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新视野大学英语视听说教程3 第三单元听力原文和答案

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Book III II. Listening Skills

Unit 03

Single Parent, Double Trouble!

Question 1 M: Amy, sit down, we need to talk. Your mother and I are going to separate. W: What! Are you crazy? You can't do that! What will my friends say? I just want to have a normal family. Q: What is the girl saying? Key: C Question 2 M: Good evening, Mrs. Jones. The manager sent you these roses and his best wishes to you both for a happy anniversary. W: Thank you. We like the room and service here, and we especially appreciate the manager's consideration. Q: What can we learn from the conversation? Key: A Question 3 W: While I'm scrambling the eggs, could you put the flour into the bowl? M: You bet, darling. I'll also turn the oven on so that it gets warmed up. Q: Where does this conversation probably take place? Key: B Question 4 W: I have a very important meeting tonight, and I'm afraid I can't miss it. M: But this evening is the parents' meeting at school, and I was expecting you'd come to it. OK, I'll phone Dad, maybe he and his girlfriend will come. Q: What can be inferred from the conversation? Key: C Question 5 W1: So you're still single? If you'd listened to me and used the Internet, you'd have a husband by now. W2: I did use the Internet. I posted an ad that read "Husband Wanted". There were dozens of e-mail responses. But they all said pretty much the same thing: You can have mine. Q: What can we infer from the conversation? Key D

III. Listening In
Task 1: Reasons for a Divorce W: I'm divorcing my husband. M: How long have you been married? W: Thirteen years. M: Do you have children? W: Yes, and I have to protect them from any more harm from my husband's irresponsibility. M: So, what are your grounds for divorce? W: Well, first of all, he keeps changing jobs. We've had to move four times in thirteen years! M: And, you believe that will be good grounds for divorce? W: I do have a fight to stability for my children and myself, don't I? M: Aren't they his children, too? W: But my husband isn't fulfilling his duties!

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M: Is he paying the bills? W: Well, yes, but we just live around the poverty line. Our kids are being teased by other kids at school because we can't dress them in good clothes! We have to live in a small apartment and drive an old car! M: Does the car run? W: Yes, but, it looks OLD! M: Do you yell at him and call him names? W: Well, he yells at me! M: So, those are the reasons to not honor your husband. Are you going to give him joint custody in this divorce? W: No, just visitation fights. M: Why? W: Because the law permits me to. M: And, what about the financial demands of this divorce? W: I'm demanding half of all we have, which isn't much, and large support payments. Key: After thirteen years of marriage, the woman wants to divorce her husband, claiming that he is irresponsible. When asked for the specific grounds for divorce, she gives these reasons: First, he keeps changing jobs, and the family has had to move four times in thirteen years, but she wants stability for her children and herself. Second, although he is paying the bills, they just live around the poverty line. Her children are being teased by other children for not dressing in good clothes. Also, they have to live in a small apartment and drive an old car, though it still runs. Worse still, the husband yells at her, though she admits she also yells at him and calls him names. As for the divorce arrangements, the woman will give the husband only visitation fights instead of joint custody. Moreover, the woman will demand half of all they have and large support payments. Task 2: What four-letter words? Dorothy was the only child of her family, born when her parents were middle-aged. They spoiled her badly. At the age of 33 she still lived at home. Her mother and father treated her like a princess. She seemed perfectly content with that situation, so her friends were surprised when she announced she would soon get married. People who knew her well said the marriage wouldn't last long. But for the present, she and her new husband appeared happy. As soon as the newly married couple returned from their honeymoon, the bride called her mother. "How did everything go?" her mother asked. "Oh, Mom," she began, "the honeymoon was lovely! So romantic! We had a wonderful time. But on our way back, Bob started using really terrible language. Stuff I'd never heard before. Really awful four-letter words. You've got to come get me and take me home. Please, Morn!" the new bride sobbed over the telephone. "But, honey," the mother asked, "What four-letter words?" "I can't tell you, Mom. They're too awful! Come get me, please!" "Darling, you must tell me what has upset you so much. Tell me what four-letter words he used." Still sobbing, the bride said, "Mom, words like dust, wash, iron, and cook." F 1. Dorothy's husband treated her badly. T 2. Dorothy did not get married until she was in her 30s. F 3. Dorothy enjoyed the honeymoon from the beginning to the very end. F 4. Dorothy cried because her husband swore at her. T 5. Dorothy wanted her mother to take her home. For Reference 1. Words like dust, wash, iron, cook. 2. She did not want to do housework.

