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2015年高考英语复习(一) 名词

2015 年高考英语复习(一)


第一节 真题再现(下面是陕西卷历年考试真题,你能把他们都做对吗?) 〖06 陕西〗改错:You can live in the school or near the school. They have all sorts of course. 〖07 陕西〗He and his wife are of the same ;they both want their son to go to college. A.soul B.spirit ? C.heart D.mind 改错:Personally, I found most lesson rather uninteresting. 〖08 陕西〗 改错 Last week his mother gave him two tickets for a play….Before the play started, he left the ticket on the back seat of his taxi. 〖09 陕西〗 Form their _____ on the top of the TV Tower, visitors can have a better view of the city. A. stage B. position C. condition D. situation 改错:Some friends of his go to see him everyday, they take him lots of good book and fresh fruit. 〖11 陕西〗改错 I came across a crew make a new film with one of my favourite actor. 〖12 陕西〗改错 The food was wonderful with reasonable prices, and we enjoyed several local dish. 〖13 陕西〗改错 Within the next few minute, my grandfather also caught a fish. 第二节 名词的热点和难点 (一) 名词变复数的注意事项 1. 正常情况 2. 以 s、x 、sh、ch, 结尾的词 3. 辅音字母+y 结尾 4. 以 o 结尾的名词 5. 以 f 或 fe 结尾的名词 6. 不规则变化 (二) 名词做定语的注意事项 two shoe shops men workers women teachers (三) 名词所有格 1. 单数名词词尾加"'s",复数名词词尾没有 s,也要加"'s",如 the boy's bag,men's room。 2. 若名词已有复数词尾-s ,只加“’” ,如:the workers' struggle 3. 名词所有格省略 at the tailor ’s ; at the doctor ’s ; at the teachers’ ; at my uncles My bicycle is more expensive than Li Hua’s. 4. 如果两个名词并列,并且分别有's,则表示"分别有";只有一个's,则表示'共有'。 如:John's and Mary's room(两间)John and Mary's room(一间) 5. 有些表示时间、距离、度量衡、价值、自然现象、国家、城镇等无生命东西的名词,也可 以加's 构成所有格。例如: today's newspaper five minutes' walk the moon's rays 6.of 所有格一般用于无生命的东西的名词中 the hands of the watch 7. 双重所有格及其用法 's 所有格和 of 所有格两种所有格形式结合在一起,构成"of+所有格"形式,即双重的所有格。 它通常表示部分概念,即全体中的一部分,在意义上与"one of. . ." 1) .名词+of+'s 所有格。例如:
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He is a friend of my sister's. (=one of my sister's friends) 2) .名词+of+名词性物主代词。例如: a good friend of mine an interesting story of his (四)常见不可数名词 advice, baggage, coal, equipment, fun, furniture, grass, harm, information, ink, knowledge, laughter, luggage, meat, money, news, paper, weather, work, sugar, tea, progress, homework, room(空间), exercise(锻炼) (五)抽象名词具体化 beauty, surprise, pleasure, honour, success, failure, danger (六) take notes; take turns (to do sth.); take measures to do; make friends; shake hands; as follows; in rags; in ruins; in dozens; burst into tears 第三节 熟能生巧 一. 单据改错练习 1. What a lot of works I have to finish today! 2. Both Marx and Engels were Germen. 3. What a beautiful weather we are having recently! 4. Most of them are woman doctors. 5. He wrote a three-hundred-words report. 6. There are four baskets of apple in that room. 7. This computer cost me eight thousands yuan. 8. Will you please make a room for the lady outside? 9. She has made some progresses in English. 10. His work is better than anyone else. 11.You'll find this map of great valuable in helping you to get round London. 12. My brother has had one of his tooth taken out. 13. Li Hua is taller than anyone else’s. 14. You’d better follow your teacher advice. 15. There is a shoes shop beside the supermarket. 16. Can you give me some informations about Mo Yan? 17. If you want to make friend with him, you should change your attitude towards him first. 18. Mary is really good at taking note in class. 19. They bought a lot of furnitures last week. 20. We will decorate the classroom with beautiful flowers and balloon. 二. 高考真题演练 1. [14 安徽]29.— Why not buy a second-hand car first if you don't have enough money for a new one? — That's a good . A. saying B. question C. suggestion D. account 2. [14 湖北]22. When Richard said, “You are much more agreeable and prettier now,” Joan’s face
