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2016届高考英语大二轮复习 第一部分 阅读理解 专题二 任务型阅读(七选五)素能特训


建议用时:50 分钟 Ⅰ.完形填空 [2015·山西四校联考三 ]As a child, I started learning to play the piano, my favorite musical ___1___ , but I was forced to give up when I started my middle school___2___I could concentrate more on my studies. It's one of my biggest___3___ to stop practicing the piano when I recall sadly today. During the following years, I kept telling my piano teacher that I would___4___. However, I didn't keep my promise because I was___5___ with my study. ___6___ I lost touch with my teacher. Some years later, my teacher died. I was very sad because I lost such a good teacher. She was a very warm and gentle person. It ___8___ to. Sitting at the piano, I couldn't hurts me to think she may have been___7___that I never returned. I haven't taken lessons since then but to be honest, I help recalling many ___9___-times of my practising at home and playing before my ___11___ that I could hardly say anything.

teacher and one time my teacher___10___me after I played entire pieces of music wrong in front of her colleagues. I was so But her___12___helped ease my shame. These memories, ___13___, good or bad, never caused my___14___ for playing the piano again. This thought then led me to think that___15___is like music, and that we all try to play different___16___in the instrument of our life. Sometimes the pitch (音 高) is___17___ when we play it well, but sometimes we are out of tone. However, we all continue to create our own___18___style of music. No matter what style our music is, it is___19___that we sing the songs of joy, quietness and love. Though I may never make it back to piano lessons, it doesn't___20___that I've stopped making music. 本文主要介绍了作者学习弹钢琴的经历,告诉我们:人生就像音乐,无论我们的音乐风 格是什么,唱快乐、平静和爱的歌才是重要的。 1.A.instrument B.performance D.stage

答案:A 孩提时,“我”开始学习弹奏我最喜欢的乐器(instrument)——钢琴。但是, 当 “ 我 ” 上 中 学 时 , 为 了 (so that) 能 够 更 加 集 中 注 意 力 学 习 , “ 我 ” 被 迫 放 弃 了 。 performance“表演”;room“房间”;stage“舞台”。故 A 项正确。 2.A.because that 答案:B 项正确。 that D.for

参见上题解析。because“因为”;now that“既然”;for“因为”。故 B


3.A.successes C.decisions 答案: B C.leave

B.regrets D.hobbies

今天,当“我”悲伤地回想时,停止练习钢琴是“我”最遗憾的一件事。 B.graduate D.return

success“成功”;regret“遗憾”;decision“决定”;hobby“业余爱好”。故 B 项正确。

答案:D 在随后的几年里,“我”一再告诉“我”的钢琴老师“我”将回来(return)。 play“玩耍”;graduate“毕业”;leave“离开”。故 D 项正确。 5.A.occupied C.satisfied B.angry D.patient

答案: A 然而, 因为忙于学习“我”食言了。 angry“愤怒的”; satisfied“满意的”; patient“有耐心的”。be occupied with“忙于??”,故 A 项正确。 6.A.Actually C.Suddenly B.Constantly D.Gradually

答案: D 渐渐地(Gradually), “我”与老师失去了联系。 actually“实际上, 事实上”; constantly“始终,一直”;suddenly“突然”。故 D 项正确。 7.A.astonished C.disappointed B.glad D.amazed

答案:C “我”从没回来过,可能她会感到失望。astonished“吃惊的”;glad“高兴 的”;disappointed“失望的,沮丧的”;amazed“惊奇的”。故 C 项正确。 8.A.liked C.wanted B.needed D.decided

答案: C 从那以后, “我”没有上课, 但是说实话, “我”想(wanted)去。 like“喜欢”; need“需要”;decide“决定”。故 C 项正确。 9.A.dreams C.words B.expressions D.memories

