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22. With this New Year ____ new challenges. New challenges _____ with this New Year. A. comes B. will come C. is coming D. come There ____ the rest of our colleagues. A: come B: comes C: was coming D: were coming Among the crises that face humans ____ the lack of natural resources. A: is B: are C: is there D: are there

One of the major banks has lowered its interest rates and the other banks are expected to follow suit.

? 23. A. follow suit ? B. sink or swim together
either we swim together or we sink together.

? C. set eyes on it Fix one’s eyes on ? D. get to the bottom of it 找到起因,挖出祸根
be/ lie at the bottom of sth是某事的根源,起因,导火索 这句话是最近欧盟总裁José Manuel Barroso在描 述中国和欧洲面对当前经济危机的时候讲到的一句 话,意思是:共存亡(原意:要么一起浮在水面,要么 一起沉下去)

相同的,相等的;能胜任的 ? 24. be equal to ? be essential to 基本的,必要的,必不可少的

Money is not essential to/for happiness.

be superior to


注意下面各句里用 should 虚拟式 It is essential that the change should be made. It is essential that the change be(不用is)made.
类似用法: 英语里有些形容词在意义上与情态或意愿有关, 如important(重要的), necessary(必须), imperative(非常必要的),vital(生命攸关的), appropriate(适当的),advisable(明智的), desirable(好的,所希望的), impossible(不可能的)等等。

? 26. Flocks of customers joined Alibaba Singles’Day, Hong Kong, the U.S. and Russia_______ the top three outside. ? A. claimed B. to be claimed ? C. claiming D. being claimed

claim 声称,断言;索取,认领;获得,赢得;夺去(生命) He claims that he was not giving a fair chance. I don’t claim to be an expert. Scientists are claiming a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer. A lot of lost property is never claimed. She finally claimed a place on the team. The car crash claimed three lives. 成群的顾客加入了阿里巴巴的光棍节,香港、美国和俄 罗斯成为 (大陆)以外的前三甲。

? ? ? ?

27. sth escape one’s notice 某事被某人疏忽 narrow escape九死一生,幸免于难 neglect one’s duty 玩忽职守 It might have_______ your notice but I am very busy at the moment. ? A. quit B. neglected ? C. escaped D. denied
你可能没有注意到,但是我当时太忙了。 neglect n. 忽略,疏忽 v. 忽视,疏忽,疏漏 Sb neglect sth

? 28. He abandoned teaching_______ a career as a musician. ? A. in favor of B. in terms of ? C with regard to D. with reference to

? ? ? ?

in favor of 支持,赞成 in terms of 就…而言 with regard to至于/关于 with reference to关于/有关/参考,参照

v. 钦佩;羡慕;赞赏;欣赏

? 29. admire the natural beauty 欣赏自然美景 cherish珍惜 observe 观察,庆祝,遵守 ? 30. hold up ? An accident is holding up traffic. 延迟,阻碍 ? She’s holding up well under the pressure.

? She’s always holding up her children as models of good behavior. 举出例子,提出榜样
take sb as an example Set an example to sb

? Keep up 1.居高不下;不低落 2.保持友 谊或通讯关系 ? I‘ve kept up friendship with him for twenty years. 我和他20年来一直保持着 友好关系。 ? pick up 1.拾起;拿起;跌倒后爬起 2. 支付 3. (开车)带人 4.收集;收拾;整理 5.偶 然得到(或学到、找到)

? 31. Estella showed me the way with a candle. When she opened the side entrance, the_______ of the daylight quite confused me. ? A. trend B. rush ? C. crash D. increase

? rush:(突然的)一阵强烈感情;(身体的)一阵感觉
? The memory of who he was came back to him with a rush. 他忽地一下子想起了自己是谁。 ? He felt a sudden rush of panic at the thought. 想到这点, 他突然感到一阵强烈的恐慌。

? ? ? ?

