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[必修 2]Unit 5《Music speaking & writing》教案

Unit 5 Music Period 4(speaking & writing) Teaching aims: Students will be able to: write a letter for advice talk about music: forming a band make suggestions and talk about preference properly Procedure: Step 1 Speaking (Group work) 1. Brainstorm Do you know what a band is? What is your favorite band? How many people is a band usually formed? … 2. speaking You and your friends want to start your own band. However,, you have never played in a band before. Talk with your friends about the band you are going to start. What things do you have to consider? What problems do you have? 3. Activity and performance Imagine that you have a chance to form a band. How to form a band? According to the following information discuss in your group. 1) What is name of your band? 2) Who will play what instruments and who will sing? 3) What kind of band you will be? 4) Choose an English song for your “band” to perform. Step 2 Writing You and your friends want to start your own band. However, you have never played in a band before. You write an e-mail to Freddy for his advice. The e-mail is started for you, but you have to finish it. You’d better do some brainstorming in small groups before writing your letters. You should follow the procedure for brainstorming and outlining introduced in Module 1 Unit 2. Writing tips: 1. In groups discuss some questions you would like to ask Freddy. 1) Make a list of them and choose the best questions. 2) Share your ideas with another pair; discuss all question

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