答 案 : D 坐 在 钢 琴 前 , “ 我 ” 不 禁 回 想 起 许 多 记 忆 (memories) 。 dream“ 梦 ” ; expression“表达”;word“单词”。故 D 项正确。 10.A.instructed C.punished B.hurt D.respected

答案:A 有一次,当“我”在她同事面前错误地弹完一首曲子后,她指导(instructed) 了“我”。hurt“伤害”;punish“惩罚”;respect“尊敬”。故 A 项正确。 11.A.frightened C.embarrassed B.moved D.excited

答案:C “我”感到如此的尴尬以至于不能说任何话。frightened“害怕”;moved“感 动的”;embarrassed“尴尬的”;excited“激动的”。故 C 项正确。 12.A.happiness C.comfort B.satisfaction D.sigh

答案: C 但是,她的安慰 (comfort)帮助缓解了“我”的羞愧。happiness“快乐”;

satisfaction“满意”;sigh“叹气”。故 C 项正确。 13.A.instead C.therefore B.meanwhile D.however

答案:D 然而(however),这些或好或坏的记忆却从来没有激起“我”再次弹钢琴的勇 气(courage)。instead“反而”;meanwhile“与此同时”;therefore“因此”。根据句意 前后形成对比可知,D 项正确。 14.A.hope C.feeling 正确。 C.attitude B.learning D.enjoyment B.courage D.effort

答案:B 参见上题解析。hope“希望”;feeling“感情”;effort“努力”。故 B 项

答案:A 这种想法使“我”认为人生(life)就像音乐,而且我们所有的人都在试着扮演 着不同的角色(roles)。learning“学习”;attitude“态度”;enjoyment“享受”。故 A 项正确。 C.roles 故 C 项正确。 17.A.hard C.surprising B.wonderful D.complex B.sports

答案:C 参见上题解析。card“卡片”;sport“体育运动”;game“游戏,比赛”。

答案: B 有时,当我们演奏得好时,音高是精彩的 (wonderful) 。hard“困难的”; surprising“令人惊奇的”;complex“复杂的”。故 B 项正确。 18.A.unique C.common B.boring D.similar

答案:A 然而,我们继续创造着我们自己独特的(unique)音乐风格。boring“令人生厌 的”;common“普通的”;similar“相似的”。故 A 项正确。 19.A.necessary C.possible B.strange D.important

答案:D 不管我们的音乐风格是什么,我们唱快乐、平静和爱的歌才是重要的 (important)。necessary“必要的”;strange“陌生的”;possible“可能的”。故 D 项正 确。 20.A.matter B.mean D.appear

答案:B 尽管我可能从来没有回来学习钢琴,但并不意味着(mean)我已经停止创作音乐 了。matter“有关系,要紧”;report“报告”;appear“出现”。故 B 项正确。 Ⅱ.阅读理解 A [2015·吉林实验中学四模]During the past Spring Festival, many children may have

received red packets from their families. But Xing Pu, a 40?year?old economist, is asking the government to give red packets to every Chinese citizen. Xing suggested the government give out government income
W1 P1

1,000 yuan to each Chinese since the

has increased rapidly in recent years. He said his suggestion would

allow everyone to directly enjoy the fruits of the country's economic

success, help

the lower?income groups deal with rising prices and increase consumption (消费) around the country. Recent years have seen the government carry out

a series of pro?poor (扶贫)

and pro?rural (惠农) policies, including increasing spending on public healthcare and calling off

the agricultural tax. But the lower?income group still needs more

help while being hit hard by an 11?year high in prices and recent snowstorms. Xing said while making the draft, he has borrowed many ideas from practices in countries like the United States and Singapore. Earlier this year, the governments of the two nations offered cash handouts (救济) to their citizens as the result of a surplus

in government income. As for in China, “We can even encourage the rich

to donate

their 1,000 yuan red packet to the poor,” said Xing.