突然之间闯入的阳光 rush hour 交通高峰期 in a rush 匆匆忙忙 gold rush 淘金热

? 32. If people outside China learned a bit about jasmine tea culture, they would realize there_______ a lot of enjoyment in it. ? A. is B. was ? C. were D. would be jasmine tea culture 茉莉花茶文化

? 34. Mr. Smith let off upon me the speech he_______ to make all along. ? A. had died B. died ? C. was dying D. had been dying
? be dying to do/ for sth急切去做 ; 很想做 ; 渴望 ; 渴望 做

? be eager / anxious/ desperate to do

? 35. —Do you know the newly appointed CEO? ? --__________. ? A. I’ll check it B. Only that there is one ? C. More often than not D. It will come to me ? I'm not aware of this deal yet,but I'll check it for you. ? Only that there is one = I only know there is one. 我 只知道有这么个人 ? more often than not= frequently 经常,往往

? I can't remember her name now. It will come to me later. 我会想起来的。

总分: 30 最高分: 28 最低分: 12 平均分: 20.6


Check the answers 题号 选项
Passage BA Passage Passage C Passage Passage DC

Passage B Passage D

60 B D C/D 61 B/C/D 64 66 C 67 ? 69 70

C B ? ?

正答% 34% 57%

考题类型 推理判断 语境推断 细节理解 推理判断 细节理解 概括归纳 主旨大意

A/D 30% C ? A 67% B/D ? C ?45% ? B/C B/C/D 65% A/B/D 9%

Passage B 长难句分析 Para 6 Mrs. Hatch may have expressed the secret desires and attitudes of untold millions of her peers– that is, in the early 21st century, have women grown tired of the burdens and expectations{that the “freedoms” they have gained give them? }
Mrs. Hatch可能已经表达了数百万和她同辈 人的秘密的欲望和不被人知的态度。也就是 说,在21世纪初女性已经厌倦了已获得的自 由所给她们的负担和期望了吗?

解题技巧:1)找关键词 Passage B:

2)注意关联词(but,yet等) 3)注意题目之间的联系 60 . In the author’s opinion, is missing in thein Perhaps most women (even what the ones who get lost lives of contemporary women? romance novels) do not want to go all the way back – but C. it is obvious________. Liberty D. Care Para 5


61. Which sentence can be put in the blank in the last paragraph? B. they are unhappy with how the world has turned out C. true love described in romance novels does exist in reality. D. romance novels provide them with an access to society

Passage C: 64. Why is generative medicine considered innovative? A. It will provide patients with replacement soft tissues. 与原文不符 × D. It will make patients live longer with bioartificial organs. Para 2 This innovative field seeks to provide patients with replacement body parts. These parts are not made of steel; they are the real thing– living cells, tissue, and even organs.

Passage D: Analyze the passage
short story Genre(体裁) __________________________ an old man, Mr. Ezenwa Main character: ____________________________ Who is Evelyn? His wife, passed away Para 2 The watch that has stopped working the day his beloved Evelyn left Para 4 He prayed to the God who now took care of Evelyn Para 9 He served two bowls, taking the chipped one and placing the other opposite where Evelyn would have sat ….it was their anniversary …

69. What words can be used to describe Mr. Ezenwa? B. Mysterious and troublesome C. Affectionate and persistent D. Energetic and sympathetic affectionate 深情的 have an affection for 喜爱 persistent 始终如一的 persistence 坚持不懈, 毅力

Passage D: Analyze the passage Genre (体裁) __________________________ short story
an old man, Mr. Ezenwa Main character: ____________________________ prison for a Plot: Mr. Ezenwa was taken to the _______ 66. Why was Mr. Ezenwa the for Why? Did taken he frozen get to lost? night. Para 8 search an exhausted, oldprison black man a and night? Para 7-8finding him in possession of mysterious B. He couldn’t find his way home condiments condiments( 调味品 )lost, … back which of have course ---“If you keep getting we will to be D. He was suspected of possessing drugs in him mistaken for anything that resulted consider moving you into a home.” with getting read his not rights and ---- “No need, I was lost .” charged with… possession??? possession


What on earth did the old man possess? Para 2 a tired looking policeman handed the old man his belongings, …cap…watch… The policeman dramatically held the blue plastic bag at an arm’s length to the old man who took it and made sure its contents were undamaged: the goat meat,…He ignored the confused 67.expression When Mr. on Ezenwa was to face. leave the prison, ___. the officer’s B. the policeman was confused about what he had C. a social worker was assigned to drive him back home


结合全文理解用排除法 70. What theme does the author want to express through the story? A. Racial prejudice B. Hard life of the elderly D. Preservation of tradition …. black man …. “Mr. Easy-nwa” --- people who did not even attempt to pronounce his name right

The old man, affectionate and persistent, loves his wife very much. Then, in our family, is there another kind of love?