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Task 3: A Woman who Chose Not to Remarry After 17 years of marriage, my husband left me for my best friend, Monica. What I had feared most became a reality: I became the single parent of two young children. My daughters grew increasingly unhappy. Seven-year-old Joanna had anxiety attacks whenever she was left alone for more than a few minutes. Five-year-old Sophie would vomit after every meal. Under the psychological pressure, I thought about remarriage. My friends arranged dinners with single men and invited me to parties to meet the latest "someone special". But later I changed my mind. A colleague of mine said, "Second marriages usually end in divorce, and children are destroyed by it." There is some truth in his words. Research published in 2004 showed that children in blended families were no more emotionally healthy than those in single-parent families. Not long ago, my now-teenage daughters and I went to lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant. While eating, we talked about a friend of ours who was divorcing her second husband. We were worried about how the break would harm her three children, two of whom were struggling to get free of drugs. Joanna put down her fork and looked at me. "Mom, I'm glad you didn't remarry," she said. "If you had divorced again, I might have tried drugs or even considered suicide." At that moment, I realized, once again, that singleness was the fight choice for me. Questions: 1. What was the speaker most afraid of? C) She would become a single parent. 2. Which of the following is NOT true? A) The two daughters liked to stay alone. 3. What did the speaker's colleague say? B) Children are harmed in their parents' remarriage. 4. Which of the following is true? B) Children in blended families feel no better than in single-parent families. 5. If the speaker had divorced again, what might her daughter, Joanna, have done? B) She might have killed herself. For Reference Singleness was the right choice for her (She was right in choosing to remain single)

IV. Speaking Out
MODEL 1 Is youth wasted on the young? Amy: I'd like to talk to you, so stop what you're doing for a minute. Bill: What is it, Amy? I'm having a hectic time working on this report for tomorrow's meeting. Amy: Well, you're always pretty busy, and it's been more than five years, almost six, since we were married. Bill: Yes, time has gone so fast, but they've been good .years. Amy: I know, but I want to have a baby I want us to have a baby. Bill: I know you do. But remember, we said we'd wait until we could afford it. Amy: But five years is a long time to wait. Anyway, it's long enough. Bill: I'm this close to getting a promotion. Amy: What has that got to do with it? We would wait forever if we waited for the "perfect" moment. Soon we'll be too old to enjoy having a baby. Bill: You know, you have a great point. This report can wait. I' 11 do it tomorrow morning. Let's open a bottle of wine and enjoy ourselves. Now Your Turn SAMPLE DIALOG

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A: I've got something important to tell you: I'm pregnant. B: What? You're pregnant? Wow, I'd love to have a baby. A: Well, I understand you want to be a father. It's been more than three years, almost four, since we were married. B: Yes, time has passed quickly, but we still don't have a baby. A:I know, but we can't afford to have one now. If I leave my job for more than two weeks, I'll lose it forever. B: I know you will. But remember, if we don't have one now, it'll be too late. We'll be even busier in the future. A: There's something in what you said. Four years is a long time to wait. But I really like my job. What's more, I'm very close to getting a promotion. B: But a baby borne by a woman in her 30s may be physically and intellectually less healthy. If we wanted to hold onto your job, we would wait forever. Soon we'll be too old to enjoy a baby. A: You really have a good point. I'll choose the baby over the job. B: Good. I'll try harder to make both ends meet. MODEL 2 So Many people in the United States get divorce! Kim: Hi Amy. Amy: Hi! Look at this headline, Kim. Kim: Wow! So many people in the United States get divorced! Amy: But this is not uncommon in the West. In some places, the divorce rate can be as high as 50 percent. Kim: It seems strange to me that Westerners fall head over heels in love quickly, if not at first sight; but they also leave each other quickly. Amy: Is it the same in your country? Kim: I don't think so. In my country, some marriages break up, but most couples stay together. Amy: Do people get married young? Kim: Not really. Not many people get married before the age of 20. Amy: Hmm. Do women usually work after they get married? Kim: No, a lot of women stay home to take care of their families. But more women work now. Now Your Turn SAMPLE DIALOG A: It seems strange to me that Westerners fall head over heels in love quickly, but they also leave each other quickl3 B: Is it the same where you live? A: I don't think so. In my country, most couples stay together. B: What is the divorce rate in your homeland? A: The divorce rate can be as low as 10 percent. B: That's quite lower than that in our country. A: Well, what's the divorce rate in your country? B: About 50 percent, if I'm not mistaken. A: Oh, that's really high! B: Do people marry early in your country? A: Not really. Not many people get married before the age of 22. B: Many of our young people get married before 20. Is it common for women in your country to work after they marry? A' Yes, most wives work even after they've got a baby. B: In my country, a lot of wives stay home to look after their families.