Although Xing's suggestion has gained wide support among ordinary Chinese on the Internet, many other economists criticized it as unpractical. Even Xing himself admitted he made the suggestion without any careful calculation . But they agreed with Xing's point that the growing economic pie should be shared among the people. “To better use the increase of money, handing out money is not a solution that
S W5

holds good for all time. It could be better to improve the public service or cut the
price of energy use in daily life,” said Qiao Xinsheng, an economic professor. 春节期间孩子会得到家人给的红包,但 40 岁的经济学家也要求政府发给农民红包,从 而引起了广泛的讨论。 1.Xing Pu suggested that the government give out 1,000 yuan to each Chinese because ________. A.the poor should get help from the rich B.the government should help the rich C.the growing economic pie should be shared among the people D.the government doesn't know how to use the money 答案: C 考查细节理解。根据第二段提到“He said his suggestion would allow everyone to directly enjoy the fruits of the country's economic success, help the

lower?income groups deal with rising prices and increase consumption (消费) around the country.”他说他的建议允许大家来享受国家经济成功的果实,故选 C 项。 2.What has the government done to help the lower?income group? A.Spending less on public health care. B.Increasing the agricultural tax. C.Handing out money to every Chinese. D.Carrying out pro?poor policies. 答案:D 考查细节理解。根据第三段提到“Recent years have seen the government carry out a series of pro?poor ( 扶 贫 )and pro?rural ( 惠 农 )policies, including increasing spending on public healthcare and calling off the agricultural tax.” 政府推出一系列的扶贫和理家政策包括增加公共福利投入,取消农业税,故选 D 项。 3.According to some experts, what is better than giving out money? A.Supplying food to everyone every day. B.Cutting the price of energy use in daily life. C.Controlling the rising of prices. D.Increasing the government income. 答案: B 考查细节理解。 根据最后一段提到“It could be better to improve the public service or cut the price of energy use in daily life.” 提高公共服务或减少日常生 活中的能源价格,故选 B 项。 4.Xing Pu's ideas of giving red packets to every Chinese citizen mainly came from ________. A.children receiving red packets from their families B.the US and Singapore governments offering cash handouts to their citizens C.the government's increasing spending on public health care D.the rising prices in the country 答案:B 考查细节理解。根据第四段提到“Xing said while making the draft, he has borrowed many ideas from practices in countries like the United States and Singapore” 这个人说,在起草这个意见的时候,他借鉴像美国和新加坡这些国家的想法,故选 B 项。 W重点词汇 1.income n. 收入;收益 3.surplus n. 剩余;盈余 P重点短语 1.give out 分发;用尽 2.carry out 执行;实行 off 取消 S句式仿写 原文:To better use the increase of money, handing out money is not a solution that holds good for all time.(动名词作主语)

2.economic adj. 经济的 4.donate vt. 捐赠;捐献

5.calculation n. 计算;估计

译文:为了更好的利用货币价值的增长,分钱并不是一个持续拥有好处的方法。 仿写: Reading_a_great_many_English_novels is of great help to enlarge your vocabulary. 阅读大量的英文小说,有助于扩大你的词汇量。

B [2015· 河 南 郑 州 质 量 预 测 一 ]“A photograph that one has taken of oneself,

typically with a smart phone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website” is
the definition of “selfie” in the Oxford English Dictionary. In fact, it wasn't even in the dictionary until August of last year. It earned its place there because people are now so obsessed with (对??痴迷) selfies-we take them when we try on a new hat, play with our pets or when we meet a friend whom we haven't seen in a while. But is there any scientific

explanation for this obsession? Well, you should

probably ask James Kilner, a neuroscientist (神经系统科学家) at University College London. Through our lifetime we become experts at recognizing and interpreting
P1 W3


people's faces and facial expressions. In contrast , according to Kilner, we have a very poor understanding of our own faces since we have little experience of looking at them-we just feel them most of the time. This has been proved in previous studies, according to the BBC. Kilner found that most people chose the more attractive that we tend to think of ourselves as
P2 W4

