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? 现在时(一般现在时、现在进行时、 现在完成时、现在完成进行时) ? 过去时(一般过去时、过去进行时、 过去完成时) ? 将来时(一般将来时、将来进行时、 将来完成时、过去将来时)

现在时:(Present Tense)

时间状语和条件状语从句中用一般现在时表示将来 2、现在进行时:am/is/are doing

3、现在完成时:have/has done 常与recently/lately/ so far/ up to now/in the past three years/

It’s the first time+完成时、since+过去的点时间等连用
4、现在完成进行时:have/has been doing 刚刚过去的动作对现在的影响或继续持续下去


wears 1. This kind of glasses ________(wear) comfortably.
2. The planetakes _______(take) off at 8 tomorrow morning. am not invited 3. If I __________________(not invite), I won’t go. is complaining 4. She _____ always ____________(complain) about her job. 5. It is the first time I have visited _________(visit) the Bird’s Nest. has been 6. It _________(be) 5 years since they separated. has seen 7. The past few years _________(see) the rapid development in China. 8. –Why are you so hot?

-I ________________(play) football with my classmates and how I have been playing

want to have a drink.

过去时:(Past Tense)
1、一般过去时: did / was, were
与过去的时间状语连用:the other day; last term; three decades ago 2、过去进行时:was /were doing

过去正在进行的动作,可与at that time连用
3、过去完成时:had done 表过去的动作之前或过去时间之前所发生的事

( by/before +过去的点时间;
before/when/by the time +过去的时间状语从句)

Practice2: had learned 1. By the end of last term, we ______________(learn) 12 units. 2. I __________(work) in Shanghai for 5 years. I’m proud to worked

have had such an experience.
3. –I met John the other day. hadn’t seen -You ______________(not see) each other for ages. had meant 4. They _____________(mean) to see me off at the airport, but they got there late.

5. Don’t take his remarks seriously. He was so sad that
knew I don’t think he really ________(know) what he was saying. 6. –Can you give me some advice on what I said just now? was wandering --Sorry, my mind _________________ (wander).

将来时:(Future Tense)

1、一般将来时:will/shall do 2、将来进行时:will be doing

3、将来完成时: will have done
4、过去将来时: would do

Practice3: will send 1. We ______________( send) for a doctor if you are not better this afternoon.

will have finished 2. I _____________________(finish) the work before he returns.
3. By 8 o’clock tomorrow evening, I ________________(finish) will have finished my performance and _________________(meet) the reporters will be meeting at the meeting room. 4. I’m sure the harder you work, the better progress you will make __________________(make). would not make 5. He promised he ___________(not make) the same mistake again. will be 6. Hurry up , or you ________________(be) late for class.

一般时 现在时 do/does 过去时 将来时 did will do 进行时 am/is /are doing was/were doing will be doing 完成时 have/has done had done will have done 完成进行时 have/has been doing had been doing


will be made 1. No decision _____________(make) about any future appointment until all the candidates have been interviewed. had left 2. The moment I got home, I found I ___________ (leave) my jacket on the playground.
3. —I’m sure Andrew will win the first prize in the final. has been preparing —I think so. He _________________(prepare) for it for months. met 4. Judy is going to marry the sailor she _______(meet) in Rome last year.

5. He ___________(play) football regularly for many years when played
he was young. 6. –What’s that noise? is being tested –Oh, I forgot to tell you. The new machine _______________(test).



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