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2016 高考英语完形填空集训(十二)
【高分特训】第二部分 英语知识运用 (共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Passage 1 For many, just taking part in a single marathon is the achievement of a lifetime. But for Julie Weiss, it has become a 41 routine. She has run 52 marathons-once 42 just 35 days after he a week-for the past year in memory of her dad who she was 44 made me feel

was 43 with pancreatic cancer(胰腺癌).When Julie Weiss lost her father in 2010, to find the research for pancreatic cancer is so short of fund. "It 45 .”she said ,“I knew I had to do something." 46 she calls herself, did what she did best: She 0f her father. After asking 50 a website, marathon 53

So this marathon queen,

went running. Having completed 25 marathons during the 47 two years, Julie now vowed(发誓) to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks in 48 people t0 49 money for each marathon, she 52, to collect money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PANCAN),a nonprofit organization. race every she 54 in some city across North America. leaving work at 5p,m. on Friday she would be ready to begin the next race, before home to California on Sunday. Julie finished her l,362.4-mile journey 55 more than $200,000 in the process for PANCAN. in March 2013,

While running, she stuck to a strict training schedule ."My body's getting used to this. I'm changing my diet, becoming more healthy and learning to run more 56 __ ." she said. When her muscles began t0 Together we can make a(n) life." she said. 41. A. weekly 42. A. passed by 43. A. connected 44. A. inspired 45. A. desirable 46. A. while 47. A. previous 48. A. search 49. A. pay 50. A. set up 51. A. experiment 52. A. day B. monthly B. passed away B. diagnosed B, exhausted B. helpless B. what B. precious B. need B. donate B. made up B. stage B. morning C. daily C. died off C. treated C. interested C .hopeful C. as C. present C. honor C. make C. held up C. road C. weekend D. yearly D. died out D. dealt D. shocked D. wishful D. since D. precise D. place D. earn D. broke up D. journey D. weekday 57 , she kept her 58 59 in mind. happen. "When you do what you love, for those you love, that is where the

60 , and pave the way for a happy, healthy, cancer free


53. A. At 54. A. parted 55. A. raising 56. A. merrily 57. A. swell 58. A. strength 59. A. miracles 60. A. offer

B. By B. left B. earning B. efficiently B. stress B. relief B. accidents B. sacrifice

C. With C. headed C. spending C. specifically C. burn C. motivation C. challenges C. promise

D. On D. missed D. wasting D. casually D. ache D. interest D. events D. difference

Passage 2 I have two friends who love backpacking. They spent a lot of time in a part of New York State's Adirondack Mountains. It 21 46 mountains with a height of over 4,000 feet. The Adirondack Mountain Club gives 22 recognition, and an award, to anyone who 23 all 46 mountains. My two friends decided to go for this award. Now what you have to understand is that 24 many of the 46 mountains have well-marked 25 to their summits (山顶), others are not marked at all. You have to "bushwhack (在丛林中开路)" using a compass and a map. My friends had climbed 45 of the mountains. They had just one 26 — it was the most 27 requiring bushwhacking. A hiking path led past the base of the mountain, but from that point they were on their own. Early one morning they left their 28 and walked five miles on the hiking path to the base of a chain of mountains. When they arrived, they 29 that they had left their compass and map back in camp. Rather than 30 the camp, they decided to bushwhack without the compass and map. For hours they 31 uphill enduring heat, thick bush, and black flies. 32 were exhausted but 34 . 36 one! It was too 37 that , late in the afternoon they found themselves at the 33 of a mountain successfully. They The feeling was short-lived, however. When they looked across the valley, they 35 another higher mountain. They had climbed the weekend to put their error right. They had to right mountain. This story 39 us a good lesson. Often in life we put in a great effort to reach a goal. But without the right "map" and "compass", it is 40 to get "lost". 21. A. goes through connects to 22. A. special general 23. A. describes B. draws C. observes D. B. similar C. normal D. B. consists of C. relies on D. 38 another four months to climb the


climbs 24. A. while unless 25. A. paths avenues 26. A. occupied missed 27. A. interesting D. remote 28. A. house 29. A. ignored explained 30. A. departing from going for 31. A. jumped 32. A. Immediately Hopefully 33. A. bottom 34. A. embarrassed 35. A. admired appreciated 36. A. strange 37. A. late helpless 38. A. save 39. A. sends teaches 40. A. easy discouraging Passage 3 Communication is an important part of any relationship. Many of us are 41 to share our experiences or emotions with our friends. But when it's our turn to lend a(n)42,we soon become bored or are short of idea on how to _43 and offer advice. That's because of what researchers call "listener burnout(倦怠)”.Afriend might talk to us 44,often complaining about the same 45 problems. When we offer quick advice to _46 the situation, we may be unconsciously trying to 47 0urselves from bumout. However, good listeners 48 their natural tendency to solve the other's problems hurriedly and to keep the conversation brief.