picture. This suggests

better?looking than we actually are. To further

test how we actually perceive our own faces, Kilner carried out another study. He

showed people different versions of their own portrait-the original, one that had been edited to look less attractive and one that was made more attractive -and asked
them to pick the version which they thought looked most like them. They chose the more attractive version. But what does it say about settles? Well, isn't that obvious? Selfies give us the power to create a photograph-by taking it from various angles, with different poses, using filters (滤色镜) and so on-that better matches our expectations our actual faces. “You suddenly have control in a way that you don't have in non?virtual (非 虚拟的) interactions.” Kilner told the Canada?based CTV News. Selfies allow you “to
W5 S



keep taking pictures until you manage to take one you're happy with”, he explained. 文章主要讲述了人们为什么喜爱“自拍”的一项报告。 5.What is the passage mainly about? A.The definition and fun of taking selfies. B.A study of why people love taking selfies. C.How taking selfies influences people's daily lives. D.How to interpret people's facial expressions in their selfies. 答案: B 考查主旨大意。 根据第二段第一句“But is there any scientific explanation for this obsession?”以及下文的内容可推出,文章主要解释的是人们喜欢自拍的原因。 6 . The underlined word “perceive” in Paragraph 5 can be replaced by “________”. A.interpret C.choose B.beautify D.explain

答案:A 考查词义猜测。根据上文的“we have a very poor understanding of our own faces since we have little experience of looking at...”perceive “理解为;认为”; interpret “领会,理解为”。 7.What did Kilner discover from his researches? A.People interpret others' facial expressions worse than their own. B.People tend to spend more time looking at their faces than at others'. C.People tend to believe they look more attractive than they actually are. D.People who like taking selfies know more about their facial expressions. 答案:C 考查细节理解。根据第五段前两句“Kilner found that most people chose the more attractive picture. This suggests that we tend to think of ourselves as better?looking than we actually are.”人们认为自己长相比实际要好看。 8.According to Kilner, people like taking selfies probably because they think ________. is a good chance to learn more about their actual faces is a way to respond to others' facial expressions correctly enables them to interact with their friends in social media allows them to satisfy their expectations with their appearances 答案:D 考 查 细 节 理 解 。 根 据 倒 数 第 二 段 最 后 一 句 “that better matches our expectations with our actual faces.”可知答案。 W重点词汇 1.typically adv. 典型地;有代表性地 2.scientific adj. 科学的 3.interpret vt. 翻译(口译);阐述 4.attractive adj. 吸引人的 5.expectation n. 期待;预期 P重点短语
-7- contrast 与此相反;比较起来 2.think把??当作?? S句式仿写 原文:He showed people different versions of their own portrait-the original, one that had been edited to look less attractive and one that was made more attractive.(同位语) 译文:他向人们展示他们自己的画像——最原始的一张,一张已经被编辑的不太迷人的 照片,还有一张被制作的很迷人。 仿写:Selby, a_player_who_won_the_title_of_the_2014._World_ Championship,_is diligent and talented in the field of Snooker. 塞尔比,一个赢得了 2014 年世界锦标赛冠军头衔的运动员,在斯诺克界集勤奋与天赋 于一身。

Ⅲ.七选五 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余 选项。 [2015·北京东城区一模]Anxiety is your mental watchman. Its fixed pattern is to search for what may be about to go wrong, it continually, and without your conscious permission, scans your life, even when you are asleep, in dreams and nightmares. ___1___ When it finds one, it worries it. Along with depression and anger, anxiety is one of the bad faces of worries ___2___ Controlled by anxiety, you will feel a lack of security and confidence. When anxiety is severe and pained, it can be a sign of a disorder, such as panic or terror. Although anxiety seems to have a biological basis, it is habit?forming for many of us. Some of our anxious feelings are in fact wasted energy. Anxiety has gotten out of hand when it is pointless and repeated. When you are faced with a problem at work, before taking a test, or making an important decision, you will feel anxious. When you are controlled by anxiety, you are unable to control your emotions (情感) to the point of it changing your daily routine and habits. ___3___ Or you find you are usually anxious at work or around your family. At times, you should listen to the message of your negative emotions, as uncomfortable as they may be, and change your outward life rather than your emotional life. ___4___ If you are worried about the dangers of your brother's new hobby, sky diving, perhaps you ought to tell him so. Taking action may relieve your anxiety. ___5___ By learning to stop always seeking guarantee, not only can you start to undo the automatic cycle of anxiety, but also you learn that you can manage just fine without the need for constant guarantee. This in turn creates a sense of self?confidence and self?respect, which is vital to overcome anxiety. A.For these people, saying NO to others is often of much anxiety.