Analysis to Cloze Test: 总分: 20 最高分: 17 最低分: 6 平均分: 12.4
选项设置 动词 名词 形容词 副词 代词 介词 二模 6 7 3 1 0 1 2014 6 6 2 1 0 4

连词 体裁



Cloze Test:
What’s the function of the questions in the first paragraph? A.To introduce the topic of the passage

B. To arouse the reader’s concern
What’s the topic of the passage? parental _____________. involvement ________

Check the answers:
36-40: B C A C A

41-45: B/C
46-50: A





51-55: B/C/D





Read the article in silence quickly and think over the questions according to the tips! Discuss and try to solve all the problems
41. B/C What does “then” mean in para 2?

42. ?

pay attention to the word “crisis”

43. B/C/D pay attention to “but” in para 2 44. B/C “it”做什么成分?指代什么? 45. A/B/C What does “that” refer to? 47. B/D according to the sentence before it

48. ?
55. A/D

“given that”= considering
understand “When time comes”

51. B/C/D establish? / develop? social skills

Cloze Test:
Then, the overall philosophy was that
parents were not to be 41 involved with

their kids.
B. passively C. highly

Cloze Test:
They were available 42 crisis, but they stood a (an) 43 distance from their kids

and allowed them to experience the
benefits of the trial-and-error process.

42. A. in case of
C. in view of

B. in spite of
D. in fear of

43. B. safe

C. long

D. short

Cloze Test:
It was the child’s 44, back then, to keep his or her parents from getting involved. That was 45 children learned to be responsible and determined. 44. B. turn 轮到 45. A. when C. job 职责,必须要做的事 B. how C. why

Cloze Test:
Their involvement leads them to

personalize everything that happens to
their kids; 47, the defensiveness.

47. A. however

B. still

D. thus

Cloze Test:
But given that schools and mental health professionals have been pushing

parent involvement for nearly four decades,
the confusion and defensiveness are 48 .

48. A. unreasonable
C. understandable

B. changeable
D. avoidable

Cloze Test:
Parents who manage a child’s social life interfere with the 51 of good social skills. 51. C. establishment D. development

develop social skills 培养社交技能

Cloze Test:
These kids have anxieties and fears of all sorts and don’t want to leave their home.

And their parents, when the time comes, don’t know how to 55 being parents.
55. A. start D. stop

Parental involvement In the past Different ______ ways 1 to educate children Results Nowadays

Parents only Parents get _________ 3 involved appeared during in almost everything 2 4 the time of ______. and defend _______ their crisis children against any risks. Children become independent _____________ 5 earlier. Children are poor in __________achievement academic 6 social 7 and ________skills and less independent.

The less parents are involved, the more independent children will become.


初读 先易 后难 复审
本篇完形充分体现了 上下文的语境,前后照 应,做题时要结合英语 语言的常识,文章的前 后逻辑关系及设身处地 的情景来完成通篇的理 解,最后一定要审核全 文!

Useful words and expressions :
1. be highly involved with 高度参与 2. in case of crisis 在危机的情况下 3. a safe distance from 安全距离 4. the trial-and-error process 反复试验过程 5. It’s one’s job to do… 做某事是某人的职责 6. given that… 考虑到;假定 7. push parent involvement 推动家长参与 8. standardized tests 标准化考试 9. interfere with 干扰,干涉 10. develop social skills 培养社交能力 11. fill one’s free time 填满一个人的自由时间 12. conflict with 冲突

写作内容: 1. 以约30个词概括本篇完形填空的主要内容。 2. 以约120个词就这一话题发表自己的看法,并包括如 下要点。 1)分析现在家长参与教育孩子方式变化的原因。 2)谈谈你对该主题的看法。



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