B. since B. rivers B. left B. changeable B. room B. discovered B. traveling to B. wandered B. Surely B. top B. moved B. checked B. wrong B. dangerous B. wait B. tells B. hard

C. because C. views C. deserted C. reachable C. camp C. sensed C. returning to C. ran C. Finally C. slope C. disturbed C. saw C. distant C. puzzling C. gain C. recommends C. annoying D. yard D.



D. D. D. walked D. D. base D. excited D. D. steep D. D. put D. D.

To be a good__49 ,you need to use "active listening". It starts with the real _50 to help others and think through their feelings. Don't 51 things. You can start by putting your phone__ 52 and sitting close to your friend. Let your facial expressions53 一 what he or she is saying.__ 54 you are able to fully understand,aeknowledge the other person's 55 by reflecting them back:"That must be really hard for you.”Use 56 words or even sounds such as“yes”, "right”,and"hmm"”t0 57 the other person to continue. negative 0f course,a.58 can be extremely hard if the other person is too critical.But don't get defensive.Effctive listeners don't 59 60 responding. 41.A.afraid 42.A.shoulder 43.A.respond 44.A.aimlessly 45.A,difficult 46.A.fix 47.A.forgive 48.A.foUow 49.A.reader 50.A.demand 51.A.skip 52.A.away 53.A.record 54.A.Whetller 56.A.big 57.A.force 59.A.give up 60.A.after B.hesitant B.hand B.explain B.old B.discuss B.protect B.display B.partner B.habit B.rush B.restrict B.Since B.tough B.remind B.make up B.before C.shy C.ear C.argue C.acute C.create C.discourage C.fom C.1istener C.desire C.oVerlook C.out C.renect C.While . C.responses C.encourage C.1eaVe out C.while Passage 4 As my train was delayed for two hours, I had plenty of time to spare. After buying some newspapers to read on the journey, I made my way to the ___41___ office to collect my heavy suitcase I had ___42___ there three days before. There were only a few people ___43___, and I took out my wallet to find the receipt for my case. The receipt didn’t seem to be where I had left it. I ___44___ the contents, and railway tickets, money

criticism.Instead,they listen and understand what the person ls trying to conVey D.eage D.eye D.quit D.cautiously D.sensitiVe D.describe D.preVent D.speaker D.ability D.postpone D.up D.replace D.If D.feelings D.conVince D.1ecture D.block out D.once D.shon D.ovVercome

B.endlessly C.deliberately

55.A.suggestlons B.purposes


58.A.conversation B.suggestion C.problem

scraps of paper and photos fell out of it; but no matter how ___45___ I searched, the receipt was nowhere to be found. When my turn came, I ___46___ the situation sorrowfully to the assistant. The man looked at me __47___ as if to say that he had ___48___ this kind of story many times and asked me to ___49___ the case. I told him that it was an old, brown looking ___50___ no different from the many cases I could see on the shelves. The assistant then gave me ___51___ and told me to ___52___ of the chief contents of the case. If they were ___53___, he said, I could take the case away. I tried to ___54___ all the articles I had ___55___ packed into the case and wrote them down as they came to me. After I had done this, I went to ___56___ among the shelves. There were hundreds of cases there. For one dreadful moment, it ___57___ to me that if someone had ___58___ the receipt up he could have easily claimed(认领) the case already. This hadn’t happened ___59___, for after a time I found the case lying in a corner. After examining the articles inside, the assistant was ___60___ and told me I could take the case away. 41. A. posting luggage 42. A. left found 43. A. standing talking 44. A threw C. looked 45. A. often C. hard 46. A. said spoke 47. A. now and then C. here and there 48. A. knew heard 49. A. describe take out 50. A. object subject 51. A. a paper message B. a note D. a form

B. working D. manager’s B. forgotten D. bought B. crowding D. waiting B. put D. emptied B. much D. soon B. searched D. explained B. up and down D. back and forth B. realized D. seen B. draw D. show B. matter D. wallet C.

C. C.


C. C. C. C. a

52. A. sign names a picture 53. A. everything correct 54. A. draw read 55. A. carelessly

B. make a list B. wrong

C. write down C. D. ready remember

D. draw


C. C. hurriedly C. D. look C. appeared C. taken

D. remind B. suddenly B. watch B. occurred B. collected B. unluckily B. surprised D. worried Passage 5 D. immediately

56. A. see find 57. A. happened D. seemed 58. A. picked D. stolen 59. A. fortunately D. presently 60. A. disappointed satisfied

C. by chance C.

Uncle Bruce has been my most influential role model. I admire him because he has 41 me into the person I am today by teaching me about respect and 42 having takes a lot of hard work.The most it’s what not to do.” He always does what 47 you. 48 , 43 44 me is how to think. He always says, “You can learn responsibility and that anything important thing he has something from everyone, he will 45 46