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turned red at the unexpected ______. A. command B. comparison C. compliment D. contribution 3. [14 天津]3. Wind is now the world’s fastest growing ________ of power. A. source B. sense C. result D. root 4. [浙江卷]6.We most prefer to say yes to the ______ of someone we know and like. A. attempts B. requests C. doubts D. promises 5. [14 福建]26. —Could you tell me the____ of making such tasty cakes? — Well, I just follow the directions in the cookbook. A. feature B. plan C. cost D. trick 6. 【2013 江西】22. Whenever I made mistakes, the teacher pointed them out with ______. A. curiosity B. satisfaction C. envy D. patience 7. 【2013 辽宁】23. The accident caused some______ to my car, but it’s nothing serious. A. harm B. injury C. ruin D. damage 8. 【2013 天津】7. While she was in Paris, she developed a for fine art. A. way B. relation C. taste D. habit 9. 【2013 浙江】4. As the world’s population continues to grow, the ______ of food becomes more and more of a concern. A. worth B. supply C. package D. list 10. 【2012 福建卷】25. 一 Why do you choose to work in an international travel agency? 一 Well, you know, English is my______ . So it is my best choice. A. strength B. talent C. ability D. skill 11. 【2012 浙江卷】7. Your ________as a student will be excellent if you develop a habit of reflecting on how you learn. A. operation B. growth C. performance D. character 12. 【2012 湖北卷】29. It is important to have your eyes examined regularly to check for any sign of eye disease that may not have any ________. A. symptom B. similarity C. sample D. shadow 13. 【2012 江西卷】29.You’d better write down the phone number of that restaurant for future . A.purpose B.reference C.progress D.memory 14. 【2012 四川卷】 15. He will come to understand your efforts sooner or later. It’s just a matter of _____. A. luck B. value C. time D. fact 15. 【2012 天津卷】You were working too hard. You’d better keep a ________between work and relaxation. A. promise B. lead C. balance D. diary 2011 四川卷,13 Always remember to put such dangerous things as knives out of children’s . A.touch B.sight C.reach D.distance 2011 湖北卷,21 “Tommy, run! Be quick! The house is on fire!” the mother shouted, with______ clearly in her voice. A . anger B. rudeness C. regret D. panic 2011 江西卷 31 What’s the_____, in your opinion, of helping him if he doesn’t make an effort to help himself?
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A.sympathy B.theme C.object D.point 19. 〖10 山东〗Those who suffer from headache will find they get ______ from this medicine. A. relief B. safety C. defense D. shelter 20. 〖10 天津〗James took the magazines off the little table to make for the television. A. room B. area C. field D. position 21. 〖10 江苏〗The doctor is skilled at treating heart trouble and never accepts any gift from his patients, so he has a very good_____. A. expectation B. reputation C. contribution D. civilization 22. 〖10 浙江〗 The school advisers help you talk through your problem but they don’t give you any direct ______. A. solution B. target C. measure D. function 23. 〖09 湖北〗 In our class, when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book, it was a ______ for everyone to stand up. A. signal B. chance C. mark D. measure 24. 〖09 江西〗The ____________ shoes were covered with mud, so I asked them to take them off before they got into __________ car. A. girl’s; Tom’s B. girls’; Toms’ C. girls’; Tom’s D. girl’s; Toms’ 25. 〖09 山东〗-------He says that my new car is a ____________ of money. -------Don’t you think those words are just sour grapes? A. lack B. load C. question D. waste 26. 〖09 浙江〗 The system has been designed to give students quick and easy ______ to the digital resources of the library. A. access B. passage C. way D. approach 27. 〖08 山东〗I bought a dress for only 10 dollars in a sale; it was a real ______. A. exchange B. bargain C. trade D. business 28. 〖08 浙江〗 Dogs have a very good ______ of smell and are often used to search for survivors in an earthquake. A. sense B. view C. means D. idea 29. 〖08 湖北〗The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly______ A. atmosphere B. state C. situation D. phenomenon 30. 〖07 天津〗One thousand dollars a month is not a fortune but would help cover my living ________. A. bills B. expenses C. prices D. charges 31 〖06 福建〗 Always read the________on the bottle carefully and take the right amout of medieine. A.explanstions B.instructions C.descriptions D.introductions 32〖06 湖北〗At the meeting they discussed three different ______to the study of mathematics. A. approaches B. means C. methods D. ways 33. 〖08 湖北〗The young man made a ______ to his parents that he would try to earn his own living after graduation. A.prediction B.promise C.plan D.contribution

2015 年高考英语复习(一)


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