what do we know about them? E-cigarettes were invented by Hon Lik of electronics company Ruyan in Beijing, China. Ruyan sold its first electronic cigarette in May 2004, and e-cigarettes have been growing in
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必修 2 Module 2 No Drugs
popularity ever since. Accurate figures are hard to come by, but Ruyan — the world’s biggest manufacturer — claims to have sold over 300,000 in 2008. Smart Smokers, one company which sells Ruyan’s cigarettes in the UK, says sales are rising exponentially. In the US, hit TV show The Doctors featured the e-cigarette in the top 10 health trends of 2008. In a world where smoking is increasingly socially unacceptable, the e-cigarette looks like a success story in the making. The device itself is pretty simple. It resembles a normal cigarette in shape and size but instead of containing cured tobacco it is mostly full of battery and an LED. The disposable filter holds a cartridge containing nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol(丙二醇), the liquid that is vaporized in nightclub smoke machines. When you take a drag, a pressure sensor switches on an electric heating coil that vaporizes the PG and releases the “smoke”. The strongest cartridge contains about the same amount of nicotine as a regular ? strength cigarette, but lasts for about 300 puffs in comparison with a regular cigarette that lasts for about 15. The cartridges don’t “burn down” but deliver a puff whenever you choose to take one. Cartridges come in high, medium, low and zero-nicotine strength and cost around $1.50 each. However, on a per puff basis, the strongest cartridge only delivers around one-third the amount of nicotine delivered by a puff on a normal cigarette, says Murray Laugesen, a public health researcher who campaigned against tobacco smoking in New Zealand and is now studying the impact of smoking e-cigarettes. 6. What’s the meaning of the underlined words in the first paragraph? A. Hold back. B. Take back. C. Support. D. Explain. 7. We can know from the passage that . A. “Smart Smokers” are those smokers who smoke B. “The Doctors” are the doctors who help quit smoking C. “The Doctors” is a popular TV programme D. “Smart Smokers” are people good at selling e-cigarettes 8. What can we infer from the second paragraph? A. E-cigarettes are more and more popular in the world. B. E-cigarettes were first made in 2004. C. It was awarded the best health trend of 2008. D. A hit TV show featured the e-cigarette. 9. The device itself . A. is similar to a normal cigarette but smaller in size B. contains some cured tobacco C. has a comparatively large battery and an LED D. could last up to 30 times as many puffs than a normal cigarette 10. What will the passage discuss next? A. The Advantages of the e-cigarette. B. The impact of smoking e-cigarettes. C. How to make the device last more puffs. D. How to let e-cigarette smokers take in more.
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必修 2 Module 2 No Drugs
补充练习 21. We don’t allow ________ in the office. But you are allowed ________ in the rest room. A. smoking; smoking B. to smoke; to smoke C. smoking; to smoke D. smoke; smoking 22. It was ________ that we went camping in the mountain. A. such nice weather B. so nice a weather C. such a nice weather D. too nice weather 23. ________ the car accident, Jack couldn’t work any longer. A. As a result B. As the result C. As a result of D. As result of 24. A house was ________ between midnight and 5 am. A lot of valuable things were stolen. A. broken out B. broken into C. broken off D. broken in 25. The patient was ________ of losing his life and had to be operated on at once. A. in danger B. in the danger C. out of danger