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An adventure in Africa1

Unit 2 Wish you were here


An adventure in Africa

the Eiffel Tower

Sydney Opera House

the Great Wall

the Acropolis

the Taj Mahal

London Bridge

Egyptian Pyramids

the River Nile


the Sahara Desert

Lake Victoria

the grasslands of Africa 非洲大草原

Cape of Good Hope 好望角

Mount Kilimanjaro(乞力马扎罗山)

? Do you like traveling? Why? ? Which place would you like to visit most? Why? ? What is the most exciting and amazing place you have ever been to?


Put the activities in the correct order according to the text
_____ travel down the River Nile _____ ride camels through the Sahara Desert _____ climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania _____ see wild animals in Kenya _____ take a flight to Morocco _____ go to the Himalayas

Draw a travelling route


The Himalayas Sahara Desert

River Nile
Kenya Tanzania

Introduction Greeting and beginning ( Para 1) Para 2 Travel through the Sahara Desert

Body ( Para 2-6)

Para 3 Travel down the River Nile
Para 4-5 Travel in Kenya Para 6 Travel to Tanzania

Conclusion ( Para 7)

Closing of the letter

Para. 1 ( Introduction)
From the first paragraph, we can know that ___________________.
A. Toby is planning a business trip. B. Toby usually travels in his summer holiday. C. Colin wants to travel before starting university. D. Toby is not very excited about the trip.

Para. 2 (the Sahara Desert)
Size Weather about the size of the US

very hot, dry and dusty
by camel camp in tents

Transportation Activities

sleep on the ground
watch the stars on clear nights Things to take

Things to take

a flashlight tents sleeping bags

Altogether, the trip in the Sahara will take 6 worried ___ days, and Toby is ________ about travelling by camel.

Para. 3 (the River Nile)
(1) What will they do a little way down the river from Lake Victoria? They will go white-water rafting. (2) What is this activity like?

(3)How to protect yourself in such an activity?


Para. 4-5 (Kenya)
and 1. They will live with the local villagers, but F what they bring with do. eat and drink whatever the villagersthem. 2. F To follow the tracks of wildlife, they’ll walk during the day. across the land even during the night. 3. Their guides will have guns with them to F scare the animals away if distance. too near. hunt wild animals in the they come 4. Toby is dying to see an elephant up close, F giraffe. and Colin wants to see a lion.

Para. 6 (Tanzania)

After their trip in Kenya, they will Tanzania move on to _________ where they are Mount Kilimanjaro going to climb ____________________. tiring It can be very _______ to climb sick mountains and many people feel ____ atmosphere because the _____________ gets thinner ________. As a result, they will make rest sure to get a good amount of _____.

Task-based reading
Time On 15th July After arriving in Morocco Six days later Activities Toby and his brother will leave London for Morocco air/ plane by(1)_______ They are going to travel through the Sahara Desert camel by(2)_______, and they will camp in tents and sleep on ground the(3)________with local guides. They are going to travel down the River Nile and go(4) __________rafting, and for (5)___________they have to protection white-water wear a helmet and a life jacket.

In the following They will go to Kenya to see wild animals, (6)_____with living the local people and eating and drinking(7) two weeks whatever __________they do. During the day they will walk across the land and try to get close to the wild animals to take some really good(8)___________. photographs After the trip to They will be moving on to Tanzania and they are going to tiring Kenya climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which can be very(9)_________. Afterwards After the (10) ________ part of their trip, they are going to African the Himalayas

Oral practice An interview
--- Good morning, Toby. I’m … from BBC. Would you mind my asking you some questions about your trip to Africa? --- No, not at all. What would you like to know about it? …

Oral practice
Places the Sahara Desert the River Nile Kenya Tanzania

I’m Toby… Activities ride… camp… sleep… be uncomfortable travel down… go rafting be dangerous but exciting see… walk … follow… be dangerous
climb… be tiring be sick; get rest

Imagine what difficulties Toby will possibly meet and how he will deal with them?

What will Toby’s adventure be like
exciting challenging tiring enjoyable uncomfortable

scary meaningful

Positive aspects Negative aspects
exciting challenging enjoyable meaningful … dangerous

uncomfortable scary …


Is it worthwhile to take part in an adventurous trip? Why?

Sentence structure
I think it is worthwhile, because … I don’t think it is worthwhile, because …

★ enjoy the beauty of Nature; ★ explore amazing and unknown places; ★ enrich one’s life experiences; ★ challenge oneself; ★ learn to solve problems in a wise way; ★ learn survival skills; ★ become stronger physically and psychologically; ★ be more tolerant…

Adventures are challenging because you will encounter all kinds of unexpected difficulties along the way. However, when you reach your destination in the end, you will find it is these adventures that make you a stronger person.

Life is just like an adventure, and so is your school life. As long as you believe in yourself, make full preparations, and accept new challenges bravely, you will mount your “Himalayas” at last!

1. Retell the letter after class.

2. Write an article on what you can learn from an adventure travel in about 120 words.

Thanks for your attention!

Why do we like traveling?
?enjoy the beauty of nature ?learn about the outside world ?get excitement or relax oneself ?do some research ?study wildlife or plants ?be interested in delicious food ?do business or make friends…

Traveling broadens our mind.



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