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My First Day At Senior High School作文

My First Day At Senior High School My name is Zou Lening.I graduated from the No.6 Middle School.In military training, I know a lot of students and the teacher of our class, and instructors. I'm very happy. Trainers are very good at chat with us, but sometimes he is very strict with us. The first day of school, have no what, only the teacher on the platform. Is the head teacher of our class teaches us chemistry, although he is very humorous, but what impressed us most was our English teacher. Talking and laughing in the classroom, make us to the whole class is in laugh, make us feel how time flies, but it's not always has a smiling face, when we make mistakes, she is very strict to us.


作文What to learn in senior high school

作文What to learn in senior high school_英语_高中教育_教育专区。书面表达...Good morning,everyone!It’s my honour to be here to share with you my ...


Nervous but ___5___ (excite), I enjoyed the moment with my ___6__...potentials, leaving something special in our memory about senior high school....


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about Chinese culture since the first day to ...Senior Three “was held on our school playground...for high school graduates who are good at ...


Dear Editor: [引出话题] I’m a senior three ...and shared the housework with my mother everyday...are suffering a lot both at home and school. ...

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