. If he says, “I’ll pick you up at seven on Thursday,” it . Also, Bruce is the kind of person who actually 49

Uncle Bruce was in the army for 20 years and went through some terrible but he hasn’t let them affect him alcohol- and drug-related could can 51 52

. After hearing his stories about

50 , I have no interest in doing anything that 53 to help

me or my friends. He is also the only person who truly believes I it to West Point. He has done everything within his 54 55 that I want to be when

me achieve that goal.Uncle Bruce is my hero he is I’m his age. He is smart, financially There is no way I can whose 57 I love him, imagine 60 58 56

, and gives back to his community.

him for all he’s done. He is the one

can change the way I look at something. I’ve never told him that has he told me, but we love each other and I wouldn’t have 59 he’s perfect, but I can’t without him how that he is here.

it any other way. I’m not

41. A. shaped 42. A. like worth 43. A. directed improved 44. A. so that now that 45. A. wants advises 46. A. matter happen 47. A. sticks to at 48. A. experiences adaptations 49. A. materially positively 50. A. tendencies 51. A. sink exploit 52. A. make seize

B. promoted B. about B. taught B. even if B. supports B. insist B. points at B. diseases B. negatively B. statistics B. test B. take

C. trained C. from C. encouraged C. as if C. promises C. succeed C. listens to C. drills C. barely C. references C. harm C. bring C. patent C. nobody C. proper C. present C. opinion C. C. expressing C. working

D. blessed D. D. D. D. D. D. comes D. D. D. misfortunes D. D. D. power D. nothing D. D. D.

53. A. management B. access 54. A. everybody 55. A. secure messy 56. A. praise recharge 57. A. strength standard 58. A. or nor 59. A. saying demanding 60. A. travelling B. studying D. so B. proving B. either B. honesty B. repay B. everything B. shaky

D. D. living

Passage 6 I have.been driving for over 30,years, but I can 41 remember what happened


that day when I drove a car for the-first time.My mom had driven our big Plymouth to a 42 and deserted back road and parked it.The road was only one lane 43 Mom knew 44 on it that day.With a smile, she gave , though, l (车道) and had a wall built with river rocks along the side of it there was little chance of meeting any me the key and _

45 . seats with me.And then she told me to start the car, to

petit into drive and to 46 push on the gas pedal.In my 47 forward. 48 49

miscalculated what " gentle "meant.After I pushed on the gas pedal, the car sped I could turn the wheel, I heard the ;scraping c 副擦声) of metal 50 53 _.Slowly, she opened her me but she just 54 51 _ and started checking the stone wall.I stopped the car and looked over at my Mom.Her face was pale around the car to the driver's side door.I kept tomorrow." 57 many times in many 59

and her hand’s were waiting for her to

the car. Then she walked _ 52

As I looked and 55 on that day. I am amazed at the amount of kindness, love and 56 my Mom showed me. In the years that followed, I ways.Often I didn't feel worthy to be gentle voice, "We'll try down.Rise up and be 41.A.mostly 42.A.dirty 43.A.or 45.A.provided 46.A.cautiously 47.A.excitement 48.A.When 50.A.bleeding 51.A.eyes 52.A.quietly 53.A.encourage 54.A.laughed 55.A.around. 56.A.enthusiasm 57.A.messed up 58.A.mentioned 59.A.stay 60.A.anxious 60 B.almost B.for 58 , but each time I could feel Mom's

again tomorrow," When we fall today, don't to try again tomorrow. C.rarely C.and C.policemen C.offered C.carefully D.still D.smooth D.but D.traffic D.shared D.gently D.depression

B.strange C.narrow

44.A.neighbors B.animals B.switched

B.correctly B.Before B.with

B.hesitation C.disappointment C.Unless D.Until C.against D.on C.waving C.deliberately C.nodded C.back D.glared D.up

B.sweating B.fists B.casually B.sighed B.into B.broke up B.blamed B.put B.ready

D.trembling D.door D.sadly belt

B.comfort C.shout at

D.quarrel with

B.respect C.patience

D.praise D.forgiven D.let D.willing

C.held up D.gave up C.forgotten C.lie C.eager


2016 高考英语-完形填空集训(十二)答案 Passage 1:41-45 ABBDB Passage 2:21-25 BADAA Passage 3:41-45 DCABB Passage 4:41-45 CADDC Passage 5:41-45 ADBBC Passage 6:41-45 DCDDB 46-50 CACBA 26-30 BDCBC 46-50 ABDCC 46-50 DBCAA 46-50 DCADB 46-50 DABCD 51-55 DCDCA 31-35 DCBDC 51-55 BACAD 51-55 DBCBC 51-55 CADBA 51-55 DACBC 56-60 BDCAD 36-40 BABDA 56-60 DCADB 56-60 DBAAC 56-60 BCCAD 56-60 CADAB




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