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MODEL 3 Why not have our parents here for Christmas?
Amy: You know, Christmas is coming. And I haven't seen Dad for ages- he always has such great stories to tell. Bill: I know we went to my folks' last year, but my Mom's been pretty sick. This might be her last Christmas. Amy: She's been ill, but don't exaggerate. You just don't like my mother. That's why you don't want to go to my parents. Bill: She's never liked me. Never thought I was good enough for you. Amy: Well, you're not... But seriously, Mom's not so bad. She's just got a thick skin and likes to hide her feelings. Bill: I don't think so. Amy: Why not have both our families here for Christmas? Bill: That would make twenty-two of us if we invited everybody. Amy: Why not just have both our parents here for Christmas? Bill: Good idea. Just don't sit me next to your mother. Now Your Turn SAMPLE DIALOG A: You know, the Spring Festival is coming, and we have to consider where to have the Spring Festival Eve dinner. B: What have you got in mind? A: Since I've been busy, I haven't seen mom for quite some time she's always been so kind to us. B: I know we went to my folks' last year, but my mom's been sick. She needs comfort. A: My parents also need company. If I don't have the Spring Festival Eve dinner with them for two years running, they will be extremely disappointed. As a matter of fact, my mom is already blaming me for neglecting them. B: What can we do then? A: Let me think. Why not invite both our parents here for the dinner? B: But they live too far away from us. It's inconvenient for old people. A: Then we can invite the four of them to a restaurant near them. B: Good idea. On the next morning we can visit both our parents. A: And don't forget to bring gifts.

V. Let’s Talk
Problem with our educational system If you want me to tell you why I remarried, here's my story. Remarrying was the last thing I'd consider for two years after my divorce. I had heard about the high rate of remarriage failures. More importantly, I wondered how. remarrying would affect my 10-year-old son. My heart ached when I saw my son draw a picture of himself, my ex-wife and me holding hands, with sadness on our faces. Since my parents have married and divorced eight times altogether, I hoped my son would not have to go through the same pain I had experienced. As a result, my primary focus after the divorce was my relationship with my son John, not finding a wife. As time went by, my son gradually grew up, and he became conscious of my loneliness and anxiety. One day he asked me to consider dating. The first time he said this, I ignored him. The second time he brought it up, I reconsidered my reservations about dating. I began to date Maria. As our relationship developed over the following year, I was concerned about how my son would actually respond to her. At first, John's affection for Maria was lukewarm.

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For instance, he would hug her, but the act seemed mechanical. But after several months, he warmed up to her. Seeing that the time was ripe, I asked Maria to marry me. She accepted, so our family of two smoothly became a family of three. Thinking back, I believe my remarrying was the right choice. Some single-parents are still hesitant about remarrying. Now that you've heard my story, I hope you won't hesitate and let golden opportunities slip through your fingers. Key:

Changes in the speaker’s Attitude to Remarriage

Reasons or Detailed Descriptions

1. High rate of remarriage failures. 2. Remarriage would affect my son. 1) He drew a picture of the three of us. For two years after my divorce, remarriage was the last 2) My parents married and divorced word I'd consider. eight times and I hoped my son would have no such pain. 3)My primary focus was my son, not a wife. He grew up and became conscious of I ignored my son's suggestion that I consider dating. my loneliness and anxiety. I reconsidered my reservations about dating and began to The second time he brought the issue date Maria. up. At first his affection for her was lukewarm: his hug was mechanical; but I was concerned about my son's response to her. several months later he warmed up to her. I asked Maria to marry me and she accepted. Seeing the time was ripe. I believe my remarriage was the right Our family of two became a family of three. choice.

