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完形填空与阅读理解天天练 53

完形填空与阅读理解天天练 53

Oct. 16

Space is a dangerous place, not only because of meteors 流星) also because of rays from the sun and ( but other stars. The atmosphere again acts as our protective blanket on earth. Light gets through, and this is essential for plants to make the food, which we eat. Heat, too, makes our environment endurable. Various kinds of rays come through the air from outer space, but enormous quantities of radiation from the sun are screened off. As soon as men leave the atmosphere they are exposed to this radiation but their spacesuits or the walls of their spacecraft, if they are inside, do prevent a lot of radiation damage. Radiation is the greatest known danger to explorers in space. The unit of radiation is called “rem”. Scientists have reason to think that a man can put up with far more radiation than 0.1 rem without being damaged; the figure of 60 rems has been agreed on. The trouble is that it is extremely difficult to be sure about radiation damage—a person may feel perfectly well, but the cells of his or her sex organs may be damaged, and this will not be discovered until the birth of deformed (畸形的) children or even grandchildren. Missions of the Apollo flights have had to cross belts of high radiation and, during the outward and return journeys, the Apollo crew accumulated a large amount of rems. So far, no dangerous amounts of radiation have been reported, but the Apollo missions have been quite short. We simply do not know yet how men are going to get on when they spend weeks and months outside the protection of the atmosphere, working in a space laboratory. Drugs might help to decrease the damage done by radiation, but no really effective ones have been found so far. 50. We know from the passage that ________. A. exposure to even tiny amounts of radiation is fatal B. the effect of exposure to radiation is slow in coming C. radiation is avoidable in space exploration D. astronauts in spacesuits needn’t worry about radiation damage 51. It can be inferred from the passage that ________. A. the Apollo mission was very successful B. protection from space radiation is no easy job C. astronauts will have deformed children or grandchildren D. radiation is not a threat to well-protected space explorers 52. The best title for this passage would be _______. A. The Atmosphere and Our Environment B. Research on Radiation C. Effects of Space Radiation D. Importance of Protection Against Radiation

Miss Wenter was watching TV when the program suddenly stopped. “Sorry to 21 the program. Now we are requested to 22 an important notice from the police station. At about nine this evening, a lady named Mrs. Humney was 23 and killed. Anyone who can supply any clue (线索) is requested to report to the 24 . Thank you.” The terrible news made the lonely girl 25 with fear. She couldn’t help looking around, but she didn’t notice that a man was already 26 behind the door to the veranda (阳台). All of a 27 the man appeared before Miss Wenter. The girl really didn’t know what to do. “Don’t ask for trouble, just put your jewellery on the table; then think over 28 I shall be safe to stay up here for the night,” said the robber. That made Miss Wenter even more 29 , but she tried to 30 herself. Just then came the whistle of a police car, In a little while, someone rang the doorbell. The robber said with a gun 31 the girl’s back, “Go to the door and say that you’ve gone to bed. Never let him in.” __32 , the girl had an idea. “Oh, who are you?” she said. “I’m Sergeant Bull, Miss Wenter. Is there something 33 here?” “No, there isn’t.” Immediately she added loudly, 34 , my elder brother extends his 35 greetings (问候) to you.” “Thank you. Good night,” Bull replied in the same 36 . A few minutes later, the sound of the police car going 37 could be heard. “It’s well 38 ,” the robber said with a smile. Then he rushed to the girl. Almost at the same time the glass on the window was broken. The policemen hurried into the room from the veranda. They quickly put handcuffs (手铐) on the robber. “Miss Wenter, your greetings were so good that it made us take 39 right away,” said Sergeant Bull, because we’ve already known that your 40 was killed in a robbery half a year ago.” 21. A. stop B. share C. interrupt D. control 22. A. obey B. make C. introduce D. broadcast 23. A. robbed B. hurt C. wounded D. stolen 24. A. public B. police C. hospital D. family 25. A. cry B. shake C. fall D. tremble 26. A. hidden B. sitting C. away D. staying 27. A. while B. time C. period D. sudden 28. A. that B. whether C. where D. what 29. A. careful B. anxious C. strange D. terrified 30. A. protect B. help C. calm D. express 31. A. at B. against C. behind D. beyond 32. A. In a hurry B. Once in a while C. At the same time D. In a flash 33. A. new B. important C. unusual D. upset 34. A. Instead B. However C. Otherwise D. Besides 35. A. warm B. deep C. kind D. real 36. A. sound B. manner C. speech D. voice 37. A. out B. on C. along D. away 38. A. answered B. refused C. done D. said 39. A. care B. action C. risk D. step 40. A. neighbor B. brother C. friend D. parent


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