B.It reviews your work, your love, your play until it finds an imperfection. C.Comparing anxiety with depression helps to discuss possible cures for anxiety. D.These three common emotions are considered the cause of most mental illnesses. E.If that doesn't work, then it's time to deal with any automatic thoughts in yourself. F.If you are anxious about the work, you might get to the office an hour earlier every day. G.You find yourself waking up anxious, going through the day anxious and going to bed anxious. 本文讲述的是关于焦虑的一些情况,焦虑的影响以及如何转换焦虑,克服焦虑。 1.B 本题根据关键信息代词“it”,选项与文章中 it 的指代一致性可确定答案。 2.D 根据上文提到的关键信息“depression, anger, anxiety”三个同属性的名词, 结合选项“these three common emotions”可知答案。 3.G 上文讲述的是一旦人被焦虑控制时的表现,下文亦是如此,故可知答案应与焦虑 后的表现有关,故选 G。 4.F 根据句式结构的一致性,下文中的 If 条件句与选项 F 一致,代入后根据语境可 知答案是 F。 5.E 下 文 中 讲 述 的 是 如 何 自 己 解 决 焦 虑 带 来 的 困 扰 , “by...not only...but also...”可知该空应承上启下,答案是 E。 Ⅳ.书面表达 [2015·天津河东区一模]假如你是李华,为了进一步提高英语水平并了解西方的文化, 你打算利用今年暑假的时间去美国 Edward 语言学习中心学习英语。请根据下面的提示内容给 该中心的负责人 Bruce 写一封信,把自己的要求告诉对方,希望尽快得到答复。 1.学习内容:英语口语; 2.学习方式:最好是讨论或社会调查; 3.食宿和交通:住在美国家庭,步行去学校,以便熟悉周围环境; 4.学费或其他。 注意:1.词数不少于 100; 2.必须包含提示内容; 3.请勿提及真实学校名称; 4.可适当加入细节,以使内容充实、行文连贯。 Dear Bruce, I'd like to study English in your language center this summer vacation._______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Best wishes! Yours sincerely,

Li Hua One possible version: Dear_Bruce, I'd_like_to_study_English_in_your_language_center_this_summer_vacation.I think it will greatly improve my spoken English and also I'll learn about American culture. Studying in a traditional class in our country, I'd like a change. I think it's better to discuss in class and it'll be interesting to make a survey of society. If I have a chance to stay in an American family, that will be better. Living there, I can enjoy their culture and foods. I am wondering if I have a chance to live near the language center. If so, I can go to school on foot, which I think is easy for me to get to know the place quickly. Besides, I'd like some information about your fees. I'd be grateful if you give me a hand. Looking forward to your reply. Best_wishes! Yours_sincerely, Li_Hua

- 10 -


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高考英语二轮复习训练:1-2 任务型阅读(七选五)b ...答案:C 考查细节理解。根据第二段提到“He said ...2016届高考英语二轮复习... 暂无评价 5页 1下载券...


2016辽宁营口高考英语二轮七选五类任务型阅读训练(6)_经管营销_专业资料。辽宁营口市 2016 高考英语七选五任务型阅读(二轮)训练(6)【2016 模拟题】第二七选五 ...

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