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课文解读导学案 Module6 Book3 Old and New

主备人:马维 王敏


时间 2012-11-9




课文解读导学案 【导学案使用说明】

Module6 Book3 Old and New
2.重点句型: (牢记并学会使用) ⑴The Great Wall of China is the longest man-made structure ever built.(过去分词作定语) 仿写:根据最近进行的调查,50%的青少年没有吃早饭的习惯。 ⑵It took six years to build and cost US$20 billon.(It takes sb some time to do sth) 在读课文 ⑶Unfortunately, burning coal causes serious air pollution and increases global warming.(ing 形式作主语) 仿写:参加英语角对英语学习有很大的帮助。 ⑷The power of the Yangtze River, which is the world’s third longest river, has been harnessed by the Three Gorges Dam.(非限制性定语从句) 仿写:EnjoyReading 是一个很有趣的网站,它有很多有趣的英语文章。 3.学以致用: (学会应用,体验成功的快乐) ⑴使用以上重点句型 (2)至少使用一个定语从句 date from ever built however provide...for... 熟悉文章 话题,积累 话题表达 词汇和表 达方式。 (3)使用所提供的词汇 across 静心阅读 课文,读细 读透,掌握 文章大意 和细节,从 文章中获 取有效信 息。 Read the passages on P59 学会分析 句子结构, 透彻理解 长难句。 读 Corner Building.(40--50 字左右)⑴介绍帝国大厦的基本情况(比如建造年代,多少层, 短文,获取 文章主要 多高等)⑵从 facts 中挑选任意一条来说明帝国大厦的高,使用 so...that 句型 信息,并学 会介绍帝 国大厦 Write a short passage to give a brief introduction about the Empire State 掌握重点 句型,写作 易如反掌

1. 深入理解课文,牢固掌握课文中的基础知识,提高阅读理解能力。 2. 突破长难句,学会分析,总结和归纳提炼的方法。 3. 激发兴趣,全力以赴投入课堂,体验学习的快乐。 【学习目标】 知识能力目标:深入理解课文,提高阅读理解能力,进一步总结归纳和写作能力。 情感价值目标:让学生充分体会三峡大坝的意义,更加热爱我们美好的祖国。 短语助读: 1. 3. 6. 8. 10. 12. date from/ date bake to (P51) dream of provide sth for sb generate electricity9. live a happy life11. on a clear day (P59) 4. 7. 2. be designed to (P51) hold back in history cause serious air pollution in the 1990s (P59) 时,要边读 边用红笔 在课文中 标画出这 些重点短 语


13. the world’s third longest river 世界第三大长河 (P51) 14. be of great importance 很重要 (P52) 15. make sense 讲得通,有意义 (P54) 16. be pleased with 对…满意 质疑探究: Read the passages on P53 carefully and finish the task below. 1.What’s the purpose of the writer mentioning Mao Zedong’s poem? (within 12 words)

跨越长江的大坝的想法上溯到 1919 年,三峡大坝是有史以来所建的最大的大坝。建 造它花费了许多人 15 年的时间。中国三分之二的能源是提高燃煤制造的。但是,燃煤 会造成严重的空气污染和增加全球变暖,三峡大坝,中国最大的建筑工程,已建成为 华中地区提供电力。

2.Advantages of the The Three Gorges Dam: (no more than 10 words for each blank) ⑴ ⑵ ⑶ 3.Disadvantages of The Three Gorges Dam: (no more than 10 words for each blank) ⑴ ⑵ 拓展提升: 1. 长难句分析:(分析句子结构,并翻译成汉语) The Three Gorges Dam, which is the biggest construction project in China since the building of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal,has been built to control flooding and provide hydro-electric power for the central region of China.

主备人:马维 王敏


时间 2012-11-9


Class 6. Have you 你定下婚礼的日子了吗? 7. Wherever he goes, he can 无论走到哪里他都能适应新环境。 the wedding?


Module 6 Book 3 Old and New 测试
满分:100 分 卷面分:5 分 得分:

I. Words (1*15=15)
1. civil 4. accommodate 7. 诗歌 10. enormous 13. submerge 2. structure 5. construction 8. 全球的 11. foggy 14. 迁移 3. terminal 6. narrow 9. ridiculous 12. crash 15. freezing

new circumstances.

IV. 单选 (1*13=13)
1.—He wants to be a great painter one day. —His dream will ________ sooner or later. A.come true B.realize C.come out D.publish 2.At last the town council________ the law that the carnival was banned in the town. A.came to an end B.was ended C.put an end to D.was put an end to 3.I don't think ________ possible to master a foreign language without much memory work. A.this B.that C.its 4.________ you've run out of money, why not borrow some from your brother? A.For B.Because C.Now D.If 5.Patience, without ________ you can't do the work well, is a kind of quality. A.that C.which D.what 6.The Internet is a wonderful discovery, ________ of great significance to people's lives. A.which I think is B.which I think it is I think is I think 7.The villagers are warned that a storm is ________ to come tonight. A.possible B.probable C.likely D.perhaps 8.I'd like you to ________ my name from your list. I don't want to be involved in the matter. A.modify C.remove D.weed 9.The hotel, which was built in 1984, is able to ________ up to 500 guests. A.involve B.include C.maintain D.accommodate 10. I always dream of ________ to travel to different places, meeting different people. A.being a chance B.there chance C.there to be a chance D.there being a chance 11. John's careless driving nearly ________ him his life. A.cost B.caused C.took D.lost 12. Every year, a great many visitors come to visit the temple ________ the 12th century, ________ has brought a large income. from; which B.dated from; which C.which dates from; that D.which dated from; which 13. Now children like to go to the fast food restaurant, ________ as the name says, eating doesn't take much time. A.where B.that C.what D.which

II. Phrases (2*16=32)
1. 起源于;始于 3. dream of/ about 5. hold back 7. provide ... for 9. 结束;终止 11. 历史上 13. cause serious air pollution 15. on a clear day 2. work out 4.既然,由于 6. (梦想等)变成现实 8. 有意义;有道理 10. be designed to 12. generate electricity 14.过幸福的生活 16. 过时的,陈旧的

III. Sentences (5*7=35)
1. 中国的长城是所修建的最长的人工建筑。 2. 不幸的是烧煤导致严重的空气污染,增加全球变暖。 3. Seeing the car accident, he was 看到车祸,他吓呆了。 4. We 5. 惩罚他没有道理,不是他的过错。 while the teacher read the exam results. him. It's not his fault. 当老师宣读考试成绩时,我们都屏息静听。 with terror.


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