VI . Further Listening and Speaking
Listening Task 1: Early marriage At the age of 21, Lisa has been married for three years to a young man she met just after finishing secondary school. He treated her well. She almost died during the birth of their first child, born a year after their marriage. The second child, born 18 months later, was also a girl. Lately she and her husband quarrel frequently. She wants to go to vocational school to learn skills to add to the family income-but his mother insists she stay home and produce a son. This example is by no means exceptional. Early marriage is common in many parts of the world. Early marriage usually leads to early motherhood. In some developing countries, 20 percent or even half of the women give birth to their first child before the age of 18 Expectations from parents, in -laws and society are to produce a child as soon after marriage as possible. Many young wives feel pressure to bear sons. This typically results in early and frequent pregnancies. In developing countries, more than half a million women die every year from causes related to pregnancy. There are four important reasons for these deaths. Births are either "too soon, too close, too many, or too late". According to statistics, it is young women who most

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often die during pregnancy. 1. At what age did Lisa give birth to her first baby? B) 19. 2. What does Lisa want? D) She wants to learn skills to earn wages. 3. Why do women in some developing countries have babies early? A) They are facing pressure from both their relatives and the society 4. What are the reasons women die from childbirth? D) All of the above. 5. What is the main idea of the passage? C) Problems of early marriage. Task 2: Nuclear Family Living Patterns A nuclear family is typical in higly-industiralized societies. Beginning in the early 20th century, the two-parent family known as the nuclear family was the predominant American family type. Generally children live with their parents until they go away to a college or university, or until they acquire their own jobs and move into their own apartment or home. In the early mid-20th century, the father typically was the sole wage earner, and the mother was the children's principal care giver. Today, often both parents hold jobs. Dual-earner families are the predominant type for families with children in the United States. Increasingly, one of the parents has a non-standard shift; that is, a shift that does not start in the morning and end in the late afternoon. In these families, one of the parents manages the children while the other works. Prior to school, adequate day care of children is necessary for dual-earner families. In recent years, many private companies and home-based day care centers have sprung up to fulfill this need. Increasingly, a company arrangement of day care as well as government assistance to parents requiring day care are occurring. Task 3:They are coming for Christmas. A man in Phoenix calls his son in New York the day before Christmas and says, "I hate to ruin your day, but I have to tell you that your mom and I are divorcing. Forty-five years of misery is enough." "Dad, what are you talking about?" the son screams. "We can't stand the sight of each other any longer," the father says. "We're sick of each other, and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Chicago and tell her." Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone. "Oh, heck, they're getting divorced," she shouts. "I'11 take care of this." Losing no time, she calls her father and screams at him, "You are not getting divorced. Don't do a single thing until I get there. I'm calling my brother back, and we'll both be there tomorrow. Until then, don't do any thing! DO YOU HEAR ME?" Then she quickly hangs up. The old man hangs up his phone and heaves a sigh of relief. He turns to his wife and says merrily, "Okay, they are coming back for Christmas and paying their own way." (192 words) 1. He and the boy's mother are divorcing. 2. Forty-five years of misery is enough. They can't stand the sight of each other any longer. They are sick of each other. 3. He gets frantic and calls his sister. 4. They will come back home to stop the parents from divorcing. 5. He is happy, for his son and daughter will come back for Christmas and pay their own way. News Report: More Precious Than the Diamond

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People have long known the saying "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." But this may be changing. There's a new stone on the gem market, tanzanite, and it is giving diamonds some serious competition. Tanzanite was one of a number of gems discovered in East Africa in the 1960s. The new colors and varieties changed the gem market. But the real gem among these stones was tanzanite, discovered in 1967 in Tanzania. The stone was named after its country of origin by New York's Tiffany and Co., which introduced it to the world. It draws one's attention quickly with its colors--blue, purple or bronze, depending on the direction it is viewed from. More important for its value, though, is its rarity. Tanzanite has been found in only one small area, near Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. And its supply will probably be fully mined in the next two decades. As one mining official puts it, "It should never have really occurred in the first place. It did occur. And only this one deposit on this entire planet that is known., makes it more than a thousand times rarer than diamonds. And certainly within the next 15 to 20 years, there will be no more tanzanite to be mined." The current value of the tanzanite market, at U.S.$10 billion, is equivalent to that of diamonds. And so another saying "Diamonds are forever" may lose some of its meaning.



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