D. out of the danger 26. — Since you like the shoes, why not buy them ? — _________. A. Good idea B. That’s nice of you C. I think so D. That’s true 27. Since then the number of people taking driving lessons ________ 20%. A. has increased to B. increases by C. has increased by D. have increased by 28. Tom kept quiet about the accident ________ lose his job. A. so not as to B. so as not to C. so as to not D. not so as to 29. My sister ________ a good chance to go abroad for further study of English. A. was provided B. was presented C. was supplied D. was offered 30. You’re wasting your time trying to persuade her to follow you. She is always ________ any advice. A. turning down B. taking C. turning up D. turning out 31. You will ________ what you did one day. A. pay back B. pay off C. pay for D. pay to 32. He waited for the last man ________ his question. A. to answer B. answering C. answered D. answer 33. I don’t skate now, but I ________ when I was a kid. A. used to B. am used to it C. used D. used to do 34. That coat doesn’t fit him, as he has ________ a huge body and the coat is ________ small. A. such; such B. so; so C. such; so D. so; such 35. — The government is thinking about banning smoking on public transport. — __________. I think it’s a very good idea. A. That’s a good idea B. I agree with you C. I’m not sure I agree with you D. I’m not sure about that

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必修 2 Module 2 No Drugs
第一节 短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Mathematics are my weak subject. Recently I almost failed in all mathematics test. This made me worried and discouraged. Knowing that I was in low spirits, Mr Yu advise me to read article. I finished reading it in a few hours. It was a true story about a girl student who lost both her arms at the age of two. And she didn’t lose heart as many people had thought. Instead of she smoothed away various discomforts and learned write with her right foot I was deep moved by her story. Now I’m working harder on mathematics and decide to learn it well. 66. ________ 67. ________ 68. ________ 69. ________ 70. ________ 71. ________ 72. ________ 73. ________ 74 .________ 75. _________

1、 Do you know the boy _______ under the big tree? A. lay B. lain C. laying D. lying 2. -What do you think of the book? -Oh, excellent. It’s worth ______ a second time. A. to read B. to be read C. reading D. being reading 3. Go on _______ the other exercise after you have finished this one. A. to do B. doing C. with D. to be doing 4. There was a terrible noise ______ the sudden burst of light. A. followed B. following C. to be followed D. being followed 5. If it is fine tomorrow, we ______ a football match. A. have B. will have C. has D. shall has 6. When he was at school, he ______ early and take a walk before breakfast. A. will rise B. shall rise C. should rise D. would rise 7. In the past 30 years China ______ great advances in the socialist revolution and socialist construction. A. has made B. have made C. had made D. having made 8. I ______ go to bed until I ______ finished my work. A. don’t/had B. didn’t/have C. didn’t/had D. don’t/have 9. Mary is very late, she ______. A. may miss her train B. may have missed her train C. must miss her train D. could miss her train 10. Most of the artists _______ to the party were from South Africa. A. invited B. to invite C. being invited D. had been invited 11.“What did you do in the garden?”
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必修 2 Module 2 No Drugs
