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Studying Objectives:
1.Read the passage and get a general idea 2.Find out those philosophers’ ideas and get a good understanding of them 3.Learn some language points 4. Learn the basic u

sage of the attributive clauses

1.“Reviewing the day‘s lessons. Isn’t it joyful? Friends come from far. Isn‘t it delightful? One has never been angry at other’s misunderstanding. Isn‘t he a respectable man?” 学而时习之,不亦悦乎?有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎?人不知而不愠, 不亦君子乎?
2.Among any three people walking, I will find something to learn for sure. Their good qualities are to be followed, and their shortcomings are to be avoided. 三人行,必有我师焉。择其善者而从之,其不善者而改之. 3.Learning without thinking leads to confusion; thinking without learning ends in danger.





Module 5 Philosophers of Ancient China
First reading: Read the passage silently and quickly ,then do the exercises individually within 5’.

Find out the ideas of the three thinkers and fill in the form. You don’t need to read the whole passage . What you should do is to get the information you need.

Philosophers Confucius Mencius

Ideas & Beliefs
Stress kindness, duty, order in society

1. People are more important than rulers Man is good. 2. 3. Hate the cruel government 1. Government is more important than people 2. Men are equal; 3. love all human beings; look after the weaker. 4. Hate the war


Do the job in groups of four You can choose one or two aspects to have a discussion 1. to studies 2. to people 3. to our society ……

Look through the passage and under some key points,including: 1.phrases 2. sentences,esp.the attributive clauses (定语从句) 3. Make a mark where you have questions

Phrases :
1. be at war (with) 2. stress the importance of 3. be similar to 4. give/ offer sb. a position/ job 5. follow/ take one’s advice 6. travel from state to state 7. in some ways/ aspects 8. bring up

1.He was brought up by his grandparents. 2.You can bring up your ideas in the meeting. 3.He was so sick that he brought up what he ate .

1.Ancient China was a place ______states were often at war where with each other. when 2.It was a time _______there were many great philosophers. 3.Confucius is the philosopher whose _______influence has been the greatest. 4.Mencius was a thinker _______teachings were very similar whose to those of Confucius. 5.Mencius believed that the reason _____man is different from why animals is that man is good. 6.Mozi was another teacher ______was very influential. who 7.Born in 476 BC, he came from a family_____was very poor. which where 8.As a result, he spent many years trying to find a state_____ people would follow his teachings. 9.Mozi taught that we should love all human beings and look after those _____ who are weaker than ourselves.

1. 和…… 作战 2. 与……相似 3. 听取…… 的建议 4. 强调学习英语的重要性 5. 她是爷爷奶奶抚养长大的。 6. 他很幸运在大公司获得一个很好的职位。 7. We often go to the library ________ where we can find a lot of interesting books. 8. There are times ______ when we need peace and quiet. 9. Tell me the reason ______ why you are always late for school. 10. Do you know the girl _____ who is standing under the tree? 11. Can you lend me the book ______ which tells the stories of Confucius? 12. He is a person ______ whose ideas are always different from others’?


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