“I watched my father ______ his motorbike.” A. to repair B. repaired C. repairing D. repairs 12. I don’t allow ______ in my office and I don’t allow my family ______ at all. A. to smoke…smoking B. smoking…to smoke C. to smoke…to smoke D. smoking…smoking 13. _____ more attention, the trees could have grown better. A. Given B. To give C. Giving D. Having given 14. European football is played in 80 countries, _____ it the most popular sport in the world. A. making B. make C. made D. to make 15. The Olympic Games, ____ in 776 B. C., did not include women players until 1912. A. first playing B. to be first played C. first played D. to be first playing 16. He was a good runner so he ______ escape from the police. A. might B. succeeded to C. would D. was able to 17. I hoped ______ my letter. A. her to answer B. that she would answer C. that she answers D. her answering 18. The dictionary _____ me fifty dollars. A. spent B. paid C. cost D. costed 19. -I’m sorry for _______ in time. —That’s all right. A. getting it not done B. not getting it done C. getting not it done D. getting not to do it 20. The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street, but his mother told him _______. A. not to B. not to do C. not do it D. do not to

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必修 2 Module 2 No Drugs
Module 2 No Drugs 单词拼写答案 1.addicted 2. treatment 3. distract 4.connection 5. recognized 6. affected 7. criminal 8. illegal 9. participants 10. inject Ⅰ. 1. causing2. powerful3. mind 4. related5. offered 6. disagreed7. recognised 8. forbid9. likely10. treatment Ⅱ. A.1. pay for2. paid off 3. get paid4. paid5. pay back B. 1. broke into2. broke out 3. broke up4. break through 5. broke down6. break away from C.1. to the point2. off the point 3. on the point4. at all points Ⅲ. 1. To sleep 2. to improve 3. destroying 4. to find 5. to take Ⅳ. 1. can’t agree more 2. He is likely 3. in order to 4. so stupid that 5. should be forbidden Ⅴ. 1. 解析:选 B。考查动词辨析。 2. 解析:选 A。考查结果状语从句。 3. 解析:选 C。考查短语辨析。be in danger 处于危险中;be in danger of 有??危险。根据 句意“如果你再这样夜以继日地工作下去,你的健康会毁掉的”可知,答案为 C。 4. 解析:选 B。考查 in order to 与 so as to 的用法与区别。二者都表示“为了” ,其否定形式 分别在 to 前加 not;但是 so as to 不位于句首。句意为:为了上课不迟到,我起得很早,尽力 赶上第一班车。 5. 解析:选 C。考查短语辨析。give in 屈服,让步;give back 归还,恢复;give up 放弃;give off 发出(蒸气,光等) 。句意为:考试剩下的时间不多了,我只得放弃那道还没有解出的数学 难题,开始检查。 6. 解析:选 A。考查短语辨析。句意为:——嗨,鲍勃,你看上去很不高兴。——是的。有人 闯入我的汽车偷走了收音机。break into ; break up 结束,破坏; break down (机器等)出故障, 打破;break out 7. 解析: D。 选 考查与 addict 相关的短语。 addicted to 热衷; be 沉迷于, 相当于 addict oneself to。addictive 令人上瘾的,一般用来修饰物。 8. 解析:选 C。考查 ban 的用法。句意为:从周一到周五,每天禁止一种交通工具进入墨西哥 城。be banned from doing sth. 被禁止做某事。 9. 解析:选 C。考查连词的用法。句意为:我正在观看鲁能与实德的足球比赛,正在那时停电 了,真令人失望。when 正在那时,相当于 at this/that time 或 at the moment 等。其他几项 均没有这种用法。 10. 解析:选 D。由答语“在公共场所抽烟会使不抽烟者感到不适”可知,回答的人赞同前面 说话人的观点,故选 D,意为“我完全赞同” 。 单选答案 11—15 B ABC C 16---20 ABCD A 21—25 A A B A B Ⅵ. 1. 解析:选 B。由文章第一段第四句可知,B 项是人对烟有瘾的原因之一。 2. 解析:选 B。由第二段中“ is the tar that causes cancer ...”可知。 3. 解析:选 C。由文中“flicking the ashes 弹掉烟灰”可推断出正确答案。 4. 解析:选 B。由文中第二段的“...give up smoking completely ...”(完全戒烟)可知答案。
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必修 2 Module 2 No Drugs
5. 解析:选 B。由第一段的内容可知。 6. 解析:选 C。推理判断题。文中对 cigarette 的功能的怀疑,说明“没有证据支持能帮助戒 烟的功能” ,故选 C。 7. 解析:选 C。细节理解题。 从第二段“TV show The Doctors...”可知,The Doctors 是一 个电视节目,故 C 项正确,B 项错;从“Smart Smokers, one company”一句可知,A、D 两 项错。 8. 解析:选 A。细节理解题。 从第二段的第二句可知, “它”是在 2004 年卖出的第一支香烟, 故 B 项错;由第二句的“e ? cigarettes have been growing in popularity ever since”可推断 出 A 项正确;2008 年它被定为“前十名之一” ,而不一定是最好的,所以 C 项错;D 项为直接 陈述。 9. 解析:选 C。细节理解题。 从三段一、二句可知,A、B 错,C 项正确。D 项的三十倍于正 常的烟卷是错误的。 10. 解析:选 B。细节理解题。从最后一句可知,B 项正确。 补充练习 21-25 CACBA 26-30 ACBDA 31-35 CAACB 66. are → is 67. test → tests 68. advise → advised 69. article 前加 an 70. √ 71. And → But 72. 去掉 of 73. learned 后加 to 74. deep → deeply 75. on → at 非谓答案 1-5 DCABB 6-10 DACBA 11-15 CDA A C 16-20 DBCBA

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